Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit

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This is the TLR 22T 2.0 1/10 Scale 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit. The 22T 2.0 Race Kit continues to build on the championship-winning TLR 22 platform with features that make it easy to drive fast and have fun. Updates include advanced suspension geometry adapted from the 22 2.0 buggy, a bell-crank steering system, Gen II shocks with X-ring seals and a thoroughly refined ball differential with tungsten carbide diff balls. You also get popular option parts as well as hardware for both mid- and rear-motor configurations.

Designed for Durability
A main focus of the 22T 2.0 platform design is durability. Composite components are 15% beefier than most off-road race kits and aluminum parts are used in all the critical areas to reduce wear and the likelihood of costly repairs. 

Gen II 12mm Big Bore Shocks
The Gen II shocks keep operating friction to a minimum without leaking or weeping oil. This keeps suspension response consistent and significantly reduces maintenance. They deliver a plush ride near the top of their travel but still provide plenty of bottoming resistance when landing big jumps. Updated parts include:

  • Longer shock bodies and shafts for increased suspension travel
  • CNC machined 2-hole 1.5mm and 1.6mm pistons
  • CNC machined O-ring and guide bushings
  • Updated silicone X-ring seals
  • Ti-Carbo-nitride coated shock shafts
  • Aluminum bleeder screw shock caps


  • Updated suspension geometry
  • 22 2.0 caster blocks with 22T 2.0-specific spindles
  • Wider rear arms for easier direction changes
  • Gen II shocks with machined piston and x-ring seals
  • Bell crank steering system for smoother response at every speed
  • Hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis
  • Updated ball differential with tungsten carbide balls and larger diff rings
  • TiCN shock shaft, inner hinge pins, and outer threaded hinge pins
  • Adjustable, hard-mount battery holder
  • Aluminum rear camber block
  • Narrower rear hex with less wheel off-set
  • Aluminum ball stud washers throughout
  • Mid- and rear-motor mount parts included
  • Metric hardware
  • 22T 2.0 body

Stadium Truck
Scale: 1/10
Length: 15.75 in (400mm)
Width: 12.72 in (323.2mm)
Height: 5.63 in (143mm)
Wheelbase: 11.311.41 in (286290mm)
Chassis: 2.5mm 7075-T6 Aluminum
Suspension: Lower A-Arm, Upper Adjustable Link
Drivetrain: 2WD
Motor or Engine: 540 size
Speed Control: Not included
Servos: Not included
Gear Pitch: 48-pitch
Wheel Size: 2.21.89 in (5648mm)
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: 12mm Big Bore, Oil Filled
Body: 22T Body, unpainted poly carbonate
Ball Bearings: Full Rubber Sealed Ball Bearings
Experience Level: Advanced
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time: 3-5 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes

Needed to Complete:

  • 2 Channel Surface Radio System (Minimum)
  • 1/10 ESC, Motor & Pinion Gear
  • High Speed Servo
  • 2S LiPo Battery & Compatible Charger
  • Polycarbonate Paint for Bodies
  • 2.2 1/10 Truck Tires & CA Glue

