Tekno RC V4 Brushless Kit (Losi 8T 2.0/42mm Motors)

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This is the Tekno RC V4 Brushless Kit, and is intended for use with the Losi 8ight-T 2.0 1/8 scale truggy. Tekno RC brought you the first 'electric specific' 1/8th chassis, the first 1/8th slipper system, and the strongest most secure motor mounting system available anywhere. The V4 kit represents state of the art in 1/8th Electric Offroad. With 50/50 Left/Right balance and 50/50 Front/Rear balance, no other platform comes close. Throw the lowest overall CG available into the mix and you have a package that outperforms the competition. This translates to a car that is more consistent, uses less power, and is easier to drive faster.

All New Chassis Layout: To start, the center differential was moved towards the rear of the vehicle to make better use of the space available on the chassis. As a result, the battery is tucked as close to center, as far forward, and as low as possible. This allowed the center driveline to be straightened for most of the popular platforms providing improved efficiency, increased durability, and less heat. The motor is turned around and moved forward for better steering response while balancing perfectly with the battery Left to Right as well as Front to Rear. Lighter components such as the ESC and optional brake servo are placed low and towards the rear.

New Radio Box, ESC Tray, and Transponder Mount: The V4 radio box is a very versatile little box. Plenty of room for today's most popular receivers and a modular design allows it to be used on both the V3 and V4 chassis, as well as DIY projects requiring a compact receiver box. It can be mounted on any V3 chassis where the mechanical brake servo would normally be mounted. On the V4 chassis, it can be mounted along side the steering servo in front or in back where the mechanical brake servo would go - it's your choice. An integrated antenna mount completes the receiver box package.

The new ESC Tray is lighter and mounts lower to the chassis than the V3. The softer plastic material safely cushions the ESC and sits a mere 7mm off the surface of the chassis. A new transponder mount makes transponder placement an easy task while remaining lightweight, versatile and durable.

Power Delivery Options: No other platform on the market provides as many useful power delivery options 

  • Direct Drive (standard pinion) + Motor Brakes
  • Direct Drive (long shank pinion) + Motor Brakes (moves the motor forward for better steering response)
  • Direct Drive (long shank pinion) + Mechanical Brakes
  • Traktion Drive + Motor Brakes
  • Traktion Drive + Mechanical Brakes
  • Elektri-Clutch + Mechanical Brakes
NOTE: Pinion Gear, Traktion Drive, Elektri-Clutch, clutch bells, and shoes are sold separately, and are not included in this kit.


  • Hard Anodized CNC Machined 7075  Aluminum Chassis
  • Black Anodized CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum Motor Mount (42mm, for Castle, Tekin)
  • Battery Tray
  • Battery Straps
  • Receiver Box
  • ESC Tray
  • Mud Guards
  • Servo Mounts
  • Transponder Mount

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Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 20 2013 (about 6 years ago)
Tekno RC V4 Brushless Kit (Losi 8T 2.0/42mm Motors)
All I can say about the Tekno V4 conversions is "Wow"! This is very well made product. Great chassis, great components, terrific layout and good instructions. If you are thinking about converting an 8T to electric, then this conversions kit is a must. Not only is it top of the line quality, it improves the handling of the car over the Losi conversion.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Nov 25 2012 (about 7 years ago)
Tekno RC V4 Brushless Kit (Losi 8T 2.0/42mm Motors)
A few probs with assembly. The BIG prob. No droop screws were provided with my kit. The chassis is tapped where I assume they should go. The holes that are tapped at the droop screw location are unusually small. If you run your stock droop screws the FRONT ones get caught in the chassis droop screw holes. I just wanted to get the damn thing built so I ended up filling the holes with screws and grinding them 2mm above the chassis so I could run the front droop setup as stock. I run the rears the same way but did not need to fill the chassis droop screw holes as the droop screws did not hang up in the rear. I read the instructions which stated "Don't forget to remove the droop pad screws from your old 8B chassis and make sure to install them now on the new V4 chassis. For the 8T, we have included the droop scews in the kit. Be sure to install them before moving on to step 2." My kit did not come with droop scews. Im not sure what system was even intended. I also surfed the net for 15 minutes and didnt find any solutions either. I guess Ill hope the droop wear on my chassis isnt accelerated or that it doesnt drastically change my droop. The underside of the battery tray gets thick with the horizontal/vertical velcro straps so it seems like its uneven but once you tighten all of the screws it seems better, but be careful here not to overtighten when leveling the tray. The motor mount had to have the small countersunk motor face holes enlarged to screw to the face of my tekin motor with the screws I used. I could not get the RX box to mount at the mech brake servo location because it hit the mudguard so I mounted it like the pic. I had one screw strip in the plastic while mounting the RX box to the chassis without being overtightened. The chassis is a very hard well machined lightweight metal. The layout is pretty good. The parts are well tooled. It seems well thought out. The problems I had slowed assembly a bit, the droop screws issue mad me mad because I had higher expectations for this kit as I have had Tekno stuff before with no issues. Im glad I bought this because I have not had one single strippes spur or pinion after switching from the Losi 8t 2.0 brushless conversion kit. For that reason alone I would buy again! I can drive my Tekin 8T 2.0 again, no breakage after 10 packs through it! I have also discovered the radio box is very small.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Feb 19 2013 (about 7 years ago)
Tekno RC V4 Brushless Kit (Losi 8T 2.0/42mm Motors)
Very nice no problems assembling . Cant seem to tune the power understeer out of it but everywhere else very nice and balanced.