Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 Electric 3D Helicopter Kit

Thunder Tiger
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This is the Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 electric powered helicopter kit. The Mini Titan E325 has the perfect combination of flying stability and the agility for 3D flying. This is the kit version of the helicopter, and comes completely unassembled.

The Titan E325 is a mini RC Helicopter of easy approach. Without noise, pollution and pressure, you can fly it in the park and just have fun. Whatever flying style you like, you will be 100% satisfied with this fine machine. With whole new design, the helicopter is stable and quick. You can fly it tenderly and you can fly 3D. This helicopter is simply the best!

  • 120 e-CCPM electronics cyclic collective pitch mixing
  • Rigid frame design eliminates flex during 3D maneuvers
  • Constant driven Auto-Rotation system
  • Interlocking 3 piece frame design
  • Rigid one piece-landing skid
  • Anti-Rotation swash guide
  • Belt driven tail system
  • Rear servo mount

Full Length of fuselage: 25.74"
Full width of fuselage: 4.72"
Total height: 8.3"
Main rotor diameter: 28.66" ~ Max 29.45"
Tail rotor dia: 6.14"
Gear ratio: 1:10 ~ 15:4.4
Full equipped weight: 26.50oz

Accessories Needed:
  • Radio Set
    • Helicopter Transmitter Electronic CCPM Mixing with 6 or more channels required.
    • Sub-Micro Servos You will need 4 servos total, 3 for the CCPM control, and one for the tail. Higher speed is better for the tail. We recommend the Ace Hobby C1016 or Hitec HS-55 servos for a direct fit. The higher performance Hitec HS-65HB servos will work with modifications to the servo mounting trays, and will provide better flight performance than the Hitec HS-55 servos.
    • Receiver 6 or more channels required.
    • Gyro. We recommend the CSM 420e for best performance, however the E-Flite G90 Gyro will also work.

  • Propulsion System
    • Brushless Motor. You will need a motor with 3400-3500 KV for this helicopter. We recommend the Thunder Tiger OBL 29/35-10 H motor for this helicopter, which is also available as a package deal with the helicopter kit. You may also use the Align 430L 3550KV Brushless Motor, as this will also work as a drop in replacement. If you use the 4050KV version of this motor you will need to use the 10T pinion gear.
    • Electronic Speed Control. You will need a 35-40A brushless speed controller, and we recommend the ACE BLC-40. You may also use the Align BL35G speed controller, or the Castle Creations Phoenix 35 or Phoenix 45 Speed Controllers.
    • Lithium Polymer Battery You will need a Lithium Polymer battery with 2000-2200mAh capacity and at least 15C discharge rate. The ProTek R/C 3S Li-Poly 20C Battery Packs are excellent choices for sport and most 3D flying. 

  • Main Rotor Blades Although this kit comes with wooden blades in the box that work well for general sport flying, they are not suitable for hard 3D flying. We highly recommend a set of after market 325mm blades, such as the Curtis Youngblood Radix 325mm blades (make sure you use the blade grip spacers that come in the package). Align T-Rex 450 blades will also fit if you use washers on the blade grips.

  • Lithium Polymer Battery Charger
  • Adhesives Epoxy, Instant setting Cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA), Anaerobics retainer (R48) & Threadlocking (T22).
  • Tools Screw, Needle and Ball Pliers, Nipper, Scissors, Hobby knife, Grease, Hex wrench set, Rubber bands & Double sided servo tape.

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