Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)

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Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Price: $899.99
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The Vanquish VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit represents the pinnacle of scale RC models. The VS4-10 Ultra is manufactured using the highest quality materials, superior design, and the most durable portal axle platform available in its class! The VS4-10 Ultra offers unmatched features out of the box, and provides a building/driving experience that is sure to impress.

NOTE: Finished model shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. This is a kit that requires assembly and painting. See needed to complete list below for a full list of items required to complete the model.  


VS4-10 Ultra Portal Drivetrain
The VS4-10 Ultra drivetrain utilizes the VFD Spec transmission and the proven Vanquish portal axle design you already know and trust. The licensed Currie Enterprises Portal F9 style front axle features an offset front differential housing and uses chromoly VVD axle shafts, chromoly portal box gears, 6mm output shafts, high-pinion hypoid ring gear, chromoly 6 bolt spool and patent pending one-piece bearing retainers to create an incredibly scale and durable front axle assembly. Integrated inner c-hubs create an unmatched scale look and are strengthened to provide the most durable axle housing possible, with easily replaceable chromoly threaded inserts for the knuckle kingpin screws. The rear Currie Portal F9 style axle features a centered differential housing and equal length chromoly axle shafts, with the same gears and spool found in the front axle.
  • VFD Spec Transmission
  • Currie Enterprise Portal Axle Housings
  • Portal Offset Front Pumpkin
  • Portal Centered Rear Pumpkin
  • High-Pinion Hypoid Axle Gears
  • 6-Bolt Ring Gear and Spool
  • Chromoly Portal Overdrive Gears F/R*
  • Chromoly VVD front axles
  • 6mm Output shafts with M5 hex nut
  • Integrated Inner C's
  • Chromoly Threaded Inserts
  • One-Piece Bearing Retainers (patent pending)
  • Aluminum Portal Knuckles with Scale High Steer Arm
  • Chromoly Rear Axle Shafts
  • Scale F9 3rd Members
  • Double Shear Shock Mounts
  • Aluminum 12mm Hexes for 6mm output shafts
  • Incision Steel Driveshafts
  • Full Ball Bearing
VFD Spec Transmission
The VFD Spec Transmission from Vanquish Products is designed to provide an optimal balance of performance, scale appearance, strength and versatile optional accessories. The VFD’s design places the motor forward and as low as possible to keep the weight where you want it. The VFD’s combination of offset front T-case output and offset pumpkin of the Currie front axle make this possible. The T-case utilizes unique bearing plates for high strength bearing positioning and the elimination of flex found in traditional housings. The modular design of the bearing plates allow for optional gear ratios to be used inside the T-case.
  • Wide Profile Sintered Metal Gears
  • Overdrive Gear Set (6.5% OD)
  • Hardened Chromoly Shafts
  • Industry standard 32P spur gears
  • Low Motor Position (540 Size)
  • Full ball bearing transmission
  • Extended Skid Plate for Motor Protection
  • Offset front output for offset front axle configuration
  • Scale Molded Transmission Housing
  • Molded 6mm motor plate
  • Molded Bearing Plates
  • Molded Spur Gear Cover
  • Optional Overdrive gear sets available
  • Top shaft with slipper eliminator
VS4-10 Ultra Chassis
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Chassis is made to provide you with a balance scale looks and unhindered performance. The steel C-channel design provides scale detail, molded front and rear cross members fill the chassis rails in the highest stress locations for ultimate strength and provide features like dual servo mounts, winch line routing, and a fuel cell. The molded rock sliders come with a replaceable outer portion that perfectly fits the Origin Halfcab body. The VS4-10 chassis is developed to work with the included Vanquish Products VFD Spec transmission. The panhard mount on the chassis is made from machined aluminum to withstand the impacts of severe trail conditions. Molded shock towers capture the top of the 80mm Incision Scale Shocks in double shear for maximum support. The aluminum battery and electronics trays provide multiple locations for battery and electronics placement. Full width molded front and rear bumpers increase approach and departure angles and allow for flexibility during impacts on the trail.
