Team Associated SC10 4x4 Factory Team 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Short Course Race Truck Kit

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This is the Team Associated SC10 4x4 Factory Team 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Short Course Race Truck Kit. Starting with the already awesome SC10 4x4, Team Associated takes their 4WD short course truck to the next level with the full Factory Team treatment! The high-performance features found on the SC10 4x4 Factory Team kit have been designed to give this truck the competitive edge in the dirt and on the track.

The SC10 4x4 Factory Team kit is built from the same race-proven composite modular chassis but with a variety of upgraded features added. The chassis layout has been reconfigured and now features a centralized-mass battery mount. This allows for the use of a saddle pack battery to optimize the weight distribution of the chassis. With the addition of the Factory Team carbon fiber chassis brace rod, the chassis flex has been made more consistent and predictable for an overall improvement in handling and traction.

One of the more radical features on the SC10 4x4 Factory Team kit is the VTS4 slipper clutch, a variable torque, multi-plate slipper clutch with 4 drive surfaces. The VTS4 slipper clutch is a big step up in performance by providing increased torque capacity in addition to finer resolution in adjustment. This all adds up to more consistent power transfer to the ground.

The SC10 4x4 Factory Team Kit has also received the upgrades you would come to expect to find in a full-blown "Factory Team" Kit. You’ll find Factory Team 13mm hard-anodized aluminum big-bore threaded shocks, blue aluminum clamping wheel hexes, sway bar sets and much more already in the box!


  • VTS4 slipper (variable torque, multi-plate slipper with 4 drive surfaces)
  • 13mm hard-anodized aluminum big-bore threaded shocks with low friction
  • seals
  • Factory Team TiN-coated shock shafts and inner hinge pins
  • Centralized-mass battery mount with carbon-fiber strap
  • Factory Team carbon-fiber chassis brace rod
  • Improved steering rack with new Ackermann settings
  • Factory Team blue aluminum clamping wheel hex adapters
  • Factory Team front and rear sway bar sets included
  • Factory Team blue titanium HD turnbuckle set
  • CVA drives with 6mm heavy-duty axles and captured pins
  • Factory Team lightweight differential outdrives
  • Factory Team blue aluminum metric screw set
  • SC10 Contender body (clear)
Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length: 550mm
Width: 293mm
Wheelbase: 327mm
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.57:1

Final weight will vary with the actual electronics and tires used.

This product was added to our catalog on March 23, 2012.

Sean Williams
Friday, Jan 18 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated SC10 4x4 Factory Team 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Short Course Race Truck Kit
To be honest at first I really didn't like this truck. Very hard to setup and just seemed like I was always fighting the thing to work properly. But I will say now that this by far is the most responsive car I have driven. First tip is follow the set up sheets on team associated web page then from there you can fine tune the car for your driving style. Also I found adding weight to this car only makes it work better. I have driven the losi scte as well as owned one and where they do have there advantages I prefer this car. The Cornering is insane and the car feels now like is just waiting for me to point it in the right direction not like I'm waiting for it to catch up. The only thing I have struggled with is the suspension it works well but I put a pair of losi shocks on it out of the scte and it seemed way more planted I am going to be buying the mip bypass1 kit for it to see if I can the ae shocked where I like them. Great car recommend it to racers who want a very reliable and responsive car.)
Eric Franz
Tuesday, May 29 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Team Associated SC10 4x4 Factory Team 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Short Course Race Truck Kit
First issue with this truck is the diffs when built according to the manual. The manual calls for .2mm shims under each of the sun gears on each side of the diff case. Not enough. Myself and 2 of my friends bought these for this racing season. All 3 of us lost the rear diffs on our 2nd week of racing. It's obviously something AE is aware of since they are sending out .5mm shims to replace the stock ones if you call them (As usual, I gotta give AE credit for taking care of "teething issues" with a new release vehicle). Bad part is that my diff gears were worn quite flat and they wouldn't replace those also, so that cost was on me. The design of the truck is a double edged sword. Built like a brick crap house, but not maintenance friendly. LOTS of wrenching to access the diffs or the steering servo. Good things are the high quality parts and plastics (front and rear arms are however, very soft), and enjoyable build. Like all AE vehicles, this vehicle requires a very controlled driver and smooth throttle and steering inputs or it'll be a beast to handle. Not a forgiving vehicle like other 4x4 corr trucks on the market. Potential for blistering performance is there as long as you're familiar with tuning and what all the adjustments do. Will not affect my rating, but if you plan on using a Tekin RX8 esc, you'll either have to remove a portion of the fan cage and not use the fan to fit it under the belt tunnel, or move it to the other side of the chassis and Dremel a few spots to drop it in. It will not fit otherwise. Based on performance potential, this truck would score an easy 5 stars. Just a few "issues" that made me score it as I did.)
Darren Eisenhardt
Sunday, Mar 31 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated SC10 4x4 Factory Team 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Short Course Race Truck Kit
This truck was my final choice after looking at everything that is offered and i'm glad I did, this thing is amazing and durable as it gets.)
Mark Kobelt
Sunday, Jun 10 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Team Associated SC10 4x4 Factory Team 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Short Course Race Truck Kit
The review above -- very helpful ,, contacted company and they said they would be sending me shims ~~~ wont use truck until they are fitted . Waiting as I'm in Australia. Build of truck enjoyable.)