Reviews for Viper R/C VST4.5-XL Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (4.5T) [VIP8VST045XL1]

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Wednesday, Jul 27 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Viper R/C VST4.5-XL Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (4.5T)
Just wanted to wrie a review on this to let people know how it peforms and its benifits. To start off I ran a novak havoc pro sc/ballistic 550 combo for the past 6 months and It was awesome but it ran hot and I seemed to be replacing bearings alot. I am now running Viper vst4.5XL 550 and Mamba Max Pro esc. The temps of the road I was driving on today was 125-134 My chassis was almost too hot to hold on to for a long time just because of how hot the road was. Ambient temps were about 92 with no clouds in the sky. The viper motor never got over 150 Degrees Farenhight running for about 24 miniutes on a 5000mah 30c pack and another amasing benifit of this motor and the mmp esc is that im getting about 8-10 more miniutes of runtime with it. The peformance is also amasing the viper motor is 200kv less than the novak 4.5 but It has a higher top speed and alot more acceleration than the novak motor/system. If you want something with more power and longer runtimes and cooler temps Buy this motor! If you want a awesome programable esc that also hardly ever gets over 150 degrees buy the Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro! So far ive ran this for 2 days and its awesome! Havent got it out to the track yet but im sure it will be just as awesome. just like viper says: "Viper VST XL motors are designed for power hungry Pro 4 trucks to ensure the lowest temps, more efficient and the most reliable running R/C racing systems." Its true. Im non sponsored and on a small budget. This is the best bang for the buck when compared to the tekin and the novak.
Saturday, Mar 3 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VST4.5-XL Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (4.5T)
Awesome motor. Puts the other motors out there to shame, runs cooler with same power and capable of building even more. Very well built. I have tried the Tekin motors, this is the best one I have found to date, couldnt ask for anything more. Note on sc10 4x4 you will have to cut chassis a little with dremel to fit, not a big deal though. Fantastic motor.