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Christopher Lang
Verified Owner
Friday, Apr 17 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
I've owned the original 22T since it's release. When TLR discontinued it so soon after release I was afraid that it really did mark the end for TLR and stadium truck racing. I continued to upgrade my 22T with any compatible parts from other 2.0 vehicles as they released and although the truck got better, the original 22T was still a handful to drive; especially considering stadium trucks are supposed to be easy. When TLR announced the 22T 2.0 I was completely reinvigorated and purchased as soon as I could. The build went together very well, as all of my TLR kits have. I built mine with a set of aluminum washers (this kit comes with plastic washers), the thumb screw battery mount and the aluminum rear camber block. I built my truck rear motor since I'm very accustomed to the handling of rear-motor trucks and I race on a low-to-medium bite indoor track. I used a Spektrum S6040 servo, SMC SM1 7.5-turn motor and AKA Chain Links all the way around. This truck is just straight-up dialed out of the box. I had high expectations for this truck from the pre-release videos and marketing and from experience with the 22SCT 2.0 and this truck delivered on those expectations. The truck is far more stable than the original, corners harder and with more aggression and I think it even flies and lands better than the original. Every single facet of this truck is nearly perfect. My only complaint came from a slight on-power push, but I'd much rather have the push than having the rear end wash out. I'm sure a little tuning would straighten that right out (in fact, Frank Root of TLR even suggest using a softer front spring in rear motor config). In my first race weekend with this truck, on it's maiden voyage, I got fast lap in class, TQ and first place finish. I can really push this truck hard and it doesn't get out of shape. I can't recommend this truck enough.)
Joshua Duncan
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 30 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
This is an amazing truck, I race occasionally on a club level and my last truck was a t4.2 factory team that I loved, but the rear motor setup was holding me back a little bit on my lap times. This truck went together very well, all parts were accounted for, instructions were very clear and simple. This truck really doesnt have any weak points, ball cups are solid, turnbuckles wont bend anytime soon. The wing on the mid motor body might be the only downfall as it is held on by the body clips and wont last more than a few roll overs. It took me a couple laps to get used to the mid motor, but Losi really did a good job with this truck. I dont think I will ever be going back to associated.

....UPDATE:.... There is now a better wing for mid motor, i would go ahead and upgrade to the thick lexan wing part #TLR330005 , also their is an issue with the stock slipper clutch, I now have the adjustment nut tightened all the way down but the clutch still slips more than I like, went ahead and upgraded to the Avid Triad slipper clutch as I got tired of fooling with the stock clutch.

....UPDATE:.... After installing the avid Triad slipper and running a few packs on high traction track, I have stripped two plastic Idler gears, new aluminum idlers OTW, will update if I find any more weak points.)
Steven Bittick
Thursday, Apr 23 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
Pay no attention to the negative review. I just received mine and built it in about 4 hours. Everything went together great. I Ordered mine with several of the "necessary" aluminum upgrades such as the shims, mid motor rear camber block, front camber block, hexes and rear hubs. Everything on this truck is top notch. I run mine on a blue groove indoor clay track. Truck is sitting on Jconcepts Bar Codes. This truck drives and handles amazing with the mid motor set up. It feels very balanced and because of the wider rear arms and the mid motor set up I can push it way harder into the corners. I still have some adjusting to do with the set up but over all I and extremely pleased with the quality of the truck.I haven't raced in the stadium class in years, first time out with this truck I took 3rd...Not to shabby. In response to the negative review. If you cant figure out how to mount shocks to the A arms YOU are doing something wrong....not the truck. Don't buy a race/pro level car if you don't know how to build, tune, and maintain it.)
Paul Betz
Verified Owner
Friday, May 1 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
Pay no attention to the bad review not is not even a verified owner. Instructions for this truck are well written and will go together smoothly if you pay attention. I was originally going to get a 22T until I saw they were discontinued. I went with an AE T4.2 instead. I hate that truck and glad when the 22T 2.0 came out. Compared to the AE this one is top notch. All of the parts fit very nicely together. And the quality overall is just better than the T4.2. I was always breaking ball cups and arms on the AE and with the 22T 2.0 I have yet to break anything. Once set up this truck handles much better then the T4.2 and can be push a lot harder. I also like that this truck is easier to work on than the T4.2. You don't have to disassemble the whole truck to replace something. TLR put a lot of thought into this truck and it shows with all of the little details, just compare the diff rings and you'll understand. Another thing I like about this truck is the hardware. TLR uses bigger hexes on most of their hardware compared to the AE truck. I run mine with a Protek 150S servo, an Orion 10.1 Pro ESC and matching 8.5T motor. This thing drives like it is on rails. Get one of these kits and you will not be disappointed.)
Robert Marrow
Saturday, Apr 1 2017 (about a year ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
I didn't buy my truck from Amain hobbies but from my LHS, Very fun and easy to drive Iv had Rc10T4 T4.1 and T4.2 but this Losi truck by far the best rear motor truck Iv ever driven sad to say this will be the end of a good thing.
Box setup is absolutely perfect in rear motor nothing to change but in mid motor the battery compartment is extremely difficult to swap out battery packs.
I race this truck in the mod truck class and it's super competitive against the mid motor trucks I definitely won't be selling this truck for a long time to come.)
Andrew Morin
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 18 2017 (about a year ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
Awesome truck...easy build and works really well in rear motor on our slick outdoor track..didnt realize how fun stadium truck was...4wd buggy has been sitting since I built this thing)
Kevin Noland
Wednesday, Jan 11 2017 (about a year ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
This truck is OK, nothing great. I feel it is a step behind the T5M, and Kyosho RT. The battery tray is aggravating, the flip up battery hold down is not practical for use with a shorty pack, and you have to use a combination of rear and mid motor parts to make a practical tray for a short pack, which leaves you either mounting the ESC to the water fall brace in the rear, or squeezing it up front along side the receiver if your electronics are compact enough. Then switching to a saddle pack or square pack becomes a chore.

