TSA Model Infusion 600N-Pro Helicopter Kit

TSA Model
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This is the TSA Model Infusion 600N Pro Helicopter Kit. Featuring a unique polymer impregnated metal plastic material in key areas, the 600N Pro is affordable, highly functional, and weighs less than the Platinum equivalent! All these plastic parts can be upgraded with the Platinum series parts at any time and everything is interchangeable. Combine this technology with TSA's precision machined, premium grade carbon fiber and aluminum components, and the Infusion-PRO series helicopter kits provide pilots with a high performance, lightweight and extremely agile aircraft kit that delivers an unmatched value in the industry.

Infusion 600N-Pro Features:

  • Polymer impregnated metal plastic rotor grips provide strength and durability while at the same time saving weight. Extra large in design for high head speed aggressive 3D flying styles.
  • Polymer impregnated metal plastics have been used in key areas. Using this hybrid material provides great strength while saving weight.
  • Large ball links and push rods allow the rotor head to pivot for a direct and smooth feel at any head speed.
  • Dual radial bearings and a single thrust bearing are installed in each rotor grip for maximum precision and performance.
  • Gyro mount positions the gyro or remote gyro sensors in an area of low vibration.
  • Hard anodized aluminum pitch slider with dual bearings is used for weight reduction and durability.
  • Large diameter boom supports eliminate boom flex, and provide superior rigidity for a direct tail rotor feel with precise start and stop characteristics during rotation.
  • Ball raced tail bell crank and carbon fiber push rod provide smooth, flex free operation.
  • The tail servo is positioned to optimize the center of gravity.
  • All servos are mounted high in the frame, positioning the center mass as close to the rotor head as possible for increased performance.
  • Direct push pull elevator servo layout provides a high tolerance system eliminating unwanted play.
  • Innovative TSA servo brace eliminates all servo output shaft stress and flex. This ensures your gyro input is going directly to the rotor head and not into unwanted servo movement. The TSA servo support also helps to protect the servos in the event of a crash.
  • The fully adjustable boom support brace is included. The TSA brace helps to minimize tail rotor loads from being transferred to the boom supports by locking the 2 supports together forming a truss style arrangement, eliminating the bending force on the boom and boom supports.
  • The anti rotation swashplate feature has been integrated into TSA's elevator assembly, to keep the swashplate rigid and maintain phasing at 120 degrees. This ensures the pilot input is sent directly to the rotor head.

Full Length of Fuselage: 1235mm
Full Width of Fuselage: 215mm
Height: 390mm
Main Blade: 600 ~ 620mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1345mm
Tail Blade: 90mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 252mm  
Main Gear Ratio: 14T : 122T            
Tail Gear Ratio: 113T : 25T            
Gear Ratio: 8.7 : 1 ĄG 4.52
Full Weight (approx): 3410g
Engine Class: 50 ~ 55 Nitro
Full Tank Capacity: 650cc
Material Specification: Carbon fiber/FRP
Tail Rotor Drive: shaft drive
Swashplate Angle: 120°
In Flight Mixture Needle: Yes

Needed to Complete:

  • 7-Channel Radio System
  • (1) Receiver Battery & Charger
  • (1) On/Off Switch
  • (3) Cyclic Servos
  • (1) Rudder Servo
  • (1) 3-Axis Gyro System
  • (1) .50 - .55 Class Engine & Muffler
  • (1) Governor
  • (1) Starter
  • 600-620mm Main Blades
  • 90mm Tail Blades

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