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Kaleb Hamby
Verified Owner
Sunday, Aug 4 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22SCT Precut Chassis Protective Sheet (2)
These things stick like crazy. Just make sure you clean the chassis with rubbing alcohol or something like it before you stick it. The front hole was off a little bit on mine so it didn't quite line up on the rear of the truck exactly right but it has down the job so far. I have about 3 races on it and it has a few smears through the TLR logo but it doesn't appear the be really wearing yet. The only negative thing is that none of the screw holes are precut that means that anytime you have to remove the screws in the bottom of the chassis you have to cut a hole your self the first time. That really ticked me off a little bit. I looked at the JConcepts after I realized that but it appeared theirs is the same way. If I found one the screw holes all ready cut out, I would definitely give it a try before buying more of these.