Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR w/2.4GHz Radio System

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Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
Price: $829.99
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Team Associated RC8.2e RS 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy

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Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 27 2012 (about 9 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
Brilliant speed and handling for a ready to run buggy.

I already own a B4.1 RTR and I built a B44 with a Tekin 6.5t, but wanted to see what all the fuss over 1/8 was all about. My local track is a large outdoor track that is often dry and very dusty off line and can be a bit rough on 1/10 scale buggies, but this beast is smooth as silk. First go on track I was landing all the jumps with ease and even had people compliment my driving, which I feel the buggy does most of the work :)

I have no problem with the buggy at all after running four 4s packs at the track and a couple decent crashes. I did previously read that the steering servos are a weak point so I have a spare for when/if the stock one decides to stop working, but all seems fine for now. For track use the 2000kv motor on 4s is plenty powerful to clear jumps and to be honest the track is where a buggy like this belongs. I wont be bashing with mine, but it seems pretty sturdy and parts support is good so i don't see why it couldn't be bashed.

Just be sure to buy some spare tires as mine are toast after four packs, but the track I run is pretty abrasive when its dry.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 18 2013 (about 8 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
Very nice, very durable, but check screws and such. My first battery pack the esc came off the tape and was rubbing against the rear drive shaft, luckily nothing happened except for scuffed sticker. My 2nd battery pack I lost one of the steering block screws, when replacing it I noticed that one side, top and bottom had no thread lock (this is main reason for 4 stars). The thinner spring preload clips stretch and pop out so I only used the thicker ones, no problem. And this is a .2 so why is associated still putting the old style transmitter in this? I still feel this is a great buy.
Friday, Apr 5 2013 (about 8 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
This is an awesome durable...and so !@#$%^!! fast on the stock motor. Cartwheels after cartwheels..beatings after beatings...keeps on going. What have I broke...hmm...nothing yet.
But of course...screws tend to come loose now and then. Just perform your regular maintenance (checks screws) and you're good to go.
Servo doesn't last long...after about 15 servo wouldn't turn on one side. Popped in a Savox1256tg and it's back in action.
Tuesday, Sep 3 2013 (about 8 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
The buggy has great handling, jumps well and above all seem very durable unfortunely the electronics are not that great. All rtr have bad servos but the esc is no excuse, have to think about this before purchasing.
Monday, Mar 25 2013 (about 8 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
After seeing one of these run at my local track, and from driving my RC18B2, I knew I wanted an 1/8 buggy. I didn't order this from here but I wanted to write a review for it. I thought about nitro but decided to stay with electric. The 8.2e is a nice buggy so far. Before I ran it at the track though I had to remove a portion of the battery/esc tray because it pushes on the rear chassis brace. It may seem minor but it's not, mine had the brace pushed almost 1/4" from where it's supposed to bolt on the shock tower because of the part of the tray. This combined with hard impact to the rear of the vehicle can break the brace and bend the chassis. I also had a wheel fall off at the track and on the street (with Losi street tires), some blue loctite on the axle threads seems to have fixed this issue. On the track the front dogbone and the front gearbox input cup came off, not sure how but I took the car apart and loctite'd the front and rear set screws for the cups and it seems fine from what I can tell, but I haven't been able to take it to the track again yet. These are standard issues though for 1/8 scale RTR, you can't trust that the car is assembled perfectly from the factory, especially with the huge torque of the motor and 4s lipo. As far as handling and driving the car is amazing. After the first few laps with some flips and cased jumps, I was hauling around the track with ease and jumping everything cleanly. The stock radio is ok, I tightened up the wheel quite a bit and it's better. I also set the drag brake to zero on the ESC and set the throttle profile to very soft. This makes it more controllable. The servo seems to be holding up well with about 5 packs through it, but we'll see. One of the first things I did was put in a spare glitch buster I had around which IMO helps the servo out by not having the voltage drop from the receiver. It's quite a fast car on 4s, running the Eco Power 4100mah 35C Electron packs from here and I got 36mph on GPS without the battery even completely full. Powerful acceleration as well on any throttle profile setting. A kit is always better but you'll spend much more money. This is a good deal for what you get, and from my experience the stock electronics hold up well in my Associated vehicles.
Friday, Jan 11 2013 (about 9 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
I just picked this up from Christmas, would like to try Kyosho RTR or other, but since mainly AE or Losi here, I pick this RC 8.2e RTR.

It is actually a very nice machine! I have the RC8Be FT, this RTR isn't as quick, but still decent speed, great handling, very solid and good quality. $500 is pretty sweet deal, consider the FT roller is the same price!
Sunday, Aug 30 2015 (about 6 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
This buggy is fantastic! I had a couple small issues: the center diff leaked so I sealed it with a mugen gasket. Also lost the lower front steering bushing screw, so I lost the bushing as well. The little hingepin retainer screws backed out so they needed thread lock. I havent had anything break yet on this car despite some "oh f$!#" crashes and the electronics seem solid. The servo is suprisingly quick and strong and it has no problem cranking the wheels all the way when stopped. Motor is plenty fast on 4s and runs cool enough with no vent holes in the body.

The way 8.2e drives is probably my favorite attribute about it! Feels very planted and eats up the rough stuff with ease. I have run on a clay track with the only setup change being a tire swap and it is plenty nimble enough to make it around smoothly. The 8.2 is an awesome jumper! The nose likes to come down ever so slightly on the larger jumps, and that makes it perfect for hitting the downside smoothly. I've had lots of 1/10 sc trucks, both 2wd and 4x4, and the 8.2e is no comparison. It drives SO much smoother!
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 1 2013 (about 8 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
This buggy is great.I had been racing with it about 4 times now and with minor camber,and other little electronic tweaks, this is a contender. I was beating factory team cars and losi eights! Just throw on a set of racing tires and you got yourself a racer. This is durable too, there is a big double at the finish line that sends you about 15 feet high and the only thing I had happen when i landed wrong was the hinge pin pop, and you just have to slip it back in,no broken parts, The motor temps are low and so are the esc temps.i bought a pair of eco power 4s batteries and they charge and pefrom amazing. The only complaint would be a leakey center diff, just get some mugen seals and your good.....people were complaining about the servo but its fine for me. If you are looking for a buggy GET THIS!
Verified Owner
Monday, Dec 23 2013 (about 8 years ago)
Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR
This car is fast and it handles great. But every single thing breaks one after the other. I've blown out my diff. Broke an a-arm and the drive lines always slip out of place. I also dehubed one of the tires. And I have a blown out hub carrier. Wich I don't get how this stuff broke when I've drove it 4 times and haven't even crashed yet. And the center diff always leaks fluid. And the wheel nuts fall off every time you drive. I had to get jconcepts wheel nuts. This car breaks all the time and it's a waste of money. It has some really soft screws that will strip. and one screw was so tight from factory that it wouldent come out until I heated it. The only reason I give this car a 2 is because it's fast and handles good. But the thing besides that is garbage. Not only does this stuff break but it's not easy to work on. Worst team associated I've Owend