Reviews for Viper R/C 10awg Silicone Power Wire Pack (Black/Red/Orange) (3'ea) [VIP6VSPLINE01]

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John Lauro
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 5 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C 10awg Silicone Power Wire Pack (Black/Red/Orange) (3'ea)
I wanted to go with 10 gauge for my LiPo hookup. Viper was the choice as it was bundled with three colors suiting a brushless motor well. The casing of the wire is very thick making soldering in tight spaces even tougher. The casing is probably double as thick as what is on 12g wire. One of the reasons I got a Tekin RS was to take advantage of the nicely exposed posts. If this wire were any thicker, it wouldn't fit the posts. The wire is plenty flexible. After it warms up from soldering, it's even easier to work with; after it cools it holds the shape too.