Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 Electric Flybarless Helicopter Kit

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Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 Electric Flybarless Helicopter Kit
Price: $659.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

This is the Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 Electric Flybarless Helicopter Kit. The E700 is designed for performance and agility, while being affordable. It is smaller and lighter than the E720 and is equipped out of the box with parts to handle extreme 3D.



  • Innovative quick-calibration system
  • Precise and heavy-duty tail rotor system
  • Extended electronics tray for easy installation
  • Lightweight one-piece metal tail boom support bracket
  • Rear rudder servo plate for easy maintenance and efficient heat dissipation
  • Collective pitch range ±15 degrees
  • Light yet rigid one-piece machined aluminum tail case
  • Latest fiberglass canopy design w/sleek scheme
  • 8mm torque tube driven tail w/efficient helical bevel tail gear
  • Quick-release battery tray (Patent Pending) fits two 6-cell LiPo battery packs
  • 12mm hardened hollow steel main shaft
  • Metal servo horns and control arms included
  • Bearing equipped washout linkage for ultra smooth control
  • Lightweight and rugged landing skid for low center of gravity
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty 14mm herringbone 128T main gear and 13T motor pinion

Length: 50.3" (1277mm)
Width: 7.5" (191mm)
Height: 15.2" (385mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 60.5-61.3" (1538-1558mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 11.02" (280mm)
Main Rotor Length: 27.17" (690mm)
Tail Rotor Length: 4.13" (105mm)
Gear Ratio (E:M:T:): 9.85:1:4.27

Needed to Complete:

  • 7-Channel helicopter radio system (or higher)
  • (3) Cyclic Servos
  • (1) Tail Servo
  • 3-Axis flybarless gyro system
  • Brushless Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
  • Receiver battery pack 
  • Switch Harness
  • LiPo battery 
  • Compatible Battery Charger
  • 690-715mm Main Blades
  • 105-115mm Tail Blades

This product was added to our catalog on September 15, 2013

Tuesday, Jun 3 2014 (about 8 years ago)
Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 Electric Flybarless Helicopter Kit
This is an awesome helicopter! It's an easy build. The only real issue I had was installing the tiny circlips on the tail. I built this heli for my son who is a very hard flying sponsored pilot. After 9 months of flying (we had one of the first 20 kits that were sold at IRCHA last year) we have had one failure which was a stripped tail drive gear caused by the big tail drive gear cracking. This may have been damaged in a previous crash that I didn't catch. Parts are ridiculously cheap and quality is quite good. This is my favorite helicopter of all time to work on. Access is good and the parts count is low. It is the easiest helicopter in the world to set up, IMHO, because with the bellcranks and clamping servo arms, you just slide a long hex driver through the pre-drilled holes in the bellcranks and frames, which puts everything perfectly at 90 degrees. Then center the servos and tighten the servo arms. Only the two pitch links are adjustable (for blade tracking) so there is not much to do mechanically. It comes with Futaba type splines on the servo arms. We are using JR servos so I had to order different splines which were about $20. The provided carbon tail blades are 105s and I feel that the heli needs 115s at least. We have been running Rail 116s and like those. For main blades we have mostly run Cyclone 695s. We are just using a Scorpion 4035-560 and power is not an issue. We may eventually try the Nick Maxwell edition 4235-520 just to see how it flies with more power. The battery trays work well and are easy to install. We use Pulse 12S 5000 stick packs that are perfect for the trays. The heli flies well though my son says it felt a little weird the first couple of times he flew it due to the bellcranks providing very linear response compared to direct to swash helis. We are using an Ikon and have never quite gotten the tail to behave perfectly. That is not an issue with the model as much as it is with my tuning skills. We have had two crashes which were both cheap (except for blades) and easy to fix. We are seriously considering buying another so that we will have a backup for events. This is one of the lightest 700s out there and it performs very well without a crazy power system. Here is a link to a video of a flight from April 2014 with Edge blades: