Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)

Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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The Rustler® VXL combines Velineon™ extreme brushless horsepower with the prove­n fun and durability that have made Rustler the number-1 selling electric stadium racer. The new Velineon Brushless Power System launches Rustler VXL to new heights with speed potential that reaches beyond 70mph! Hardcore, wheel-standing acceleration completely blows everything else away. Out of the box, Velineon is optimized to actually deliver the tire-melting horsepower, benchmark speed, and precision throttle response you expect from brushless. Best of all, it’s brushless done the Traxxas way: wicked fast and easy to use. There’s no tricky programming to figure out or a glossary of new vocabulary to learn. Just plug it in and it works.

The Velineon Brushless Power system takes the guesswork out of enjoying the benefits of world-class brushless power. The system components work together as an optimized package, engineered from the start to deliver the ultimate in efficiency, speed, and run time. With the Rustler VXL, Your battery selection determines your speed and skill level. Velineon accepts the widest range of battery types, including 3-cell Lithium Polymer packs (3S LiPo packs). These packs pump out over 11 volts of power for intense, skill level 5 speeds beyond 70mph! Nothing else even comes close. Built-in low-voltage detection in the VXL-3s™ Electronic Speed Control conveniently helps you maintain your LiPo battery packs in top condition.

Note: This kit uses the new Traxxas High Current Connectors to connect the batteries to the electronic speed control. So if your batteries have the old style molex connector,  you will need an adapter TRA3062, or to replace the connector on your battery with TRA3080 connector.


  • Powered by the Velineon™ Waterproof Brushless Power System
  • Rustler VXL reaches speeds in excess of 70mph!*
  • Traxxas High-Current Connector allows high-capacity battery packs to deliver maximum voltage to the Velineon Brushless Power System
  • Maxx® Cable 12-gauge wire
  • Velineon VXL-3S Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
    • LiPo, NiCad, and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage detection
    • Auto-detects brushed, sensorless and sensored brushless motors
    • Sport Mode – Forward / Brake / Reverse
    • Race Mode – Forward / Brake
    • Training Mode™ - 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patent pending)
  • Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor
    • Consistent, high-power output, run after run
    • Low-maintenance, unique Traxxas design
    • Efficient, high-speed ball bearings
    • Precision-balanced rotor
  • Durable steel Jato®-Style turnbuckles and captured rod ends
  • Efficient Magnum 272™ steel-gear transmission with ball bearings
  • Sealed gearbox protects the transmission with beefed up motor guard for extra protection
  • Revo®-Spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system
  • External gear cover with easy slipper access
  • Reliable composite planetary gear differential
  • Updated heavy-duty telescoping U-joint driveshafts and yokes
  • Fiber-composite monocoque chassis
  • New gray chassis components offer a fresh new look
  • Digital high-torque Traxxas 2070 steering servo
  • Speed control and receiver are securely fastened to chassis
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Fully adjustable Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology
  • White powder coated shock springs feature a responsive spring rate
  • Alias™ Step-Pin rear tires and front Alias ribbed front tires offer superior off-road traction
  • Alias tires include performance-tuned foam inserts and they come pre-glued on black-chrome 2.8" All-Star™ wheels
  • New ProGraphix® multi-colored painted body is available in red, blue, black, and gunmetal
    • Wing is securely attached to the body with precision hex hardware
  • Rustler VXL is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability
  • Includes 7-Cell NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas Battery & Wall Charger

*Requires Optional Pinion and/or Spur Gear (sold separately).

Items Needed for Completion:

  • 8AA Batteries for Radio

Tuesday, Nov 17 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
This car is super fast and durable. It can survive so much and its is
waterproof! it is really a great car.
Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
Just wanna know is this a good racing truck for a stock class?
Thursday, Aug 6 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
Verified Owner
Saturday, May 30 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
Just ran this combined with Pro-Tek 5000mah LiPo battery and optional gearing... wow. This is a ridiculously stupid fast combo. Its pretty tough.. I've flipped it many times still good to go. ludicrous speed.. gonna try for plaid in a moment. Great for someone who wants to get a quick car with upgrade potential for lots of fun!
Monday, Mar 2 2009 (about 11 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
I have a rustler and I love it I want to find a good 11v batt. but I just dont no what the best would be any suggestoins.....?????
Wednesday, Oct 8 2008 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
Is this a good stadium truck or not it goes really fast? It sure does look like it is -//- Is this one of the toughest buggy out there my freind thinks it is
Monday, Aug 4 2008 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
Made a mistake on my first reveiw, i would have actually saved only 150$ but still, A-Main is the place to get the best! -//- AMAZING!!!!!
Again, I didnt buy mine from Amain, but if i did i would have saved about 260$(when will i learn??)
OUCH.But about the truck, this is an awesome truck, if you want a easy to use truck, that is fast, and has sharp looks, go no further than the rustler vxl. i have a ok-coinditoin dtx 4200 six cell pack and this thing wants to do nothing but wheely from a dead stop. i will soon upgrade to a maxamps 8-cell pack, because thats all my charger will charge, and then this truck will satisfy me and then some.. before i bought thius truck i was on every reveiw site there was, so if youre like me, looking for a 1/10th scale fast, good looking rig, here ya go! if you decide to buy this, and have some $$ left, get a vxl cooling fan, the esc does get warm, and get a -you geussed it, -wheely bar . well worth the money.. cant wait til i take to the skatepark and show them emo skater (censored) what air really is! good job TRAXXAS and HEY Logan: wanna race???
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jul 13 2008 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
I Ordered a Rustler VXL from amain website and 15 days later the same reached me here at Chennai, India and I had to pay my import duties though the price of the product was by itself reasonable. Traxxas created a wonderful machine. its awesome and superb, I couldn't handle it for lack of space but later made it. I upgraded it with an optional pinion gear and had also purchased a 4500mAH 8.4 volt battery from which actually was a combo pack of two battery packs and a universal charger for $100 plus shipping.

I love this site as these guys have the right things for the right price, I wish they open up outlets in India at all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai, I am sure Indians will love your products and you would make good business.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
Purchased a Rustler VXL from this website and 2 days later I had it in my hands. Traxxas did a good job on this truck.... Only bad thing is that its HEAVY. The brushless sytem (Valineon) is awesome and if you top it off with a 3 cell Li-Po battery then you can make this truck reach speeds of 70+ mph. I recently purchased a 3 cell 11.1v 10,000 mah Li-Po and my truck clocked 74 mph with opt. spur and pinion gear. Thanks to amain and there awesome service I have everything I need for both my Rustler VXL and T4.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 24 2008 (about 12 years ago)
Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless Stadium Truck RTR (w/Battery & Wall Charger)
Had my Rustler VXL for about a week and i cant get enough! With 9x4200 cells and stock gearing its faster than the nitros running around at the local park. This car is purely for fun and bashing, car handling, adjustments and ESC setup not for racing. Buy some spares, broke steering block and front shock mount bashing around already!!! When you're having heaps of fun, $5-$10 in spares is really nothing.