SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit

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This is the SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit. SWorkz developed the S104 EVO in conjunction with Atsushi Hara, using influence and materials from the EVO 1/8 buggy line to create a strong and well balanced car. The S104 EVO 4WD buggy features updated suspension geometry and redesigned big bore shocks to improve handling prowess, combined with an FCSS chassis, a 1/10 size X-system transmission with 3 oil filled gear differentials and pivot ball steering for a great balance of traction, steering and handling qualities.


  • SWorkz X-System transmission gear system
  • Redesigned Full Oil System Big Bore Shocks
  • Strengthend Carbon Fiber shock towers with Updated Geometry Shock Position
  • SWorkz F.C.S.S. with B.H.C. Chassis Design
  • Strengthened Arm Material with Updated Suspension Geometry
  • Redesigned Center Diff System
  • Aluminum Easy Fit for Motor Holder with Center Diff. Mount
  • 14mm Hex Wheel Hub system
  • Pivot Ball Steering System
  • Redesigned Adjustable Steering Plate and Bell Crank System

NOTE: Electronics, tires and painted body shown in photos are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included. See needed to complete list below for a full list of items required to complete the model.

Length: 385mm
Width: 248mm
Height: 158mm
Ground Clearance: 48mm
Wheelbase: 275-278mm
Track: F:223mm /R228mm
Gear Ratio: C:87T, F/R 42/17T
Weight: 1720g~1820g approx.

Needed to Complete:

  • 2 Channel Radio System
  • Motor & Electric Speed Control
  • Steering Servo
  • Wheels, Tires & CA Glue
  • Pinion Gear
  • Polycarbonate Paint for Body
  • 2S Shorty LiPo Battery Pack
  • Compatible Battery Charger 

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randy slagle
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 25 2015 (about 2 years ago)
SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
I have owned the s104 ek1 and used the ek1 with the performance chassis, loved that kit but thought it was missing something like the center diff and though the suspension on that kit was really good the steering had massive bump steer. to correct that kit and eliminate the bump steer I found that by flipping the steering ears from left to right and right to left and mounting them on the bottom of the knuckle corrected the bump steer but made the car twitchy.
well great news, the s104 evo with the new rack and shorter front shocks and redesigned geometry the car out of the box does not have any bump steer. also the center diff was the best improvement for this line of chassis. I run a speed passion MMM 5.5 with a shorty 5000mah 100c trinity battery and the car runs great. I used this same set up in the ek1 and felt it very twitchy to drive with the slipper.
lastly if you owned the ek1 you noticed the amount of spare parts that the kit came with, the evo does not , it only has 1 set of sway bars not 3 , it only has 1 spur gear( and this is the weak link of the kit as I did knock a few teeth off today) and there is no extra suspension parts like the ek1 came with or ball cups or arms. the EK1 parts to transfur over but the spur gear does not. the EVO does however come with a very nice 19 tooth pinion though.
now set up box stock is much much better with the EVO then the EK1, the only changes I made on the car was changed to the pink front springs and orange rear springs from the option parts I already owned from the EK1. also the EVO comes with 100k diff fluid for the center, I changed to 50k for the indoor medium high bite track. there is still some tweaking with the EVO I would like to do to really fine tune it but it is a lot less then I had to do with the EK1. for anyone buying this kit you will be very very happy, for anyone shopping for a kit and are looking at the b44 series or the 22-1 or even the hot bodies or kyosho, look no farther, the Sworkz s104 EVO is the one you want. this car is very balanced very easy to work on very easy to adjust and light but yet built like a brick shit house and just does not break . the spur gear that failed on me is a fluke and I do run a lot of hp and a loose gear mesh so do not judge my weak link to a bad kit. but please read the warning and if someone at A main can contact sworks to let them know about the manual that would be great.)
Cameron Neff
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 9 2015 (about 2 years ago)
SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
Let me start by saying...I'm a gas guy. I race proffesionally at almost ALL west coast events and will never stop. Now, that being said. Sometimes club racing can be a little "boring" running one class. So I opted to get a s104 Evo for two reasons. 1: kill some time between heats. 2: have the option of running indoor if my outdoor tracks are rained out.

