Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)

Team Orion
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This is the Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo Advance AC/DC Charger. Powered by an internal 200W power supply and featuring a large 4 inch color touch screen, this conveniently portable charger will charge two separate batteries simultaneously at 100W and 10A per channel. While both channels of the charger are in operation you have the option to go into split screen mode and monitor the progress of both channels at the same time. The innovative and simple to navigate charging software is easily visible on the large, 4 inch color LCD screen.


  • 2 x 100W AC/DC high end charger
  • Larger 4 inch color touch screen
  • State of the art touch screen software
  • Charger stands for best view on screen
  • Split view shows all battery data
  • Integrated 200W power supply
  • Charges Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, and PB batteries
  • Charges 2x 1-6S batteries with up to 10A each
  • Multi-language software pre-installed
  • Unique charge assistant
  • Updatable firmware via micro-USB connection
  • Two universal balancing boards included

: 2-channel Touch Screen Multi-Chemistry
Input: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz & 11-18V DC
# Cells: 1-6S LiPo, 1-6S LiFe, 1-6S LiIon, 1-16C NiCd, 1-16C NiMH, 2- 20V Pb
Peak: Yes
Charge Leads: EC3
Current Discharge
: 0.1-5.0A x2
Charge Rate: 0.1-10A x2
Input Connector: AC cord, detachable, North American plug
Output Connector: Banana plug
Battery Type: Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFe/NiCd/NiMH/Pb
Cooling Method: Cooling Fan
LCD: Touch Screen
Discharge: Yes
Memory Profiles: 12
Adjustable Peak Current: 1.5-4.3V
Adjustable Trickle Current: 0-500mA
Length: 6.69 in (170mm)
Width: 6.22 in (158mm)
Height: 1.77 in (45mm)
Weight: 1340g
Overload Protection: Yes


  • (2) Universal balancing board 
  • (2) Banana to EC3
  • Standard AC power cord
  • DC power cord (XT60 / banana)
  • Mini USB to USB

This product was added to our catalog on May 29, 2014.

Steve Skeen
Verified Owner
Friday, May 22 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
Please stay away from this charger, worked about 3 weeks and then one day while charging half the screen just went out. Returned it back to horizon hobbies and they blamed it on a broke screen and that it had been hit with impact or force and thats what caused the screen to go bad, and they would only give me discount off buying another brand new charger so after buying $250 charger they wanted me to fork over another $180 plus shipping for same charger that died on me 3 weeks after buying. I never had the charger off my work bench after buying it besides to ship it back for service, so i know it was never hit with impact unless it happened during shipping........was not impressed with product or with how horizon/team orion handled my claim.)
Taimur Shah
Wednesday, Aug 13 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
So I started out looking for a good charger for My RC Batteries that led me to looking for an affordable charger that led me to looking for a AC/DC charger that I could use regardless of what continent and voltage I was faced with that in turn led me to looking for a charger that was good, affordable, AC/DC capable and had dual charging capabilities.

Buying this Charger I ended up with The Best, Dual Charging, Dual Touch Screen, AC/DC, Extremely High End RC Battery Charger. I literally spent a year looking around for something worth the money that would stay cool had at least 8amps (This has 10Amps!!!) of charging capabilities and I ended up with so much more.

This Charger can handle any kind of Battery you can imagine and Charge,Discharge, Balance, Cycle and Store doing either or the other on each side of the charger with ease and style. I usually Charge a 6S and storage Charge a 4S at the same time and it works seamlessly.

If you're looking to have the most Reliable Charger and turn heads at The Track as well as your own at home :) This is the Best Option on the Market.

Highly recommended - Thanks Amain and Team Orion!

Here's a Full Unboxing and Review of This Charger so that you can see how Amazing it really is:
Dario Haro
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 9 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
Seems like a great charger while working, but watch out on buying these right now. This was my 2ND unit and the AC went out, Screen went black and charger did not receive any power after that. Seems to be fuse problem but none of the less its a problem and needs to be fixed. For this being my 2nd unit and the same thing happened to it, I will not buy again and going to try the Icharger. Orion received 0 stars for this. Great customer service from Amain though, Excellent service from them and no hassle. 5 out 5 from them.

Would not recommend this to any of my friends or any racers. Do NOT buy until you have verified they have fixed this issue because from reading other reviews here and other sites. Its happening very commonly.)
Rob Gordon
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 27 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
What an awesome charger, quality built incredibly cool features easy to use. All in all very happy with this charger it is very good best one Ive used yet)
N. P.
Verified Owner
Friday, Mar 6 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
Unfortunately, AC power stopped working after just a few weeks. This seems to be a common fault in other reviews of this product (on other stores/sites).
I'm also $80USD poorer because of return shipping from Australia.
Although....for my needs, just 2s lipos shorties at the track, for features, ease of use, ergonomics and specs this charger is pretty good while working - I just wished it still was.

Five stars ***** to Amain for good, fast and efficient customer service.
One star * for poor quality
Hope this review helps)
Fred Weiss
Verified Owner
Saturday, May 7 2016 (about a year ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
This charger has worked FLAWLESSLY for me. I read the earlier reviews, and I do believe orion had a bad initial batch of these chargers, but I think that inventory has long since been repaired / replaced, and after using mine for more than a year, I can say that i could not be happier with its performance. The menus are easy to read, and the amount of data available from the charger is awesome. It is very customizable, and has great power output for its size, considering its using a built in power supply.)
Jimmy Chan
Thursday, Feb 4 2016 (about a year ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
very nice charger,i highly recommend it..very easy to use too.i am very happy with it.)
Verified Owner
Friday, Nov 6 2015 (about a year ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
Mine is still working fine :-)

Very nice charger. On 2S, it does 10A charging and 2A discharging (a bit less than the quoted 20W).

The interface is really easy to use with plenty of options.

It's not very clear from the description (and I think it has changed during the production run), but the charger comes with:
* A DC cable (XT60) with detachable crocodile plugs.
* 2 EC3 charging leads
* 2 Deans charging leads
* 2 very large multi-standard balancing boards

The balancing board connector is XH so one can plug a choice of smaller balancing boards or the awesome ProTek direct leads for bullet connector batteries (PTK-5241 for 4mm and PTK-5326 for 5mm).

The firmware is upgradable and can be downloaded after registering on
Victor Hyde
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 1 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
I too had the A/C power supply go out on my charger after approximately four months of use. However when I contacted Horizon Hobbies (U.S. distributor) about this issue and sent my charger in for repair, they replaced it instead of just fixing it. So the customer service was great. I am hopeful Orion has updated the power supplies so consumers no longer have issues because this is the most intuitive and best charger I have ever owned.
~UPDATE~....The replacement charger blew the power supply in the first month! The issue has not been fixed as first thought!)
Tuesday, May 5 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
I love this charger!! They have fixed the issue of the bad PSU. Some people at my track ordered theirs earlier this year and they all had problems but once they received their last batch, everyone’s is working perfectly so I decided to order one too. For the money, this is the best charger you can get especially since they fixed the earlier issues. Just make sure there is a yellow sticker on the AC input, I was told this signifies the “newer” version.)
Curtis Marcalettu
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 29 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
The charger is a great unit. The touch screen is nice to see at the track. The downfall to this charger is the internal power supply. The power supply in mine quit working within the second month of use. I can hook it up to an external power supply though the 12v port and the charger works great.)
Emory Swafford
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 21 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (6S/10A/100W x 2)
ordered this charger from Amain in February. Worked great until April 18th when the internal power supply died. called A main and they are replacing it. Great Job A main! buyer beware, its a cool charger but its got issues.)