Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &

Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
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The best-selling Traxxas Stampede was the first high-performance monster truck and it's legendary ruggedness has made the Stampede name synonymous for monster truck driving fun.

Today, the Stampede has a hot new look, innovative features, and of course, more power to boost the fun quotient even higher. Combine the increased horsepower with the tall, drive-over-anything ground clearance; ultra-tough suspension; and easy operation, Stampede will quickly become your favorite for all kinds of monster truck action. Stampede is still the first name in high-performance monster trucks.

Note: This kit uses the new Traxxas High Current Connectors to connect the batteries to the electronic speed control. So if your batteries have the old style molex connector, you will need an adapter TRA3062, or replace the connector on your battery with TRA3080 connector.


  • Monstrous 4-inches of ground clearance.
  • The included optional 23-tooth pinion gear pushes Stampede to speeds over 30mph.
  • Powerful Titan® 12T 550 modified motor with internal cooling fan.
  • High-performance Waterproof XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control.
    • Sport Mode – Forward / Brake / Reverse
    • Race Mode – Forward / Brake
    • Training Mode™ - 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patent pending)
  • Speed control and receiver are securely screwed to the chassis.
  • Efficient Magnum 272™ three-gear transmission with ball bearings.
  • Sealed gearbox protects the transmission with beefed up motor guard for extra protection.
  • Revo®-spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system.
  • External gear cover with easy slipper access.
  • Reliable planetary gear differential.
  • Efficient telescoping U-joint driveshafts.
  • Fiber-composite monocoque chassis.
  • Gray chassis components offer a fresh new look.
  • High-torque Traxxas 2055 steering servo.
  • Easy access battery compartment.
  • Fully adjustable Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology.
  • White powder coated shock springs feature a new responsive spring rate.
  • Durable solid camber links eliminate the need for adjustment.
  • Captured rod ends won't pop off for superior durability.
  • Talon™ 2.8" tires are pre-glued on stunning mirror-chrome 2.8" All-Star™ wheels.
  • Performance foam tire inserts.
  • ProGraphix® multi-colored painted body.
  • Includes Traxxas TQ AM Radio, 7-Cell NiMH 3000mAh Battery & Wall Charger

Length: 16.25 inches (413mm)
Front Track: 12.75 inches (324mm)
Rear Track: 12.75 inches (324mm)
Weight: 65.3oz (1.85kg)
Height (overall): 9.5 inches (241mm)
Wheelbase: 10.63 inches (270mm)
Front Shock Length: Long
Rear Shock Length: XXLong
Front Tires: Talon™ 2.8"
Rear Tires: Talon™ 2.8"
Front Wheels: 2.8" Mirror-Chrome (All-Stars™)
Rear Wheels: 2.8" Mirror-Chrome (All-Stars™)
Speed Control Type: XL-5 Electronic Speed Control
Motor (electric): Titan® 12T 550 (12-turn)
Gear Ratio (internal): 2.72 (final drive: 12.34)
Differential Type: Planetary
Gear Pitch: 48-Pitch
Transmission: Magnum 272™
Steering: Single Point
Chassis Type: Modified Tub
Chassis Material: Composite Nylon
Top Speed: 30+mph*

Needed to Complete:

  • (8) AA Batteries for Transmitter
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 24 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
I love this truck it's easy and fun to drive and the best thing is you can clean it with water and the electronics won't get damaged.

but I highly suggest that you break in the motor cuz you will have more power and the motor will last for a longer time so it's better to break it in.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 13 2009 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
I got this truck for my son and it is well worth the money. The truck comes with a radio and esc. these are the features i was looking for in this truck. A main hobbies is the cheapest and best place on the internet to by rc vehicles. I highly recommend buying from this website!
Sunday, May 6 2012 (about 8 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
The Traxxas Stampede is a good truck, if you're a beginner. I'll go over the negatives first. 1. The tires dont get good traction on very many surfaces. 2. I think the suspension is too stiff and no matter what terrain or surface you're on it is just hard to keep all four tires on the ground. 3. There is a very weak point on this truck and it is the caster blocks. You will find yourself breaking these a lot but part support is easy. 4. It flips over A LOT!!! Ok, so those were the negatives, now for the positives. 1. The Stampede is a Traxxas, so you can find parts easily at any hobby shop. 2. It includes a 7 cell battery and basic wall charger so it is great for beginners because you dont have to buy batterys and chargers. 3. This is the only reason I give it four stars, was the price point. VERY good price for a first rc, and it is not too slow. Would I recomend this? For a first rc, yes I would because I think it is a good value. If you have driven many rc's and you're more experinced you might this isin't as fun and you might want to look for something else. The Stampede has been around for many years and is a good rc.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 19 2011 (about 10 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
This is a great truck, it runs really good and it gets through and terrain. Sometimes I have to give it a little push up the hill so the tires could grip the dirt. It hold a charge really good. I have ran it in water and it does great. The suspension on the truck is also great and that helps the truck get through and terrain. It includes a 7-cell battery that allows the truck to go 30+. Overall, the truck is great.
Saturday, Oct 3 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
This looks like an awesome truck. A couple days ago i seen this guy running one i just wanted to know do i need to buy a battery and charger? And if so what kind of battery? A stick or flat batery?
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 25 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
Great truck. I bought this for my first re-entry vehicle; the last one I drove was a Tamiya Falcon from the 80s.

The Stampede is not only faster in stock form, even with the brushed motor and 6-cell packs, but it has better suspension, is more durable, and can run in the grass with no problems.

The speed, even with the smaller provided pinion gear is plenty enough for off-road. It is actually too much most of the time; one has to get good at throttle control, or there will be a lot of spin-outs and flip-overs.

The stock Traxxas radio, I was expecting to be pretty ghetto, but it is actually quite nice. I had no glitching problems at all.

I wrote a more complete user review over on, check it out for more details.

There is one mod I recommend doing right away, even though it runs great out of the box: ball bearings to replace the bronze bushings at all four wheels. Steering is more precise and run times are slightly longer. There is also a weird type of satisfaction when I flip the truck accidentally, but the front wheel keeps spinning and spinning. I do realize that Traxxas did bushings instead of bearings to keep the cost under control. Plan on spending about another $25 for a set of bearings, and $25 for battery packs.

I'm saving now for a Novak sensored brushless setup, probably the 13.5 turn one. Looking forward to longer run times, but probably will not try to make it go any faster. Maybe a nice Futaba 2.4 GHz radio too, so I don't get "shot down" by someone using their CB. (I heard the 27 MHz AM band that the radio works on is shared with CB)

One other weakness is the lack of complete disassembly/reassembly instructions. It is nice that it is RTR and all, but what happens when I break something or want to upgrade a part, and I don't know how the hell to take 'er apart? I hope Traxxas will publish something like this.

Overall, I'm quite happy; the truck goes just about everywhere and seems to do just about everything well.
Thursday, Dec 11 2008 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
get this truck its the best thing i ever bought fast and tough i crashed it into a car and it still works. note: get waterproof esc for it otherwise you cant hit any water
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 18 2009 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck RTR w/Waterproof XL-5 Speed Control (w/Battery &
I bought this truck instead of a local shop, because of the low prices mainly. The truck itself is amazing, besides a burned up motor.Its great for an area with short or dead grass and mabey a road or two. make sure if your driving in dirt to get a sock of toe of panty-hoes to cover up the motor from burning up. Hope you buy one!!!