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scott morris
Saturday, May 21 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Venom Creeper 1/10th Competition Rock Crawler Kit (Green)
I have two Venom Creepers and the up graded kit I got from A MAIN HOBBIES is outstanding. The original kit had some problems, but these have been corrected in the kit I just built. The CVDs now have captured pins rather than grub screws to retain them. The retainers have stopped the pins slipping out and hitting the front knuckles. This was a subject much discussed on crawler forums with many home fixes posted. Venom have banished the problem forever with the captured pin system. Front and rear driveshafts have been strenghtened with driveshaft caps to prevent the universal joints from popping when a lot of torque is put through them. These are fitted as part of the build and are very strong.( These are hop ups on most other crawlers) Both of these improvments are add ons to the original kit and come with their own instuctions, so pay special attention to CVD section and substitute the correct parts. It's easier to build the new CVDs.....BONUS! These new parts also come as standard on the Venom Creeper SAFARI so both crawlers are pretty bullet proof out of the box now. Venom have really worked hard to get the kinks out and have created a great crawler at an awesome price. I live in Australia (you know, DOWN UNDER!) and would like to say how great the buying experience was from A MAIN HOBBIES, I was able to track my package from the warehouse to customs here in Australia, and it arrived within 24 hrs of in country arrival. Packaged well and ready for an all night build and some top self crawling.
bryce ellis
Saturday, Jul 24 2010 (about 6 years ago)
Venom Creeper 1/10th Competition Rock Crawler Kit (Green)
very nice crawler.. for the price its a total buy it jsut needs a couple things that all crawlers need like better tires and flipping shocks helps with its overall performance