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Cameron Kerndt
Tuesday, Jul 17 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Trinity D3.5 Brushless Motor (17.5T)
Out of box review: Appearance : Solid manufacturing, quality anodizing. Hands on: While spinning the motor shaft it feels very restricted, almost like it is dragging. It feels like a light motor, lighter than my tekin, viper, Novak motors. In car experience: I installed this motor in two vehicles, one paired with a Tekin RS in Blinky was installed in my FT RC10T4.1. And the other is paired with a tekin RS Pro in my FT SC10. I've been running the Team Epic d3.5 17.5 in my SC10 at my local track and have been a top competitor. Setting fast lap and even TQ in a few races. Running against trucks with motors ranging from 10.5-6.5 turns I was certainly impressed and looking forward to using the D3.5 in the upcoming 2012 JCONCEPTS Summer Indoor Nationals. I ran two Stock classes with the D3.5, qualifying second in the A-Main with Stadium truck and 5th in the A-main for 2wd SCT. No truck in either class had as much power and speed as mine. I was faster down the straight, could take tight lines and clear immediate doubles after the turns. VERY Impressed with this thing! I took P1 on the last lap and won the Stadium Truck class and took P3 in the SCT class! Very happy with these motors!
Keith Laymon
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 20 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Trinity D3.5 Brushless Motor (17.5T)
First off this is a great motor. However, as of January 18, 2013 ROAR has rescinded approval of this motor. It is no longer a ROAR-approved motor for use at ROAR-sanctioned events. This and all D3.5-based 17.5 motors are illegal. Press release here: