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Chris Elena
Monday, Mar 9 2015 (about a year ago)
Team Associated SC10 RTR Brushless 2WD Short Course Truck (Lucas Oil)
I have a stable full of these and they are impressive trucks. I have one, my father has one, my son has one, and my daughter does as well. We are racers only, I have been nothing but pleased with these trucks. Really solid starting point for a racer. The only difference between the trucks are the cosmetics of the body, so there is no advantage to getting the monster energy edition vs. the pro comp one, etc. under the body shell they are all exactly the same. The racespec editions are definitely worth the up charge from the standard sc10, including a powerful brushless motor with esc and a hex wheel front and rear. It also has some other minor touches like a race worthy battery strap. Really easy to drive right out of the box. TON of aftermarket support to customize and tune your truck. Very easy and straight forward to work on. Very durable. Some things to note are as follows. The ball cups on the rear have a habit of popping off, especially if you race on a hard packed clay track and come down off a jump sideways. This causes the dog bone drive shaft to fling out of your truck. Make sure when you have a crash like this you check for that driveshaft on the ground somewhere nearby. The best fix for this is to convert the rear turnbuckles to captured ball ends like what is found on the sc10 4x4. The diff comes packed with black grease, a much better option is to fill the diff with silicone diff fluid, and this also allows you to tune the diff as well with different weight oils. A big weak point that should be addressed before you even drive this truck is that the rear axles use a rolled steel pin to transfer energy to the drive hub from the drive axle. Ditch these immediately and upgrade to the factory team ones, they are only a couple of dollars and I have yet to break one as they are solid steel instead of a rolled pin. I have broken the stock ones several times. Solid truck and a fantastic way to get into racing!
Jeremy Albert
Verified Owner
Sunday, Nov 22 2015 (11 months ago)
Team Associated SC10 RTR Brushless 2WD Short Course Truck (Lucas Oil)
This is my first RC Truck since I was a kid and when I realized how advanced the sport has become I wanted something that was ready to go when I came back to the hobby. People see me driving this at the track and always comment how smooth it jumps and attacks the corners. As a novice driver I know that mostly the car at this point so I definitely recommend this truck for anyone looking for a RTR vehicle. You're going to spend more then some other RTRs, but its well worth it. Make SURE to get a front chassis brace by RPM, the front is not very reinforced and you can end up with a cracked chassis if you floor it into a wall. Everything else is good to go out of the box.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 4 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated SC10 RTR Brushless 2WD Short Course Truck (Lucas Oil)
By far one of my favorite trucks. And one of my fastest.Running 2s lipo 4200mah does the job