Team Magic E4D Drift Spec Brushless RTR Touring Car w/Mercedes SLS Body & H.A.R.D. 2.4GHz Radio

Team Magic
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This is the Team Magic E4D Drift Spec Brushless RTR Touring Car, with an included Mercedes SLS body, H.A.R.D. 2.4GHz radio system, and a sensored 6.5T brushless motor system. The E4D electric drift car will attract everyone's attention with its drift prowess and realistic body. This is the car to have for anyone who wants to experience the incredible feeling achieved by controllably drifting an RC car through a course. From the intricate and efficient transmission, to the state of the art suspension geometry, the E4D has almost everything a racer will ever need in one box! The E4D shares the same design features as the E4RS and E4FS, so strength and durability are second to none. The upgraded suspension arms and belts that are found on the RS and FS models are also included as standard equipment on the E4D, so there is no need to be concerned in regards to performance!

The E4D is 98% factory assembled. The remaining 2% needed to get your car running is incredibly simple. No wires or soldering, just charge your 7.2V NiMH or 7.4V LiPo battery, get some AA batteries for the transmitter and you're ready to go! The entire car is factory assembled, saving you time, and getting you behind the trigger as quickly as possible!

High cost items like carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum are used to make top of the line touring cars. But these high cost items are no longer necessary! In their place is high quality, super strong molded composite plastics. Don't be fooled into thinking that plastic is inferior to other materials. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, the plastics found on the E4D combine carbon with plastic improving rigidity and durability. The strength improvement means the cars are now stronger and more rigid than ever before. This added strength means Team Magic can pay close attention to the non stressed areas of the car and reduce the amount of material used. This reduces the overall weight of the car and improves performance. Like it or not, even in its highest quality form, plastic is cheaper to make. With the E4D surrounded in high quality, durable, low cost plastics, the savings are then passed on to you!

Quality isn't just about the materials. Its also about how the parts fit together, how they work together and how the car feels in the hand. Many of the parts found on the E4D have been through rigorous testing procedures to make sure they operate at their most efficient for an extended period of time. Its Team Magics policy to provide their customers with the best quality package they can. Additionally, the E4 is easy to work on. Everything is where it should be and the ability to maintain or access areas of the car is as simple as it can get.

While the E4D provides incredible performance out of the box, it shares the same design features as the other cars in the E4 family. So if you do decide to upgrade the chassis components, Team Magic has you covered. The available upgrades are not only available to upgrade specific parts, but also sway bars, shock springs and differentials. With these options, the E4D is capable of peak performance on any track or surface.

The 3 belt fully ball raced transmission is what sets this car apart from the rest. The unique system operates at maximum efficiency thanks to high quality universal joints and low friction belts. The 3 belt transmission design offers layout benefits over the traditional 2 belt design, which means the battery and motor can be placed closer to the center line of the car. This drastically improves the side to side balance of the car. These subtle changes add up to a huge improvement improvement in corner speed and consistency.


  • H.A.R.D. 2.4GHz Radio System
  • 60A Sensored Brushless ESC
  • 6.5T Sensored Motor
  • Great Value
  • Three Belt Transmission w/Rubber Belts
  • Narrow Chassis & Low CG Design
  • Centralized Motor & Battery Design
  • Most LiPo Batteries & Brushless Systems can be used
  • Durable High Quality Shocks
  • Flying Wing Suspension Arms
  • Front & Rear 7075 Aluminum Universal Drive Shafts
  • Front & Rear Quick Release Ball Differentials
  • Lightweight Nylon Pulley
  • Fully Upgradeable
  • Fine Mounted Drift Tires
  • Realistic Body Shell

Width: 186 - 193mm Adjustable
Length: 374mm
Weight: 1480g
Wheelbase: 256 - 260mm
Drive Ratio: Front-2.059; Rear-1.944
Pulley: Lightweight
Caster Block: 6

Needed to Complete:

  • (8) AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • 7.2V NiMH or 7.4V LiPo Battery & Compatible Charger


This product was added to our catalog on November 1, 2011.