  • C-Channel Chassis Rails
  • Chassis Mounted Servo
  • Aluminum Panhard Mount
  • Double Shear Shock Mounting
  • Balanced Battery and Electronics Tray Arrangement
  • Molded Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Molded Rock Sliders
  • Molded Lexan Inner Fenders
  • Servo Winch Mounting Location
  • Bodyside Retaining Guides
  • Optional Rear Upper Link Mounting Locations
  • Optional Front Upper Link Mounting Locations
  • Standard Chassis Bumper Mounting Geometry (Fits popular post style bumpers)
Origin Halfcab Body
The Origin Halfcab polycarbonate body offers retro styling with a modern flair. The full polycarbonate interior was designed by Knight Customs with front bucket seats, a detailed dash and large cargo area in the back. The dash attaches to the interior and molded plastic details like steering wheel and gear shifter help bring the interior to life. The detailed front grill assembly is injection molded and features 10mm LED ready headlight buckets, with a scale radiator assembly, fans, and fan shrouds. In addition, the front light buckets can be replaced with optional Vanquish Rigid Industries Q-Series light pods for even more light! The rear light buckets fit 5mm LEDs, so everyone will take notice when you are coming or going. Other scale details like windshield wipers, door handles and fuel filler cap are included to step up the appearance even further. The entire body, interior and mounting holes are all laser cut – so all you need to worry about is paint.
  • Retro Halfcab Styling
  • Molded Front Grill
  • Full Interior
  • Separate Dash
  • Molded Steering Wheel and Gear Shifter
  • 10mm LED Ready Headlight Buckets
  • 5mm LED Ready Taillight Buckets
  • Molded Scale Radiator
  • Molded Fans and Shrouds
  • CNC Laser Cut
  • Extra Scale Details (Wipers, Door Handles, Fuel Filler)
  • Window Trim, Interior and Logo Decals
  • Paint Masks
VS4-10 Ultra Suspension
The VS4-10 features Incision 80mm Scale shocks with aluminum threaded bodies, dual X-ring seals, locking preload collars, keyed spring cups, polished steel shock shafts, and machined pistons. The front 3-link with panhard suspension provides scale looks by keeping the servo out of sight, while still providing room for large suspension travel. The suspension pivots on a full set of stainless steel links to keep the weight down low with a smooth transition from the link to the rod ends. All suspension mounts are sized to fit to the rod end pivot ball perfectly and eliminate excess side to side play.
  • Incision 80mm Scale Shocks
  • Incision 45mm scale springs (IRC00216)
  • 3-link with Panhard Front Suspension
  • Double Triangulated 4-link Rear Suspension
  • Incision Stainless Steel Links
  • Double Shear Shock Mounting
  • Multiple optional link mounting positions at the chassis for suspension tuning
KMC Wheels and VXT Tires
The VS4-10 includes Incision KMC Machete plastic beadlock wheels and Vanquish VXT tires. The wheels are true beadlocks and are compatible with all Incision aluminum hub options. The VXT tires are 4.65" tall and are molded in a soft and sticky natural rubber compound for performance right out of the box. Firm foams are used to provide sidewall support that helps prevent the tire from rolling over, while keeping the tread in contact with the terrain.   
  • Incision KMC Machete Beadlock Wheels
  • Adjustable Offset Design
  • VXT 4.65" Tires
  • Soft and Sticky Natural Rubber Compound
  • Firm Tire Foams
Wheelbase: 12.3" 
Overall Width: 9.65" (245mm) 
Overall Length: 19.3" (490mm) 
Overall Height: 9.8" (250mm) 
Overall Axle Ratio: 5.25:1 
Portal Box Ratio: 1.4:1 (Includes VPS08353 20/28 Overdrive Portal Gear Set Front and Rear)*
Internal Trans Ratio: Front 2.95 / Rear 3.15
Overall Gear Ratio: Front 57.8 / Rear 61.7 
Overdrive Percentage: 6.5%
Included Pinion: 15T 32P for 3mm motor shaft  
Included Spur Gear: 56T 32P   
Needed to Complete:
  • Shock Oil
  • Tools
  • Paint
  • Grease 
  • Threadlock
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Radio System
  • 540 size Motor (3mm Motor Shaft Recommended)
  • ESC
  • Steering Servo
  • Servo Horn (20mm Length Recommended)

