Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC

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This is the Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC. Tekinís RX8 is big power in a small package. Based off of the proven RS series Speed Control the RX8 takes large scale current demands in stride. Leading the industry not only in power handling ability but size and features with Drag Brake, Neutral width, Throttle Profiles, Voltage Cut Offs for Lipos and much more. The RX8 sits at only 1.5 x 2.22 x 1.46, a small foot print making it easy to install on any chassis. Donít negotiate the track, attack it with extreme prejudice.

  • Easily Access Programming, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Drives Sensor/Sensorless Brushless and Brushed Motors
  • D2: Dual Drive Mode Technology
  • On-Board Temperature Indicator
  • PC Interface for Custom Programming
  • HDAC: High Density Copper Fet Boards
  • Sensor Plug for Precise Commutation with all Motors
  • Solder Posts for Easy Wire Replacement
  • Self Test Diagnostics and Factory Reset
  • Adjustable Drag Brakes
  • RS-232 Digital Communications Protocol
  • Pit Tune Mode
  • DGF2: Digital Glitch Filtering V2
  • QuickTuneô Programming
  • One-Touch Radio Calibration
Programming Features
  • Brake / Reverse Strength (13 steps)
  • Current Limiter (none + 12 steps)
  • Neutral Width (7 steps)
  • Throttle Profiles (7 choices)
  • Motor/Reverse Type: Brushless, Brushed, No Rev, Rev Delay
  • Voltage Cutoffs (none, 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, Custom)
  • Timing Advance when used with Tekin Hotwire
  • Extensive Tuning via Tekin HotWire PC Interface (sold separately)
Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
Input Voltage: up to 6S Lipo
Continuous Current: 210 Amps*
BEC: 6.0V/5.0A
Motor Limit Brushless Mode: No Limit
Motor Limit Brushed Fwd Only Mode: No Limit
Motor Limit Brushed Fwd/Rev Mode: No Limit
Throttle Profiles: 7 choices (on board)
Brushed Modes: Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay
Brushless Modes: Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay
Dimensions: 1.5 x 2.2 x 1.4"
Weight Approx: 2.7oz

This product was added to our catalog on July 1, 2009.

fred ferrando (CH)
Verified Owner
Saturday, Oct 2 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
Probably the best ESC for 1/8th at the moment, in terms of performances & reliability.
Make sure that the motor's wires are not pulling onto the solder tabs of the ESC when the buggy is landing, that is all.
Tekin does frequent software update and the last one (2.08) is simply GREAT.
I like the wide possibilities to adjust the ESC with buttons only: current limiter, cells count, timing w. 2.08, drag brake, reverser speed...).
This make the Hot-Wire (+PC) not essential... except for software upgrade.
Tekin also offers a wide range of motors - for me 1700kV/4S is the best compromise.)
John Neary
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 1 2009 (about 8 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
Quick update on my RX8, have about twenty hours or so now total on it and have had no trouble with the speed control getting hot or anything of that nature but i do wanna warn people to be VERY careful when soldering your wires to the posts as i got mine a tad to hot the other day and now the post is loose on the circuit board and i am going to have to send the speed control to Tekin for repair.

Make sure you apply most of the heat to the wire itself when soldering and not to the metal post on the speed control or you will suffer the same fate as myself. -//- Have about two hours driving on mine, no complaints. I bought the hotwire program but so far i have only used it to set the voltage cut off so i would not consider hotwire a must have for most people.

There have been some issues of the cooling fans burning out that people have reported, either rocks get into the fan and jam it and it burns out or the fan will be mounted wrong and will hit on the ESC itself and cause the fan to fail. Trimming the blades on the fan a little bit is the quick fix Tekin recommends to avoid issues of it hitting on the ESC casing.

