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Thursday, Jun 17 2010 (about 6 years ago)
Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz 2-Channel Radio System w/Traxxas Link (No Receiver)
DO NOT GET!! Write traxxas and complain. The concept is strong, but the implementation is weak. I have helped several buddies with this radio. They are traxxas freaks and where all excited about the adjustability of the new radio. That being said, where traxxas thinks this is some how easier to configure than a typical transmitter with a screen is beyond me. I have worked with PLC controllers that work like this radio, that have flashing lights and that is frustrating enough, but when you just want to set the end points on your servo throw, NO ONE! wants to count flashing lights. You literally have to get out the programing tree just to get to where you want. And then don't screw up because there is no way to check your settings. All I ask is that they charge a couple dollars more and put a small LCD screen that gives both a location ie ST for steering, the setting EPA, and a percent. If I have to show another first time user how to get to steering setting and they just look at me like I have 2 heads. What do you mean I have to count the flashes and some are long and some are short. Yeah that's easy to explain, while trying to get them to understand how the setting will affect how their car handles. Traxxas had a real opportunity here and they failed. Miserabaly, in fact when asked to program a one for a new person, I simply ask are you going to get more than one vehicle, if they answer yes I point them to several, radios that are 100 time easier to set up. If they really want to use the traxxas then they need to get out the "tree schematic" and I will go over it with them. I feel like the guys from traxxas are like my engineer friends. They really don't understand. It has all the functions people want. Yeah, but if the average person can't pick it up in a couple of minutes those "feature" will never be used! Period. This is why most engineers are not interface designers. And I am not saying that having a screen would prevent all confusion, but I have had a computer radio since 1996 and it had a screen. Anyway, please everyone who has this radio should complain and loudly, because they are not helping anyone out and its frustrating the people that have to support the new guys at the track.
Joey Gagnon
Sunday, Mar 3 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz 2-Channel Radio System w/Traxxas Link (No Receiver)
i agree mine has only a range of about 15 yards and it sucks the juice out of the batterys!!!