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Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

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Low Price: $399.99
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This is the Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Buggy Kit. The 22-4 is the culmination of over two years of testing, tweaking and focusing on every detail, no matter how small. The goal was to develop a durable and high performance 4wd platform with the features necessary to propel TLR enthusiasts to the winners circle. Brilliant engineers and some of the worlds best drivers came together, choosing or designing every single component. Whether you are a club racer or a championship contender, the 22-4 is a well-balanced machine that will excite drivers of any skill level.


  • 2.5MM HARD ANODIZED 7075 T-6 ALUMINUM CHASSIS: The lightweight aluminum chassis has been milled to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Its rigidity minimizes torsion and longitudinal flex so the drive belts are always positively engaged. Removable mud guards are included.
  • SEALED 3-BELT DRIVETRAIN: The innovative 3-belt drivetrain delivers better grip and acceleration than gear-driven designs. Itís completely sealed from the elements by modular covers that make maintaining and adjusting belt tension a breeze.
  • CENTRALIZED FORWARD MOTOR MOUNT: The position of the motor mount makes for a more balanced chassis with superb handling characteristics.
  • GEN II HARD-ANODIZED, BIG BORE 12MM EMULSION SHOCKS: The shocks are equipped with low friction Ti-CN shock shafts and CNC machined pistons. Theyíre topped by a threaded aluminum bleeder cap with an outer O-ring seal. An X-ring shaft seal prolongs life and reduces maintenance.
  • BALL BEARING STEERING: The smooth, precise ball bearing steering features an Ackerman that can be adjusted via the bell cranks.
  • REVISED SLIPPER SYSTEM: The larger surface area of the HDS slipper pads provide more consistency on high grip tracks throughout the life of the pads.
  • IMPROVED DIFFERENTIALS: Tungsten carbide diff and thrust balls, along with revised thrust washers, deliver ultra-smooth operation and longer life.
  • UNIVERSAL DRIVESHAFTS: Team Losi Racing universal joints are included for improved performance and handling on rough tracks.
  • INTEGRATED BATTERY RESTRAINT SYSTEM: The battery restraint system has been designed so different sizes and types of battery packs can be mounted for optimum chassis balance
  • TWO SETS OF TLR WHEELS: The kit includes two sets of wheels that are mounted using a standard 12mm hex. Tires and inserts are sold separately so you can use the treads and compounds you prefer.
  • COMPACT WING MOUNT: The compact, one-piece wing mount is remarkably durable and provides plenty of rear tire clearance for the wing. The wing itself is 6.5 inches wide and made of 1.2mm thick Lexan material.
  • MID-CAB BODY: The distinctive shape of the mid-cab body design not only sets the buggy apart visually, but improves handling at high speeds.
  • SMALL DIAMETER OUTDRIVES: The small diameter outdrives improve forward traction and allow you to corner faster because the differential includes tungsten carbide differential and thrust balls.
  • FULL BALL BEARINGS: High quality C3 rubber-shielded ball bearings are used throughout the chassis.
  • TI-CN (TITANIUM CARBON NITRIDE) HINGE PINS: The Ti-CN coating on the hinge pins not only makes them incredibly durable, but actually reduces friction so the suspension moves more freely.
  • INCLUDED ALUMINUM PARTS: The kit comes with several machined aluminum parts that give the chassis even more strength and durability. They include:
    • Aluminum front and rear camber blocks
    • Aluminum rear toe plates
    • Aluminum spindle carriers
  • ADJUSTABLE ANTI-SQUAT: Rear anti-squat can quickly and easily be adjusted by adding or removing the included shims.
  • METRIC HARDWARE: The 22-4 buggy was built for racers all over the world, thatís why all hardware including screws, nuts, hinge pins and bearings are in metric sizes.
  • FRONT ONE-WAY CLICKER OR FULL-TIME 4WD: The drivetrain can be set up for full-time 4WD or with an optional one-way clicker on the front. Using the clicker allows the front belt drive system to free wheel during deceleration for more off-power steering. Drivers can precisely set the amount of steering they want by adjusting the tension of the clicker spring.