The four gear trans is a farce at best. The plastic idlers are not durable in the very least, and my collection of broken gears says so. And with the metal gears the friction in the tranny absorbs quite a bit of power though the metal idlers seem to run smoother. The three gear conversion is the only way to go, and this thing should never have been sent into production with such a lousy gear box.

The ball diff is in constant need of a rebuild. My AE stuff has never given the problems this thing has concerning the ball diff. Last I remember a ball diff this lousy was in an XTM X-Cellerator I had.

The build was OK for the most part except two things. Several of the fasteners fit so tight I had to use some lube to get them to thread into the plastic without squeaking and being borderline stripped out. I even had to heat a couple places to soften the plastic enough to get the screws to thread in. I backed out a couple of screws after installing them trying "work" the holes out, and the heat generated from the friction was unbelievable. I also had to dremel out the corner of the transmission cause my diff gear was rubbing internally.

On a high note, the shocks are some of the best out there. They went together well, and are constructed probably the best material available. Everything from titanium nitride coated shafts to "x" ring seals, they are truly some of the best. The manual is pretty straight forward and easy to understand with no mistakes. The ball cups, tie rods/links, all these components are tough and require the easiest of assembly.

It handles pretty good out of the box, but I ended up with red rear springs and 1.7 MM pistons up front, and 1.6 mm in the rear. Removed the camber link shims from the front hubs, and moved the rear hubs to their forward position.

In rear motor configuration, the truck jumps and lands second to none, and still has plenty of steering if you make a few changes. The rear wants to come around if you try carry too much momentum through wider sweeping turns, and still requires a bit of patience in tighter, technical slow turns.

The three gear transmission is a must. Especially if you are a spec racer. Mine jumped with a little bit of a nose down attitude, but not so much with the three gear. The motor is moved rearward slightly with the three gear, and seems to not rob any power due to friction loss vs the four gear. The truck squares up quicker coming out of turns, brakes better going into turns, and though doesn't launch as well as in rear motor configuration, actually lands better. I can drive more aggressively coming out of the turn without the rear trying to come around. And if it does try to come around, it corrects easier and quicker. Also with the motor moved more rearward, I no longer have a need for the rear weight, and I went from a 2mm kick up shim to a 1mm, and still have better forward bite than the four gear did with rear weight and the 2mm kick up shim.

All in all I want to give at least a three star, maybe even four, considering the point my 22t is at now. but I honestly can't. I had to put alot of effort into the assembly to get the transmission right and deal with the extremely tight fitting screws. That, and along with the poorly thought out transmission and battery tray leave it with some things to be desired when stacked up against Kyosho's and AE's stadium trucks. A mid motor three gear transmission in the box, and at least a practical battery tray that could easily be switched between battery types having to reconfigure your electronics layout would have easily placed this truck at the top of it's class without question.)
Chris Ace
Thursday, Apr 2 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 1/10 2WD Electric Racing Truck Kit
By far my worst build ever had trouble with the front shocks mounting them to the arms and came with one CVs slightly bend I should of gotten the ae t5m smh never again tlr)