Viper R/C "Copperhead-R" Sensorless Brushless ESC

Viper R/C
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This is the Viper R/C "Copperhead-R" Sensorless Brushless ESC. The Copperhead-R Speed Control comes preloaded with 6 set profiles, and includes high capacity 3.5mm bullet connectors for easy motor installation, as well as removal for cleaning and maintenance. Easily select the profile for your driving conditions, from high speed to just learning. Additionally, ProGauge (sold separately) programmability allows easy editing of the speed controls parameters.


Continuous/Burst Current: 150A/750A
BEC Output: 6V/5A Linear
ON Resistance: 0.0005Ω * 2
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Motors
Motor Spec: 2S Li-Po w/550 class: KV≤6000 & 3S Li-Po w/550 class: KV≤4000
Vehicle Weight: ≥6 lb
Motor Connection: 4.0mm Bullets
Dimensions: 45.5x39.8x29.25mm
Weight (with battery wires and connector): 98g

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Tommaso Stalletti
Sunday, Apr 28 2013 (about 5 years ago)
Viper R/C "Copperhead-R" Sensorless Brushless ESC
To the person complaining about the product...this esc is meant for SENSORLESS motors only. And you clearly stated you were using this esc with a SENSORED brushless motor. Research your products before you buy and these problems will not occur. And this product is wonderful by the way.)
Justin Lynch
Verified Owner
Friday, Aug 16 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C "Copperhead-R" Sensorless Brushless ESC
Great ESC! Get the ProGauge, and dial in any track. Runs very cool, and have had no problems in my B4.1. All these poor reviews look like user error to me.)
Greg Graves
Sunday, Jul 14 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C "Copperhead-R" Sensorless Brushless ESC
Purchased this esc with the 4500 viper combo package. I actually liked this unit till a few months ago. Now with any small bump the esc will hang up and not reset until it has been turned off and then right back on. its fine then...without touching a wire , battery...nothing.
off, on and its fine...till the next bump or who knows.
Ran 3 heats yesterday and didn't finish a single race without the same problem. when it hangs, you will still have steering just no throttle.
Every time the same thing.)
Wednesday, May 15 2013 (about 5 years ago)
Viper R/C "Copperhead-R" Sensorless Brushless ESC
Ryan I'm sorry you have had bad luck. I have had excellent luck with my viper copperhead r system with the viper 4500 550 can sct system.)
Ryan Kelly
Wednesday, May 15 2013 (about 5 years ago)
Viper R/C "Copperhead-R" Sensorless Brushless ESC
This ESC sucks, one took off in reverse & went 100 yards across a beach into the water, no warranty. I got another plugged in a 3s for 30 sec. Fried it and my Savox servo no warranty help. They told me I should only use 2s, IT SAYS IT HAS 3s SUPPORT it never even left my bench. You better be prepared to loose a 100$ & that warranty of 180 days is LIP SERVICE!!!)