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Sunday, Sep 4 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Tekno RC Revo Pro Throttle Linkage Kit
Awesome kit. Yes it runs the linkage outside the rollbar but for the RB concept TM523 conversion it works GREAT! The stock linkage gets pushed against the roll bar so hard with the 523's motor mount that the servo has problems opening the trottle all the way. After installing the Tekno linkage the throttle snaps open all the way with a quickness! Really improves the geometry of the angles and makes it a all around better working system than stock. If you run a cover for your servo box you'll need to cut out a notch for the linkage. Difficulty of the job I would say 4 out of 10 overall if you install on a factory 3.3 mount. If you use it on a TM523 swap the difficulty goes up to a 6 out of 10. You'll see what I mean when you get started on it...but you will be all smiles when you see/feel how smooth your throttle works afterwards, trust me. Don't want to sound like a fan boy but in all seriousness, out of all the upgrades on my revo's the teckno rc sway bars and throttle linkage are the highest quality and best improvement/functioning parts on them. I wish Teckno made every upgrade for every r/c out there.
James McInturf
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 16 2009 (about 6 years ago)
Tekno RC Revo Pro Throttle Linkage Kit
I got this kit as an upgrade for my Revo that I already run a RD Logics throttle arm on with no problems at all. After reading the instructions and seeing the picture of it installed, the throttle linkage arm runs on the outside of the roll bar and the throttle arm is even out farther than the chassis. This would require a wide body and alot of luck not to get hit here to finish the race! I will be returning mine.