Reviews for Team Durango DEX410 "V4" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit [TDR102030]

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tony Flick
Verified Owner
Monday, May 12 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V4" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
What a great kit! Its been by far the coolest and most enjoyable kit ive built in along time! Its nice that every screw is a metric screw, no switching from metric to standard(losi). They did a swell job on packaging the parts and i only was missing one part. The one part i was missing was the pivot ball for the rear hinge pins (only one ball), so i took some landing skid bumpers off a align trex 450 and they worked great (also took out all of the play without any binding issues). The instructions were top notch, very easy to follow. Lets talk about the quality of the parts, they were great! Every single part on this was top notch quality. The durability of the car has been great, i always worried about how people complained about durangos being fragile but they are dead wrong! Under normal bashing and racing its been great, but if your going to go full speed into a wall or a pipe or another car somethings going to break. Under normal track use and abuse the durability was top notch. Box stock setup has been great, i was easily keeping up with everyone, needs some twerking but overall was great. Now lets talk cost, WOW you can not beat the price! For the money i spent im happy i did, its such a great price. Their is a very tight space for electronics but with the right understanding of how to run your wires you'll be fine, also im using a spektrum 3 channel dsm2 receiver and to get it to fit i took it out of its case (Pictures will be posted on ultimaterc). GUYS, you will not be disappointed!
bry blackburn
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 26 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V4" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Awesome kit I love team durango until the part u break is backordered for Months everywhere and team Durangos customer services is horrible better yet they have no customer service!! No contact info and they do not respond to email!!
jason pelster
Monday, Mar 24 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V4" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
This kit is great. The only downsides being the cramped chassis which makes laying out your electronics extremely difficult and battery storage isn't the best. But if your patient and a little creative you can work everything in there. The plus sides are the gear diffs, big bore shocks and that the drive line runs through the center of the car and when u run saddle packs it makes the car really balanced. the car handles extremely well even with the stock setup. Overall I'm happy with my decision to go with the durango and am seeing more at the local track
Wednesday, Nov 11 2015 (11 months ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V4" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
This is my favorite buggy in the class. I own this and a 22-4 currently and the losi handles great but the Durango has a slight edge IMO. The gear diffs put the power down better than ball diff equipped buggies. Love the Durango.
David Thompson
Sunday, Oct 18 2015 (about a year ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V4" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Let's start by saying this car is awesome. It's very narrow which leads to it being extremely nimble. It accelerates quickly and provides tons of steering. Perhaps a little bit too much depending on the setup. It is extremely easy to work on compared to most of the 4WD buggies out there. I've owned the TLR 4WD buggies, and worked on the B44 series for others quite a bit. I now have the D413 from Hot Bodies and although it's a great car it doesn't compare in terms of easy maintenance with the DEX410. I write this review after having owned the DEX410v3 and having upgraded most of it to V4 parts. I've sold this car now however I wouldn't mind having a new one to be honest :) The unfortunate achilles heal is probably that this car is a bit fragile. You'll probably break a few shock towers and also the front arms. Breaking front arms is also pretty common with 4WD buggies like this unfortunately. Running shock tower protectors helps and doing whatever you can to lighten the car also helps. I'd also suggest running plastic spacers on the suspension instead of alum to provide some "give" on impact. If someone were to make more durable suspension arms this car might be unstoppable. Thanks Amain for supporting my Durango habit and now my D413 and Kyosho habit :)