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Dan "GigaWatt" G.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 13 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
I highly recommend this platform for 4wd 1/10th scale racing. I owned the 410R as well, and for the budget minded- it is a great platform with only a few weaknesses. This new V3 has new wheel hexes (you can run the pins if you want to use the older style wheel) and more room for electronics. While there is more room, it is still very cramped. I have the Tekin RS Pro and Spektrum mini RX and it's still a very tight fit. Granted, it's better than the previous version, but not by much. The new shocks are very, very nice. This buggy is nearly as stable as an 1/8th scale and soaks up bumps well, jumps well and has a ton of steering. I've gone through a couple sets of slipper outdrive bearings, but other than that I've had zero failures. On the last version I lost a rear diff but after equal (if not more) track time, this version's diffs are hanging in there. Overall the improvements over the last version are few but significant and in my opinion, this thing outperforms all the other current 1/10th 4wd offerings. The saddle pack configuration provides a very low CG and allows the chassis to be very narrow and balanced. Having said that, the packs are very difficult to get in and out. My suggestion is to purchase a pack which allows you to charge at a high C rating so you can cycle the pack between heats. On most race days, I run 3 heats and a main without ever taking the pack out, just charging between rounds. You could remove them and replace them with a charged pack, but it's a pain and it puts stress on the rear output of the slipper/shaft. It's best just to eliminate that frustration if you can, and run a single saddle pack all day (IMHO). Performance wise, this buggy is really incredible, it's well worth putting up with some of the frustrations that the design causes, because those design choices are the ones that really allow the platform to deliver like no other on the track.
jason christie
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 12 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
I purchased this kit right after Christmas and it was an amazingly beautiful build. The design is like none other. Buy it, spend time assembling it correctly and be very meticulous with the build and you will be rewarded. The car is very agile, stable and consistent on the track. It also reacts very well to setup changes. Also, being able to seal up the cvd's, shocks and diff out drives with the rubber boots is a big plus in my book.
Joseph B
Monday, Jul 2 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
This thing is awesome! Literally bulletproof. Bought mine right before Tower started getting all the Durango stuff. Amazing steering ability. Not based off a touring car and fragile like the AE. Purpose built from the ground up. The big bores are silky smooth, Losi BB springs are compatible. Don't let other reviews scare you. This thing is awesome. If Losi comes out with a new 4x4 it will be sweet. In the meantime this thing is king.
@Honest Racer
Sunday, Sep 8 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Don't get turned off by Honest Racers Review. A lot of people who build these kits have no idea what they are doing and just end up slapping it together, and expect it to hold up like a Short Course truck... But of course that's not the case. You have to take your time through the manual just like any other R/C kit. Durango also has some very useful online guides they link with their manual with some of the more involved building process such as diffs or shocks. The Durango is a great car, It's one of the fastest at the track and I rarely see a broken part.
Jared Oltmanns
Thursday, Oct 25 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
A breeze to assemble and drives and flies just like an 8th scale. Highly recommended.
Hism Ayyad
Sunday, Mar 4 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
I've owned the spec kit and the V3 is by far the best version so far. The bigger shock are a big plus also. I can't help to wonder why some people are having problems with the gears or set ups. If you follow the instructions and maintain the buggy you should have no problems. This buggy handles and reacts much better than the previous versions. Very competitive with the set ups from team Durango !
Honest Racer
Wednesday, Feb 1 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
I have raced all the current 4wd platforms...I had the previous version and am close with people that have the current one. This buggy is nothing but problem, and have yet to see one finish a race day and come away unscathed. Too many issues, chipping gears, hard to set gear mesh easily,Horrible slipper assembly, no room for electronics, unusual/frequent random failures, ball cups that never stay on being the usual issue and those were supposedly revised as well, and god forbid you have to get to your servo or servo saver assembly, that alone will take an hour or may cost you your race. The car drives well when it stays together, and to be honest pins shooting out into your lipos is not something to look forward to. And Ive seen it time and time again. Dont be fooled by all these "new" advancements dressed up in "quality" marketing schemes. You need too many things to make this thing work right. I dont care how many people disagree. At my track, which is filled with sponsored guys from top brands....yes even Durango, we are all well aware of how unreliable the platform is...That said Id rather run their 2wd if you must run durango and look elsewhere for a better 4wd platform. That said Id look into possibly a Kyosho FS2 SP, Schumacher sx3 or wait for Losi to come out with their new ride. The 2 I mentioned before are extremely well made platforms and are bulletproof. They outperform the rest and are fast if not faster than any Rango Ive seen and the results Ive seen speak for themselves. I know many will reply and attack this post, but Im merely warning the newbies out there and even the more experienced guys out there that I did own this car and it took forever and a day to get it to work without failures and STAY together. All you will do is wrench, and wrench and wrench...till your fingers bleed. Hope this reaches the right ears, because this car is the biggest scam in RC history. 2 stars, and I only added the 2nd because it might work well for those who decide to wrench day in and day out to MAKE it work.
Friday, Aug 9 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX410 "V3" 1/10 Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit
I purchase the DEX410Rv3 from my LHS and have spent a ton (more than twice as much) to upgrade each part necessary for it to become the full DEX410v3 (should've just bought the DEX410v3 instead). However, again like another review said, when it works and stays together it's fantastic. I can admit to spending more time fixing it than enjoying it. I later ended up just upgrading nearly every aluminum aftermarket part available aside from the chassis, just to keep it working. If you upgrade the crown gears to the machined versions then theres no more gear chipping. As of now, with all the additional upgrades it's solid, but I've spent at least $1k in addition to to kit to get it there with parts to spare. In the TC circuits Im an Xray fan and have been eager to purchase the XB4 but it had some issues as well. They're supposedly fixed with included upgrades but I'll wait. Maybe they will soon be an all new DEX410v4 that's solid!!!