Welllll boyyyy was I in for an awakening. Not only has his car made me start sighning up for big 1/10 races. But it's become my favorite car in my fleet. Imagine that! Just don't tell anyone I told ya...;)

Just buy this this. You won't regret it. From the perfect build, to the "e-buggy" type performance and ease of driving. You will NOT be dissapointed. I'm usually the last one running on track anyways,, this things so durable it outlasts all the (other) 4x4 wheelers. Now...if we could just get 12mm hexes!!)
Tomas Dankovcik
Tuesday, Jun 21 2016 (about a year ago)
SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
I've been driving sworkz for 2 years now and i have no regrets.. I've thought that ek1 was perfect but when i got the evo... I never touched my ek1 again. Car has a lots of steering i always run 1.7 sway bar in front to get less steering. I've been running it on carpet for 1 season with no issues i did not DNF once in 10 races. Durability is crazy you can reaaly push this car hard and you know you are not going to break it. The most adjustments you are going to make is around steering. Without front swaybar it is a little bit twitchy and harder to drive. Also i recommend to add shock limiters inside the front shocks so that you wouldn't have too much droop otherwise your pillowballs are going to rub. Drivetrain is super durable never stripped anything , itīs not as quiet as 22-4 but it is durable . It's pretty good outdoors i ended up 1st on slovak nationals on low dusty surface with 1/8 jumps just make sure everything is secured with loctite and do not forget to loctite battery thumbscrews because they tend to loosen up while running. If you plan to order some parts i highly recommend getting front arms as sometimes if you clip a pipe you can pull out the pillow ball with threads.)
Joseph Aguiar
Verified Owner
Monday, Nov 30 2015 (about 2 years ago)
SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
This is my first 10th scale 4x4 buggy and im glad its the S104 Evo! I was a bit worried about the purchase initially since Sworkz is a much smaller company than a lot of their competition, but soon into the build those fears were gone! You'll quickly notice the quality of this kit, and the fit and finish was just about perfect with the exception of one small thing; one of the shock pistons did not have any holes in it, it was essentially a blank. Luckily i had the correct size drill bit and was able to correct the problem on the spot, i tested the shock out and it compressed and rebounded just fine.

The buggy overall has a very well thought out design, very very similar to the typical 8th scale buggy which caught my eye from the very beginning. All of the suspension components are beefy and seem to be made out of good quality plastics. There is minimal slop through out, and no binding at all! The s104 evo has buttery smooth shocks that are beefy, and extremely easy to bleed thanks to the bleeder screw in the shock caps!

I cannot speak about handling yet unfortunately because im still trying to figure out my motor/speed controller combo, but I will update my review once the car is up and running. Although i have not hand the chance to get a feel for the buggy, many users are praising its handling and it does seem to come set up well out of the box.

So in conclusion, if you're considering the Sworkz to be your next buggy do yourself a favor and go for it! You'll be happy!)
Verified Owner
Sunday, Nov 15 2015 (about 2 years ago)
SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
Good car went together very nice hi quality parts!! It's like a mini 1/8 scale didn't like the factory set up with the suspension running some different springs that I had and some higher associated spring holders up front to get the ride height that I wanted but that's just me somebody else may like the factory set ups just fine also don't install the diffs the way the instructions tell you do it the opposite if not it runs backwards I would recommend this car it's a good buy!)
trevor geter
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 15 2015 (about 2 years ago)
SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
Awesome buggy. Very quick and dialed out of the box.)
Victor Hyde
Verified Owner
Monday, Oct 12 2015 (about 2 years ago)
SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit
I only have one race day and one practice/tuning day on this car but I can assess this: This is most stable wheeler I have ever driven. Super planted in the bumps without getting upset. I can drive this harder and do more risky maneuvers with this car than I could with my XB4 or 22-4. Kit setup is not ideal for me, but I am working on that and have seen improvements. Also, the car does not seem to change much when the track does. The downside is that tuning adjustments are sometimes harder to feel on the track than some other cars. If you are new to 4wd buggy I would say this is the easiest to drive and you will have more success than other brand cars. I wish there were bearings in the steering, and the suspension is not as tight as the Xray, but on track performance makes you forget that. Plus parts are really inexpensive.)