This product was added to our catalog on January 17, 2020

Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 18 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
An amazing kit, everything went together so smoothly. The fit and finish of this kit is top notch. The Lazer cut body is awesome and again, the fit and finish is second to none. Only negatives about the kit are the tires and shocks are both junk. The tires will get you going, but the medium feeling compound is nowhere sticky enough. The matter what you do to them or how you assemble them, they're gonna leak. Also, mind the assembly instructions when you get to the links. I've heard some people find the front upper link and panhard link are easy to confuse with each other.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Dec 3 2020 (about a year ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
I recently purchased the Vanquish Ultra and was very pleased with the overall quality of this item. The accuracy of how the parts fit together and the quality of the parts used was exceptional. I just finished building this model and I am very pleased with the results but there were a few exceptions. The first being the tires. These worked out to be OK for the trail but not so much for rock crawling because their footprint was too narrow and the inside foam was too hard, so I changed them to the Proline HYRAX and the difference was dramatic. Another item that was not up to par is the spur gear is very hard to get centered on the lock nut and has too much play to move around. This causes more noise than it should from the gears and it is also out of round by just a hair so I have to get a replacement. Finally, I have found several mistakes in the instructions where several of them took them took a little time and logic to figure out. Now the work is done and its time to enjoy my efforts and when you are done, you will enjoy every moment. Its built like a tank and yet nimble as Hell.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 26 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
This truck is a lot heavier than my scx 10.2 the castle brushless motor doesnt seem to have any issues with it though. The kit went together well, the parts are well made and very sturdy. it has a nice manual with very nice pictures and detailed instructions. The assembled truck is very sturdy without any body flex.

The Shocks are good quality and made from metal. No leaks so far with 50 weight oil. No stiction either, they are just buttery smooth. Make sure you get a servo horn. I used a Savox servo with 24 splines 20mm long from Vanquish, It fits perfectly. With the included shocks i get about 4 inches of flex. The ground clearance is good, and it has a low center of gravity.

The plastic rims it comes with are beadlocks but they feel cheap to me, i used some aluminum rims instead. With 1.9 Proline Hyrax tires. The spare parts bag has a thin wall hex adapter you will need to screw in the wheel nuts. The standard cross wrench will not work without the adapter.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 6 2021 (about a year ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Just finished this kit today. Only my second trail truck/crawler build and this kit delivers. I was a bit skeptical about the use of plastics in the chassis and also the transmission (to offset the cost of portals they say) but once assembled everything pulled together perfectly! I did watch a well know man youtuber’s vfd build, I’ve never built a transmission, and it came together fast. Super smooth. The shocks have been an issue in reviews, but I must have gotten lucky, no leaks yet. Overall this truck is worth every penny. Yes, new wheels and tires are in the future, but hey, this thing is awesome to drive bone stock, if you can even really call this truck “stock”. Love the portals too, super smooth. It’s Gona be hard not to want to build a pro for the straight axle feel!
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 22 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Delivery very fast. All in good conditions. Very happy customer.
Saturday, Apr 4 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Purchased this kit for my first ever build. It is amazing everything went together easy had no issues. Yeah it’s expensive but man is it worth every penny!! My favorite truck by far can’t wait for them do come out with another kit so I can buy it. You get what you pay for here everything is just solid! I didn’t use the stock tires or wheels went with vanquish beedlock 105 and pit bull rock East XL tires. For electronics I did the 2300 hobbywing combo and a protek 370 servo black label . This set up is sick!
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 26 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
High quality kit with a lot of super nice parts. Only downfall is the instructions are not the easiest to understand when it comes to the extra parts/optional parts in the kit. Oh, and the tires look and feel like they kind of suck. I used different tires on my build.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 17 2022 (2 months ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Great kit with best quality of materials. The building process is mostly fun and the instructions are good. 4 / 5 Stars because some tools for the assembly are not included: the grease for the portals (even cheap tamiya kits include their grease), no waterproof housing for a reciever, and what staggers me the most, no lug wrench for the wheel nuts...basically you cannot mount the wheels without the vanquish tool that is sold separately. Your standard tool won't fit because it must be very thin to fit into the over engineered wheel mount.
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 21 2022 (8 months ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Best surface kit I have built so far, very detailed instructions, great quality and fitment, everything you would expect from Vanquish.
Now onto the cons or con... at that price point it does leave you wanting a little more metal parts! Especially the motor plate, like why not the motor plate! Oh and 1 little typo on the front suspension links, there is 2 front upper links listed, the 1x upper link is the actual upper link, and the 2x upper link is the lower link
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 22 2021 (about a year ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Arrived so quickly. Just started putting it together. Beautiful build with such high-quality machined parts. The quality is unbelievable. Cannot wait to run it. Well worth the price!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 25 2021 (about a year ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Sofar so good just starting the build, Hopefully its as good of a rig as they always say.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Nov 29 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Ultra Rock Crawler Kit w/Origin Half Cab Body (Silver)
Well worth the axtra money . Best parts you can get on a crawler in my book . Also got the pro version to . Very happy with both amain was fast on shipping . My number 1 place to buy rc parts