Thunder Tiger Dragon Multirotor Flight Control System Set

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This is the Thunder Tiger Dragon Flight Control System Set.


  • Auto Takeoff & Auto Landing
  • Realtime Flight status
  • Auto-Navigation
  • Phone Attitude Control
  • Three flight control modes
  • Low Voltage Alert
  • 2-axis Gimbal Support
  • S-Bus & PPM & Common Receiver Supported
  • Target Lock & Fly encircle
  • Click & Fly To Point
  • Support Wifi module

In-Depth Features:

  • All in one design: Updated attitude stabilization algorithm and optimized hardware structure, the DRAGON provides better flight performance. The innovative All-in-one design provides following advantages: simplifies installation, spacing saving and light weight. The DRAGON contains inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometer in its light and small Main Controller.
  • Click and fly to pointed place: For those flying tasks which not allow preset waypoints or need to change flying target accordingly, click any target point on the google map, click “Click and Go" button, the aircraft shall fly to the target point automatically as command. Easy operation, easy to go.
  • Realtime voice broadcast: It is quite convenient and easy to get real-time altitude and distance information during the whole flight with voice broadcast function, no need to distract your attention to check the GCS and quickly get real-time status information.
  • Control by smartphone: Enable smartphone control mode, to control the aircraft by tilting your phone to forward/back/left/right direction and its flying direction is same as phone tilt direction. For example, forward or back tilting phone, the aircraft shall move foward or back, left or right tilting phone, the aircraft shall move left or right etc.
  • Follow Me: While using smartphone as GCS, in GPS hover mode and all transmitter sticks stay in the middle position, after enabling follow me, the aircraft shall lock its head direction and auto-flying by following up pilot via phone GPS location.
  • WIFI Communication: Each DRAGON comes with a professional WIFI module, private smartphone/tablet or PC can be used as ground station via WIFI communication. WIFI module is built-in two communication mode(Router mode and PP mode), user can setup the mode to be PP mode depending on your favorite method which can fly with no need router, greatly bring convenience to out-space flight.
  • Nine Types of Multi-rotors Supported: It supports nine types of multi-rotor, which meets the different needs of the enthusiasts: Quad I, Quad X; Hexa I, Hexa V, Hexa Y, Hexa IY; Octo X, Octo I, Octo V (Doesn’t support Servo Gimbal on Octocopter)
  • Defined Waypoints (128 waypoints available): Waypoints of DRAGON can be set to the number of destinations up to 128, users can carry out for each waypoint special settings, such as height, residence time, flight speed, longitude and latitude etc. to meet the complex requirement of the routes operating and flying task, intelligently adjust flying speed and altitude. Meanwhile you can setup shutter on each waypoint or change the waypoint route during the flight.
  • Data Configuration On Handheld Device Available: DRAGON supports Android phone/tablet,PC as terminal handheld GCS to adjust the parameters, simple software installation assists you to control real-time flight and adjust the gains easily, which makes the adjustment sensibility easier to be adjusted, brings you brand-new flying experience.
  • Supporting Futaba S-bus & PPM & Common receiver: Compatible with almost all radios-PCM or 2.4Ghz, simple application, provide more options.
  • Failsafe (Auto Hover-Go Home-Landing): Humanized fail-safe is the feature to ensure that the multi-rotor will hover automatically when it loses signal. After loss of signal for a certain period of time, the DRAGON will auto-switch to be hover status (Keep waypoint flying for 5 more seconds when during GPS waypooints flight), it shall keep auto-flying as waypoints route to make sure the normal flying task if signal recover within 5 seconds, or you can enable auto-back/landing function to call it back.
  • Low Votage Vibration Alert (Phone Terminal): The DRAGON has built-in low voltage alert function, when voltage goes down to be a certain low value, phone shall remind users to pay attention to operation by vibration.
  • One-Motor Fail Protection: When one of the motors stops, the aircraft will retain good attitude and rotate around the frame arm with the stopped motor. In this condition, the aircraft is still under control and returns home safely and highly reducing the crash risk.


  • Basic Performance:
    • Multi Rotor Types supported: Quad-Rotor: +4, x4; Hexa-Rotor: +6, x6,Y6, Rev Y6; Octo-Rotor: +8, x8, V8 (Gimbal is unavailable)
    • Supported ESC output: 4,00Hz refresh frequency
    • Recommended Transmitter: PCM or 2.4GHz with 6 channels at least and Failsafe function available on all channels
    • Recommended Battery: 3S~6S LiPo
    • Power Consumption: MAX 2.5W
    • Operating Temperature: -5°C ~ +60°C
    • Working Power: 5.7V Power Supply Module provided by ZERO TECH)
  • Hardware Parameters:   
    • Weight: MC 119g; GPS 37g; Wifi 39g
    • Size: MC 74x41x25mm; GPS 55mm(diameter)x11mm; Wifi 65x40x14.4mm; LED 17x17x5.5mm
  • Flight Performance:
    • Hovering Position Accuracy (GPS mode): Vertical:±1m; Horizontal:±2m
    • Suitable Wind Condition: < 8m/s (17.7mph)
    • Max Tilt Angle: 35°
    • Max Ascent/Descent Speed: < 6m/s
    • GCS Software: Map:Google 3-D GIS; Waypoints Edit:Number, Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, Camera Setting, Hover Time, Speed

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