Strix 3s XT60 Parallel Charging Board "JB Signature"

Strix 3s XT60 Parallel Charging Board "JB Signature"
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The STRIX Joshua Bardwell XT60 3s Parallel Charging Board builds upon the extremely popular 4s, 5s, and 6s versions by adding color changing paint rather than tape for a cleaner look, and a power switch for the LCD voltage meter to help avoid over discharging if accidentally left unattended. As with all of the STRIX parallel boards, this will allow you to safely charge up to ten batteries at once! The main power lead comes equipped with an XT60 connector which is handy for popular chargers like ISDT. It also comes with an adapter to go from XT60 to traditional 4mm banana style that many chargers still use. The included balance lead is 7 pin XH style and one tab may need to be trimmed to fit properly into the balance socket depending on your charger's needs. 

  • Charge up to ten 3s batteries at once
  • Self resetting poly fuses between cells with color change paint to easily see any errors
  • Voltage display adds safety by making it easy to verify battery voltage before connecting multiple packs
  • On/Off switch allows user to turn off display in case batteries are accidentally left unattended on the board.
  • Both XT60 and Banana plugs are included for power input
  • XT60 and XH plugs are used for power and balance
  • Overall current rating of 70A
Safety is a major concern for any form of parallel charging. Checking each cell of every single battery before connecting them together is extremely important! If you see a cell's voltage that is not like the rest, do not charge it with the others in parallel! To help with this, a cell checker is found at the top of the board. You need to check them one at a time before plugging them all into the board, however. Additionally provided are replaceable fuses between the main power leads to aid in preventing surges from one pack to another. STRIX suggests only parallel charging packs that are within roughly 0.1 volts per cell, or 0.4 volts for a 4S pack. So a pack that is at 15.0 volts total would be safe to charge with another pack that was 15.4 volts or 14.6 volts. 

Input Power Connector: XT60 Male housing, Female Bullets with 12AWG wire, & 4mm Banana adapter
Charge Connector: 10x XT60 Female housing, Male Bullets
Fuse: 15A automotive (removable without de-soldering)
Balance Connector: 10x XH 3s Connectors
Dimensions: 144 x 73 x 25mm
Weight: 154g
Maximum Current: 70A Total (Needs to use more than 4 ports)

Note: LCD Voltage Display may differ ±5% from your charger. Voltages within this range are not considered a faulty reading. 

Please watch these videos from Joshua Bardwell for proper parallel charging techniques:

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