4WD Off-Road Buggy Kit
Scale: 1/10
Length: 16.5 in (419.1mm)
Width: 9.41 in (239.0mm)
Height: 6.50 in (165.1mm)
Ground Clearance: Adjustable
Wheelbase: 11.10 in (282.3mm)
Chassis: 2.5mm Plate, 7075-T6 Aluminum
Suspension: Four Wheel Independent
Drivetrain: 4WD Belt
Gear Pitch: 48-pitch (84T Spur Gear)    
Wheel Width: 1.04 in (26.0mm front),1.50 in (38.0mm rear);
Wheel Diameter: 2.2 in (55.9mm)
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: Coilover, Oil Filled
Body: Clear Polycarbonate
Ball Bearings: Full set
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Adult Supervision Required
Assembly Time: 5-7 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes

Needed to Complete:

  • 2 Channel Surface Radio System (Minimum)
  • 1/10 ESC & Motor
  • High Speed Servo
  • 2S LiPo Saddle Type Battery & Compatible Charger
  • Polycarbonate Paint for Body
  • 2.2 1/10 Rear & 4wd Buggy Front Tires & CA Glue

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Alan Howells
Average Rating: 5
Wednesday, Oct 1 2014 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
Great build. Excellent durability. Have owned both XX4 WE & XXX4 and this is the next step up. Well done Losi.
Bruce Turner
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 10 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
I've been running Losi since the original JRX2 buggy. I've seen the good and the bad of the (off road) kits they've put out since, and I must say I think this is one of their best. I marveled at the engineering of this kit as I was putting it together. Just top notch all the way around. Built it in the suggested configuration, except using a shorty pack, and it handles like a dream. I was concerned that I was making a mistake since the 22-4 is the only one still using the ball diffs but running with some of the others this last weekend and I'm convinced that the 22-4 is the best handling one out there. At least against the ones I ran against, Hot Bodies, Schumacher and SWorks.
Adam Lazo
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 18 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
I love this car plain and simple. The car weight distribution is so even its crazy for a 4wd. The quality of the build blows away the rc10b5m I built the prior year. Everything is just smooth and the individual bags for the sections in the manual make it a breeze. Nothing left to figure out and just was fun to build.

This car has great control and the engineering is just a treat to witness. Saddle pack or shorty is really your only debate.

Electronics are a tight packed situation but I was able to comfortably fit a Novak pulse v2 in my build with little issue ( it looks like a shortly can still fit behind it ). My only suggestion would be if you get something like the large pulse v2 mount it with the wired side against the belt housing. If you mount it the other way the motor wires will be pressing up on the left side of the car body.

The wire management is gorgeous on the car other than the motor wire tight fit. There is a channel behind the motor for wires to go under the servo. I channeled my temp, rpm, and receiver wires through here. You will need a micro receiver or put one on its side.

