Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit

Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

This is the Team Associated RC8B3 Team 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit. To be competitive in the ultra competitive class of 1/8 scale nitro racing, manufacturers need to be willing to continually adapt and evolve their vehicles, or fall behind to obscurity. Knowing this fact well, the engineers of Area 51 designed the RC8B3 Team Kit to be a winner in every aspect, from the build, to maintenance, and ultimately, racing.

Completely designed from the ground up.
The RC8B3 starts with a hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis designed for optimum weight distribution, ground clearance, and better overall handling. As a result, the RC8B3 Team Kit changes directions faster, and is more compliant and stable in rough terrain.

World class suspension package.
The RC8B3 has received an updated suspension that features a pillow-ball front upright for maximum steering and durability. Refined 16mm Big Bore hard-anodized aluminum threaded shocks and 3.5mm alloy shock shafts provide plush suspension travel. The RC8B3 features precision universal drive shafts front and rear to keep suspension travel free through the entire stroke.

Designed to handle - built to win.
The RC8B3 was designed by 1/8 scale racers for 1/8 scale racers, and delivers high performance that will help put you on the podium.



  • Front suspension features pillow-ball uprights for increased adjustability and improved durability
  • Lightweight ring gears and optimized precision ball bearing sizing reduces drivetrain rotational mass for improved acceleration and fuel economy
  • Gearboxes feature a 3.38:1 internal gear ratio with fast access differentials for quick removal, tuning and maintenance
  • Six universal drive shafts for efficient drivetrain power delivery and ease of maintenance
  • Braking system features bonded pads and machined steel rotors for maximum braking force and reduced fade
  • 7075-T6 aluminum 16mm Big Bore threaded shocks with TiN coated 3.5mm shafts, larger diameter precision springs, and optimized bladders for more precise volume compensation
  • 7075-T6 aluminum shock towers front and rear feature finely tuned shock mounting and upper arm positions
  • Refined suspension geometry with lower hinge pin inserts for quick and easy roll center adjustments
  • Lightweight one-piece wing mounts feature height and forward positioning adjustment for more precise handling
  • Carbon fiber radio tray with sealed receiver box keeps dirt and debris from receiver
  • Large capacity fuel tank with floating clunk filter and optimized internal baffles keep fuel flowing in the most extreme conditions
  • Pro-Line RC8B3 clear body and Team Associated molded wing included

Power Source:
Terrain: Off-Road
Body Style: Buggy
Scale Size: 1/8 Scale
Assembly Level: Kit*
Length: 488mm (19.21in)
Width: Varies
Wheelbase: 327.5mm (12.89in)
Weight: Varies
Internal Gear Ratio: 3.38:1
Drive: 4WD
*This vehicle comes as a kit and must be fully assembled by the user. Electronics and/or an engine/motor may be required.

Needed To Complete:

  • .21 class rear exhaust engine
  • Tuned pipe system
  • 2.4GHz 2-channel radio/transmitter system with switch
  • 4.8-7.4V receiver battery pack: 1) either flat or hump style NiMH battery; 2) either 1600mAh LiPo or 2100mAh LiPo or 1700 LiFe battery recommended
  • Model car fuel (30% nitro recommended)
  • Fuel bottle
  • Glow igniter
  • Starter box
  • 1/8 scale buggy tires
  • 1/8 scale buggy wheels
  • CA (cyanoacrylic) glue
  • Polycarbonate-specific spray paint or polycarbonate-specific bottled paint and airbrush
  • Thread-locking compound
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Hobby knife
  • Reamer or hole punch for making holes in body
  • Ride height gauge
  • Steering servo
  • Throttle servo