With the T8 2250 motor in my truggy the power is eye opening but at the same time it is very smooth and easy to drive. You might consider the combo Esc/motor as it is only $120 more and you get a great motor for the price.)
Matthew Cavanough
Verified Owner
Sunday, Feb 20 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
2 x rx8 both failed in first month. my mamba monster is still going strong after 2 years. doesn't have quite the same feel as the tekin but also hasn't made me pull my hair out)
Friday, May 20 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
One of the best I've ever used, and I've used plenty. The Tekin is a sensored ESC that is designed to handle the rigors of 1/8th scale racing. It's loaded with features. You can adjust settings directly on the ESC or by use of a PC via the Tekin Hotwire device. The fact that it's sensored means that your car will run more smoothly at all speeds. You can also run sensorless, if you so choose. Some things to take into consideration though. The RX-8 seems a little susceptible to hard hits over time. Make sure you provide for some cushion to handle hard impacts. Whether it be extra servo tape or foam protection, guarding against impacts will greatly extend it's life. You must gear properly!!! I've heard of many a ESC failing because the user didn't gear properly and heat destroyed it. Also, the fan will fail over time. It's really not needed at all if you gear correctly. All the Tekin reps will tell you this. I haven't used the fan in months and have had no issues at all with it, even in summer heat. Make sure you do a good solder job on the posts. Use high quality solder and be careful not to burn the case. If you do have problems with it don't fret, because Tekin has great customer support and they stand by their products.)
jason van den berg
Saturday, Apr 16 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
I now own 2 of these. Ive been through castle, novak and lrp. Tekin, You have a customer for life. I dont know why it took me so long to figure it out.)
My two cents
Friday, Jan 25 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
Have 3 Total two on losi Buggys 1900k t8 and one on scte 4600kv pro. I just love the power!!! The scte has been run hard and keeps going all track runs but still not much down time! Now the Losi buggy Ive had one go out 2 months in and sent it in and got it back no prolbems. But now my other buggy 2 1/2 months of race use has gone up in flames. Sad day for me but not sure why but im sure tekin will make it right as thats what there good at! I would buy another even with the prolbems there that good !!!)
Emory Swafford
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 5 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
strongly agree with all the five star ratings here... I have two of these speedo's (losi 8ight e 2.0 t8 1900kv) (losi scte pro4 4600kv) smooth delivery and flawless operation for months now and my scte is the nemesis of 1/8 scale buggies at my local track... love tekin products)
Adam C
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 26 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
So far so good, running this in my XRAY 808e buggy, out of the box it needs harder braking but can be tuned. heat sensing fan, nice solder tabs. lighter than the team orion, needs a longer on off switch cable out of the box but thats just small things. This ESC and a 2400kv motor does wheel stands and flips over with good grip, clears huge jumps at the track with just a blip of the throttle, i have found a great setup .)
Aaron Blanchard
Saturday, May 26 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
I have had this tekin ESC for a while in my mbx6. Running it on 4s with a 1900 kv tekin motor. No issues at all, and I bash it for hours at a time. I recommend this product.)
Tyler Cartwright
Friday, May 25 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
A buddy of mine runs this esc in is AE 1/8th scale at our local track and is on his second one in a few months. It seems to have an issue with staying on and just shutting down in the middle of a heat. He is only running 4s lipo and is recommened up to 6s but it just doesnt have the internal durability to be in an 1/8th scale buggy or truggy. Dont get me wrong i love tekin products but the two of us together have had our fair share of money into them. Tekins warranty program is very good as long as you get it in before the 3 months is up but other than that it has plenty of power. I also have this esc in my AE sc10 4x4 and have not had any problems with it.)
Joshua Hansen
Sunday, Feb 12 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
I think the newest update to the RX8 ( 3 hole case) has 99% of the kinks worked out. I used to run my SCTe with 3s with my T8 2650kv motor, but my RX8 has woken the motor up compared to my other esc( green brand) I now can only run 2s if Im racing, It really blew me a away how much better it is. Never knew what I was missing. Super Fast and does everything and more that a Racer could ever want.)
Jason Storti
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 22 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
No one has made a rock solid 1/8th scale controller yet, but Tekin has definately gotten the closest. I also like how thier motors are not notchy, makes for a quieter mesh.)
brad piersall
Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
I would have to agree it is a hassle when your equpiment breaks down,but when your in mid pack fighting towards the front u need all the power u can get and tekin is the only one to provide it.(IMO) tekin is best of the best when it comes to performance and support.I would recommend this product to anyone getting into 1/8 E racing regardless of the issues some of them have.)
Miles Rosser
Friday, Nov 23 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
Running it on my losi 10 scte with the pro4 4600kv and its like they were allment for each other, i can hang with 4s 1/8 scale buggies and truggies running my gens ace 50c 2s lipos. Im also 1 of the the only 1/10 scale who can make the quad at my track. Current limit at 80% using either 13 or 14t pinion depending on how dusty the track is. AWSOME BYE!!!!)
tommy fredriksen
Sunday, Nov 11 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
i bought this after i bought the viper copperhead combo.
And i am using it in a AE sc10 4x4 on 7,4v lipo.The motor is the viper 550 5150kv.Compared to the copperhead this is wery smooth and easy to use.
I also have the hotwire and tried a lot of different settings on it.
The key word on this is that it is so smoooooth al the way up. But the copperhead had an awsome killer punch that i can not get with the RX8.
But again it is more easy to stay and keep on line with rx8.
The only bad part is that it seems sometimes sensitive to jumping,or should i say landing :-)Sometimes it hesitates for a half second after landing.
Need to pool the trigger twice to make it react.It is not often but iritating when it happens.
If it wil last thru the winther in our indor clay track i wil be happy.The rx8 never gets hot. Indor temp is ca 64f and rx8 91f viper engine max 158f)
Bo-Arne Wallentin Larsson
Friday, May 25 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Tekin RX8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless ESC
Have had two of these that died within a few sessions, and i understand now why they have that short time warrenty ;)

The rx8 just cant handle hard driving at all, i love castle creations as they have never let me down, and the support at tekin is very bad im sorry to say.. they just dont care to help you at all, and try to blame the customer with a bad attitude also :( i have had a really bad experience with tekin and cant recommend them even to my worst enemy.

I know this sound like trolling or a castle fanboy, but i am really open minded and want to try new quality stuff.. really wanted to go over to tekin all the way, but the quality wasnt there and nor the support, so i gave up on that brand :()