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Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 3 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Viper R/C VST5.5-XL Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (5.5T)
I bought this motor and it burned up within 5 minutes in a Slash 4x4. I'm running vipers vtx8 esc (which I like) and was geared high on 3S but it was set up the same as my thunder power Z3R 550 that I have ran for a while and my stock vxl motor and esc handled it for months. There are no published limits of the motor that I have found as far as voltage or gearing. I was told by viper that it is for 2S and 13t pinion and it is not covered under warranty. That is a boring set up IMO. It would have been $80 to replace it. Now I'm stuck with out an extra motor and out $109 that should have gone towards a tekin or castle system. Maybe it's ok for racing on 2S but not a good choice for trying to go fast. Unless you plan on only running 2S and gearing it like stock set up, you should look at a different motor. For me, just a basher that likes to go fast, it was not a good choice. Even if I raced, knowing that 2S and very conservative gearing put it at it's limit, I would opt for another motor with higher durability for reliability sake. I wish there was more information on it's capabilities. I don't mean to degrade viper as a company because I do like the vtx8 and progauge is awesome. Their customer service is top notch. They answer the phone without going through a million options, answer questions, they looked at my motor in a very timely fashion. Only thing is, I wish they would have replaced my motor for me after telling me what I can run it on. I understand why they didn't (it was destroyed), but even though I probably wouldn't use it much, I like having spare parts and thus not have thrown over $100 down the drain if it was replaced. I gave this a bad rating due to the lack of information in the first place and it's low capabilities in comparison to other motors in the same $100+ range that do list more information. Hope this helps.
christopher keiser
Tuesday, Sep 3 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Viper R/C VST5.5-XL Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (5.5T)
I have a 4.5 t 550 xl and was not impressed. it thermaled in the first race and has never been rite. I was using 50c 6500 mill 2 cell. and geared 40 spur 13 pinion. it is a 110$ paper weight.
Ryan Kelly
Monday, Sep 2 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Viper R/C VST5.5-XL Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (5.5T)
You are right, Viper does STRESS 2S lipos. They will list a kv limit if 3S compatible, I've seen many people have issues w/ Viper over this, & they are strict. I've had some stress w/ them myself over the Copperhead. They gave me a break on a ESC & I got this motor. I must say this motor Ballsy w/ good run times even if you are throttle heavy you will be impressed. Well built, but most of all has a great power range, plenty of torque with a top end that will get you on the podium