The car is a champ... oh and save yourself the wait and buy the Lunsford titanium turnbuckle for this car. The stock turnbuckles are ugly and super heavy.
Ryan C
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 12 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
Went together flawlessly! TLR Always makes a well made kit. All the problems in the earlier production kits have been solved (front hinge pins). The car definitely meets the high standards set by the xx-4.
dan villio
Average Rating: 5
Wednesday, Jun 1 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
I've owned every wheeler on the market I mean even academy Kyosho hot bodies AE Yokomo & previously disappointing 4wd Losi 4wd's but out of every 4wd I've had, this car is the best handling 4wd I ever owned.. I highly recommend the 22-4 family of wheelers.. The steering was amazing.. It was good on any surface.. Now I left Losi & been running them since the release of the LXT, after the release of 22 3.0 & the 22-4 2.0 & the new Losi 1/8 scales.. I see myself coming back to Losi due to this car.. The release of the 22-4 2.0 is what is bringing me back.. I love how Losi comes with a lot of quality .. Aluminum.. They to me need no upgrades unlike every other kits that needs $300 in upgrade parts.. I will be buying the 2.0 very soon..
Peter Watson
Average Rating: 5
Sunday, Jan 17 2016 (about 3 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
I have owned a number of race buggies through the years including the original Losi XX4 which I always have respected.
The 22-4 is indeed an upgrade for modern power and precision. Very reliable, fast and quiet! A sweet machine. The buggy market at large is showing the power of belt drive. TLR had it right the whole time!! Awesome machine with great handling!
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Sunday, Aug 9 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
Excellent quality from TLR - great build, drives amazing. Awesome all around!
I can't recommend this car highly enough.
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 7 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
First I want to say that the 10mm hexes in bag h are to use b44 front wheels, very cool that they include those, but would have been better had I known before I gave away 2 brand new sets after I sold my 44.3. And second, I didn't realize that, to get a shorty pack to sit flat on the chassis you might have to grind the chassis a little, but I got lucky, I had a trakpower shorty with 5mm plugs, it has that notch around the plugs top and bottom (looks like the protek w/ 5mm plugs might be similar but not sure), so it just happened to fit like a glove after I noched out the plastic side rail. Other than that I would say a great build, not perfect, but very very good. Love all the laser etching in the metal parts, looks very cool and useful with measurements and such. Everything else I would say has already been covered in the other reviews. Love it, any of these high quality buggies are perfectly capable in the right hands, just comes down to personal preference.
Zachary Ogdahl
Average Rating: 5
Wednesday, Jul 30 2014 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
i recently was given a kit as a gift and i love it. its a super quick build. i put it together in between heat races at the local track and i drove it before closing time. it felt much more locked in than my b44.2. many people at the track complain that they are weak and break easily. i have yet to break a single part on this car and i have had it for over a month now. my only complaint with the car is that it is a tight fit for electronics in this car when using saddle packs. this can be alleviated by using a shorty pack. the quality of the components and the overall car has made me consider buying the 22 2.0 as well.
nicolas wightgarfield
Average Rating: 5
Tuesday, Jul 1 2014 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
This is my first 4wd 1/10 scale buggy and I cant say enough about it, It drives like a dream right out of the box. The only issue I had was the front hinge pins snapping but losi has solved that by getting rid of the set screw grooves and making the shaft solid and using a nut to hold it in. Since changing those out I haven't had a single issue. I have seen the issues the others guys are talking about with the gears stripping but I haven't personally had that problem the only time I seen it was someone put the wrong pitch pinion in and it stripped the gear and it continued stripping other gears and belts.
jason christie
Average Rating: 5
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jun 22 2014 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
After getting worked by a friends 22-4 I drove a few laps with his and I was sold. The build is great, real quick and easy, the shocks are the best 1/10 i have ever built, the balls diffs are real smooth and easy to build. I was somewhat worried about the durability of the kit because of reviews I have read, but a day at the track proved it was plenty durable enough for me, no broken parts or any issues. The car is very planted and has a ton of grip, it is very easy to drive.... Box stock, the kit drives like a dream, with a little tuning it will be a beast.
Ken Wengler
Average Rating: 4
Friday, Dec 5 2014 (about 4 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
I have had this kit built for several months now and I love it. The building of the kit was time consuming, (which I wanted) but went together very well and generally speaking I think it is well designed and built. It was down for a couple of months waiting for a replacement set of Thunder Power saddle pack batteries which went bad way to quickly. This buggy is FAST and VERY quiet and drives beautifully. I am relatively new at this Buggy/Truck/Rock Crawler business so I am very far from being good at it but it is so much fun you quickly get addicted to this whole line of RC racing.
My only complaint/comment so far is the front suspension arms which I broke one of after hitting a wall pretty hard and I have been unable to find an aluminum up-grade for this Losi 22-4.
I have built 1 Team Associated B-5 kit, 1 Tamiya Land Cruiser Rock Crawler kit, this kit and another Losi SCTE 2.0 kit. They are all great kits but I like the Losi's kits best so far.
I feel quite strongly that most of the problems other people have complained about in the drive train is due to NOT being assembled and adjusted properly. That does take some time to do properly.
Lamont Acoff
Average Rating: 4
Friday, Mar 14 2014 (about 5 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
Very nice kit so far, except for a few issues. The wing that comes with the kit is made for the losi 22, not the 22-4. Calling Losi support was great, they sent another body/wing but this too has the same wing. So you will have to modify the wing to fit. Also, only after a few test runs the rear diff toothed pulley actually broke. While running the car around my kitchen the car lost power. The rear wheels were free spinning. After disassembling the rear diff, the entire inner race was broken and melted. I did use the black grease, but it just failed. Another call to Horizon/Losi, and they are sending me the diff balls and gears, but it is disappointing.

Overall, I was looking forward to building and enjoying this kit. I did order the aluminum bell crank and steering components from Amain, as there service and prices are great. But, I did initially think that Losi would have put move attention to detail and durability in this kit.
Luke Seo
Average Rating: 3
Friday, May 9 2014 (about 5 years ago)
Team Losi Racing 22-4 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit
I have same issue that rear diff pulley is broke with in 30 minutes drive.
I open the rear diff assembly and it was totally broke between inside and out side of pulley gear.
Diff screw is very easy to broke when assembly front and rear diff system.
Very disappointed.
Sorry Losi, Good effort but failed engineering.