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Marvin R Lyman
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Mar 19 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Integy Complete Alloy Front Axle (Green)
I'd like to re do my opinion on these axles... okay... what is written is true... yet, I found if I put loc-tight on all the screws that became loosened, and greased all the bearings& gears, swapped the long extensions from the rear axle to the front, and tightened all the screws on the entire assemblies... I got these to work... my issue was, when I spend $90.00 some odd dollars on an axle assembly... I expected it to be worth the $90.00.. I did not expect to have to modify it at all... so buyers be warned... these are like real axles... you have to make them the way you want them, after you buy them.