Team Durango DEX408 V2 1/8 Competition Electric Buggy Kit

Team Durango
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This is the Team Durango DEX408 V2 1/8 Competition Electric Buggy Kit. The DEX408v2 refines the power and performance of the world famous DEX408, taking the performance of the platform to the next level. Precision engineering and world class design innovations have been combined to produce the ultimate electric powered 1/8 racing buggy. This custom designed 1/8 electric buggy will delivers a wide range of handling characteristics combined with precision tuning options out of the box! The DEX408v2 provides an awesome amount of tuning options to allow for a completely custom setup no matter what the track conditions are. Boasting redesigned rear end geometry settings and super-smooth precision shock absorbers, this buggy will deliver unrivaled handling characteristics alongside Team Durango's world-recognized durability. The DEX408v2 is engineered to win straight out of the box.


  • Hard Anodized Chassis: The hard anodized aluminum chassis provides the perfect platform for this 1/8 thoroughbred electric buggy. Strong, super-durable and machined to incorporate precision hardware mounting holes, the DEX408v2 will perform consistently.
  • 16mm Big Bore Shocks: 16mm big bore shocks are at the heart of the DEX408v2's ability to handle the most extreme track conditions. Combining rugged anodized aluminum construction with silky smooth shock shafts and a dual tapered piston assembly, the DEX408v2 will soak up the jumps and lay down the traction.
  • Bulkheads: Machined aluminum bulkheads and suspension hangers not only provide unrivaled strength on the track, they also ensure secure and reliable hardware, no matter how often you strip and re-assemble your DEX408v2.
  • Shock Towers: High quality hard anodized aluminum shock towers give the DEX408v2 the ability to withstand the big jumps and race hard and fast when the action gets tough. Incorporating a wide range of updated rear shock and rear camber link adjustments, your DEX408v2 can be perfectly tuned as the racing conditions change.
  • Tapered Angled Hole Pistons: The unique tapered, angled hole shock pistons will give your DEX408v2 super smooth suspension action and the ability to fine tune the handling characteristics with a simple change of shock oil.
  • Lighter Diff Gears: Lighter composite diff gear parts will assist in transferring the brushless power efficiently while reducing rotating mass of the the differential assemblies.
  • Updated Drivetrain Geometry: The DEX408v2 now benefits from revised drivetrain geometry that includes a straighter rear diff output assembly for increased driveshaft efficiency and reduced friction. Combine this with the already race proven ultra smooth internal diff gears and you can be certain that the DEX408v2 is designed to be as smooth as it is fast.
  • Redesigned Dual Position Rear Hubs: The dual position rear hub carriers give the option of creating different rear end handling characteristics in seconds. Position one will provide higher traction during cornering, with position two providing a more progressive cornering action on surfaces with high traction.
  • Redesigned Rear Suspension Arms: The rear suspension arms not only give the DEX408v2 amazing bump handling characteristics, they also form the basis of a redesigned rear end geometry with an ultra low rear diff and adjustable rear roll center settings for improved weight transfer in low traction environments.
  • Shock Adjustment Nuts: Aluminum shock adjustment nuts allow for precise ride-height and shock pre-load settings in seconds.
  • Multiple Link Adjustments: Multiple front and rear camber link adjustments, combined with upper and lower shock absorber settings, provide you with a buggy that can be 'dialed' into any track in minutes.
  • Hook & Loop Battery Straps: Your battery packs get a snug and secure fit with custom hook & loop straps. The DEX408v2 will easily accommodate ROAR legal cells with the flexibility of increasing your power capacity and battery size as you get faster on the track. This custom battery retention system will take cells that measure up to 35mm in height.
  • Lightweight ESC & PT Trays: The precision designed ESC and PT tray are manufactured from super durable and lightweight composite material. These items will provide a safe and easy access location for your essential electrical components.
  • Adjust & Develop: All racers will agree that having a host of tuning options makes setting your buggy up in different conditions fast and easy. Team Durango now provide an optional custom anti-roll bar set, shock spring tuning options and specially designed aluminum option parts to allow you to bring advanced Team Durango racing science to your pit table.
  • More Racing, Less Wrenching: Durango has achieved global recognition for their quick-release easy-access front and rear diff access. The DEX408v2 provides time saving, maintenance friendly servicing to keep you racing more and wrenching less.
  • Center Driveshaft Circlips: Super-durable 'fit and forget' driveshaft components are included that incorporate Durango's ultra-secure clip fitting.
  • Hex Hardware: Hex screw hardware throughout not only gives a safe and secure fitment for your vehicle construction, but makes working on your DEX408v2 fast and trouble-free.
  • Power on Demand: The DEX408v2 has a custom-designed aluminum motor mount that will accept all traditional 1/8 brushless motors up to 75mm long with ease.
  • Aggressive Looks, Sculpted by Science: The DEX408v2 benefits from a distinctive body shell style that will turn heads in the pits and assist with handling on the track. Advanced aerodynamic styling combined with enough space to fit your electrical components make the DEX408v2 body shell the perfect complement to a buggy that clearly means business. The DEX408v2 will generate the maximum down force on the track thanks to a scientifically engineered rear wing. Constructed from high-quality, flexible composite material, this wing brings unrivaled stability to your buggy when every racing line counts.
  • Slim-Line, Race Defined: A 1/8 buggy with a slim silhouette? Team Durango bring their already proven ultra-slim chassis design to the world of 1/8 electric buggy racing. The durable composite side-pods not only provide amazing side impact durability, but also assist with creating extra space for fitting transponder and electrical equipment in a buggy that loses no marks for being a slim-line racing machine.

Length: 15.9" (405mm)
Width: 11.9" (302mm)
Wheelbase: 12.8 - 13.1" (325 - 333mm)
Internal Gear Ratio: 3.31:1
Weight: Approx 119.9oz (3400g) - varies with chosen components

Needed to Complete:

  • 2-channel Radio System w/high-torque steering servo
  • 1/8 scale Motor/ESC
  • Paint for Polycarbonate Body
  • (2) 2S LiPo Batteries and LiPo charger
  • (4) 1/8th Scale Buggy Tires, Wheels and CA Glue
  • Differential Fluid
  • Shock Fluid

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Kevin Collier
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 25 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX408 V2 1/8 Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Been the owner of a rc8.2e, mugen mbx6 and 7, kyosho MP9 and this car is the best I have had. Went together like a dream, very clear instructions and the quality of parts are very good (spares are one if the cheapest too) Can't complain as this car has it all build quality, durability (of the MP9) and fully customisable to any track. This car make me look like a champ, jumps like a dream!!!

You can't go wrong...)
Michael Mcghee
Sunday, Jan 19 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX408 V2 1/8 Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Went together without any fuss whatsoever. Top notch quality, and very nice changes, can't wait to race it.)
George Abou Sleiman
Monday, Jun 2 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX408 V2 1/8 Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Must be the most balanced buggy ever. Jumps like a dream evrytime and without any effort. Love the details and quality of built.)