This product was added to our catalog on July 8, 2015

Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 25 2015 (about 5 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
########## Totally Amazed #########
I am a die hard X-ray fan, found some recent quality issues with X-ray so decided to try something new.
Chose this kit worrying if it was a smart move or not, had many AE kits in the past and always didn't like them, don't know if it was the SAE hardware or just the way they drove, didn't enjoy the experience. so the kit arrived to the build, great all was great.(except for the trimming of all the plastic parts, this should be done for you in this environmentally friendly world now, I'm sure they can recycle the scrap off cuts)
finished the kit with no issues, come to set it up, one of the droop screws shatters but its ok close enough to use.
first race, with the factory set up and totally amazed with the handling, drive, everything, ran my first race and got a 2nd place finish, only 1 second of the first car.....
AE have done an amazing job with this car, change my opinion of the kits and drivability, problem is now do I buy the RC8B3e and replace my XB8-15e......
#set up was all from the instructions, just set up on a Hudy setup station # Novarossi KeepOff4 # Futaba Radio # Proline tyres # why change something that works.
Thanks for the read hope it helps in some way when spending this kind of money on a kit, I'm a self sponsored RC addict,
UPDATE 21-02-16
This car is amazing, changed out the engine for my year old FX and transformed the drive, smooth power delivery compared to the Nova, lap times increased, think the next update will be an O.S. bought the elec version and same totally blown away, leaps ahead of the X-ray, Mugen 7R, the truggy is on order when they arrive in stock, the durability is mind blowing, its had a full rebuild and to be honest a total waste of oil, not a single bearing had any issues, "My xray needed new bearings within a month"
ill keep updating when I get further on, I will do a durability test now, I will only complete a full rebuild after 12 race meetings, understand I live in Riyadh and race on our track in the desert, 50deg heat, sand like baby power, it sucks moisture from everywhere, 0% humidity.
only time will tell.
Amain need some extra tick boxes good and bad isn't enough, this would have a gold star if it where available.
Verified Owner
Monday, Jul 27 2015 (about 5 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
Honest review from a self sponsored sportsman level driver. I've owned a couple of the most popular 1/8 buggy's available. I've driven most. I can honestly say this buggy performs as well as every single one of them. The beauty of it though is it doesn't have that one trait that it just doesn't do as well as you would like. Some steer really well but lack rear traction. Some have rear traction but lack steering. This has none of the above. The RC8B3 has super smooth steering with some left over if you would like. No chassis weights needed here the buggy is hooked up.
1 day of practice at Revelation Raceway in Montclair, CA. Track is medium grip and bumpy, and the car was stuck first drive after build. 1/2 gallon later I had a race in Victorville, CA at Dialed In RC on a high bite track with a few large jumps and some tight corners after landings. The car was on the inside line the entire time. Suspension is a thing of beauty, the car lands extremely well even if you overshoot landings. Definitely durability tested this thing off of the big triples. Took TQ and win at my first race with the buggy.<-----Doesn't happen very often. The car is just extremely easy to drive.
Build went as expected with easy to follow instructions and labeled bags that made things simple. A few tight fitting components such as the a-arm end caps and the hinge pin adjustment inserts. Had to tap these in with a hammer. A bit frustrated with that part of the build. Tore down to clean and inspect for the race and these components came out and went back in by hand without the use of the hammer. I noticed after my first qualifier I had a tank that was leaking fuel. It seems that when the tank lid is opened the springs press into the tank and put a hole in it. Went over to the AE tint to ask about the leaky tank and they replaced it for free. Also Cody Numedhal's dad provided me with another pro tip. Bend the ends of these springs up so the tip doesn't press into the tank. No issues since. Over all I couldn't be happier with my decision to go back to Team Associated and I am looking forward to a very good year of racing with this kit.
Monday, Mar 6 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
Not that good of a car. Maybe for the price buy every singe thing breaks on it. not durable at all, hinges come loose, diffs strip out, not a fan of associated at all. get a kyosho you will me very impressed.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 18 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
Read before you buy a RC8B3/ RC8B3e! This kit comes with inferior differentials (V1) compared to the T3 kit that has the V2 differentials. You will have to spend upwards of a $100 extra to have updated diffs in your car/kit. I just purchased this kit last month and didn't know they had released the V2 upgrade for the T3 only. I called AE customer service today and found out I will in fact have to pay $100 if I want the new diff's that will not give me problems in the future. So, you might want to keep that in mind before purchasing this kit.

I really like Team Associated, I've purchased a lot of their products over the years and hate to make this review. I've always heard great things about their customer service ,but this is my first time dealing with them myself. So, this kit will end up costing me $649.00 when I add the extra $100 to not have inferior differentials in my B3.
Friday, Oct 21 2016 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
ROY Mar OBVIOUSLY shouldn't be looking at these kits... LOL
Monday, May 11 2015 (about 6 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
Yeah,it is a nice buggy.I was wondering when Associated was going to come with a New Buggy,I was going to get the old one,but when I got the money to get it,they stop sell it.but I got to have it.guy.i have the Kyosho tki3 .i love it.
Monday, May 11 2015 (about 6 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
This buggy look's amazing!!!!!!
Can't wait to get it.
Tuesday, Jul 5 2016 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated RC8 B3 Team 1/8 4WD Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit
For the price of this Buggy..
engine ,Radio.servos,oil,batteries fuel and lots more are not included ?
how can you sell?