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Monday, Feb 23 2009 (about 7 years ago)
Traxxas Talon Rear Tires w/All-Star Wheels (2) (Chrome)
I bought TRA3668 and 3669 to run on my Rustler VXL and have been pretty pleased with them. I wasn't impressed with the strength of the glue Traxxas used to fasten tires to the wheels (I unseated the insides of every tire after the first few jumps with them). But the tires and wheels are of the reliable quality I've learned to count on from Traxxas. Regular CA super glue will not hold these tires onto the wheels very durably. I re-glued them with Loctite super glue "professional" (Home Depot for a few dollars) and then ran a bead of the glue around the seam where tires and wheels meet and have not been able to bust them off the wheels again. If you throw these on a stock Ruster VXL and you'd like to maintain the drive-it-on-any-terrain-without-overheating-the-motor gearing that it comes set up in the box with, you'll need to replace the stock 25-t pinion with something 22-teeth or less. The 22-tooth will offset the gearing change as a result of the increased tire size, making the gearing almost exactly as it was with the stock tires and 25-t pinion. Personally, I prefer the offroad punch of a 20 or 21-tooth, but the 22-tooth is as close as you can get to how it comes geared in the box. I don't know what gearing changes are necessary on a Rustler XL-5 with Pede tires. I like these tires and wheels well enough that I'd buy them again.