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Shane France
Sunday, Jul 14 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated T4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck
Wow I gotta say for an RTR this one is fantastic, I went with the RTR instead of the Factory Team because of funds and starting costs, didn't want to strip any electronics out of my others because they are all raced and wanted to get this one running right away, and let me tell ya I am in no way disappointed, first I thought the steering servo wouldn't be adequate and it does just fine, not as good as a higher end one but keeps up with responses just fine and its an XP too, Second the new reedy 3300 KV if FAST and moves the T4.2 RTR quite impressively, would be better if it was sensored but hey its a RTR, The S/C I have to say is very impressive, for a RTR and it comes with a S/C with adjustable braking, drag brakes, run modes, reverse cut out, WOW, only thing that may not be liked is the reverse, its not instantaneous, its just like the SAFE BRAKE of TEKIN speed controllers, you have to hold the brake for a few seconds release and then reverse, but doesn't bug me cause reverse isn't allowed in races anyways. What can I say, for a RTR this is keeping up with all factory team editions, 22t's and durangos at the track and its an RTR, Even the tires hook up fairly good, but will have to be changed due to the track for sure, but if your on a budget and want to get into the fun of racing stadium truck, this is the one to get. sure theres little things that can be improved on but that's the fun of this sport, modifying, the body is the first thing I changed just so I could have my own colour scheme and I went with the proline bulldog
vince thomas
Friday, Jan 23 2015 (about a year ago)
Team Associated T4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck
Good RTR for the money. I used my own radio and receiver so I don't know how good the supplied radio is. The truck handled good right out of the box. It jumped good and landed level. I flipped it a couple of times going over big jumps, and nothing broke. Probably not that great for bashing, but good for cheap fun racing if you can get a class of these going.
tyler franklin
Wednesday, Jan 27 2016 (8 months ago)
Team Associated T4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck
well. i got this car last Christmas and it was great the first day. ran very good just to impressed with 23mph out of the box. the second day i brought it to SRS, and things started going worse. servo stripped which is the first problem, second a ball cup broke, and third the dumb horns included would not fit on my hitec. anyway that was jus the beginning. now its dialed in for SRS with a full sensored setup and savox. i since just got the t5m and its much fancier than this. but if you want a good rtr vehicle that can compete at a local club level and you don't have the big bucks to get a factory team vehicle, than i think that this is a great starting point for racing, heck, this was what got me into racing
Alex Chen
Saturday, Dec 21 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated T4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck
LOL That's because RTR junk is made of different materials stronger and lighter in only the right places that need them. The rest is either graphite, lightweight molded plastic, alloys, or carbon fiber. Now the chassis is great but yes Associated anything below 1/8 is very VERY fragile....but their target is for skilled racers not speed haulers and bashers. Both racers and bashers spend equal amounts of money either trying to go faster for better lap times or the basher adding more titanium, new extended titanium chassis, suspensions, even better plastics....can't please everyone but part of r/c fun is rebuilding and modding to learn. I got bored moved on to guns but I still keep a few favs around...
Dan - PA
Wednesday, Jul 3 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated T4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck
I am pretty seasoned when it comes to RC and I've had my fair share of kits. Currently run a TLR 22 and some F1 cars with a club who runs an indoor carpet track. I bought this truck to bash with the kids outside - my cars are setup for carpet racing and I have a lot of money in them. I needed something that I could allow the kids to run and not be pulling out my hair when they'd crash or drop the transmitter. I can honestly say that the RTR version of the T4.2 is junk. The radio and the electronics included with it are terrible. The Radio should have been binded out of the box. The truck is really twitchy and the light on the radio was blinking (supposed to be solid green). Figured it couldn't have been binded correctly. Tried binding it for at least an hour... no luck. The reverse on the speed controller is supposed to be a two stage, kicking in only after the pulse from the brake is gone. It may activate once every 10 flips of the radio trigger. The slipper clutch was shipped to ridicuolusly loose. Couldn't even drive it on the carpet without it slipping so much that is constantly whined. You should be able to hold the back tires while applying throttle and have the front tires life off the table an inch or two. That's how I have my Losi cars set up. No such luck... the adjustment nut is fully screwed in and I'm still slipping far too much... UGH. Really frustrating for a brand new item. If you absolutely have to have the T4.2 buy in in a kit version and purchase your own electronics. The RTR's slipper is terrible and the electronics are worthless - opt for the Team version or buy a 22T.
Salvatore Re
Tuesday, Aug 6 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated T4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck
I own the t4.1 and it is a piece of garbage. Nearly every part have broken. I'm 23, not 14 and I treat things I own like I treat a small baby. Even things I couldn't break running the car at a CARPET track broke. Such as the gear diff and the servo stripped out. I have spent the value of this car in replacement parts. Every time I drove it something would go wrong. I can NOT see the t4.2 being any improvement from the t4.1 and I would recommend buying the kit, if you decide to buy team associated at all. It's unfortunate that they leave out all the quality parts in the RTR version. The only place this car would be suitable is on an open paved parking lot or a large flat dirt field. And that is seriously all the "off road" that this rc car could handle.