ST Racing Concepts Carbon Steel Big Bone Universal Driveshaft Set (2)

ST Racing Concepts
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This is an optional ST Racing Concepts Heat Treated Carbon Steel "Big Bone" Universal Driveshaft Set, and is intended for use with the HPI Blitz short course trucks. Universal driveshafts are often the first upgrade for many racers, but for years universal driveshaft design and material have remained the same, despite the drastic change in power from brushed motors and nickel cell batteries to the more powerful LiPo/Brushless combination. ST Racing Concepts has studied all the components used in traditional universal shaft's, with a focus on improving the material and design. The material is critical and equally important is the heat treatment process. After months and months of prototype testing different materials and increments of heat treating, ST Racing believes they have developed a better finished product.

First the universal driveshaft bones have increased in diameter for more durability. They also used the same carbon steel material for the axles, which features two sets of universal pin holes so you can get twice the life out of the same set of axles. Even the joints and joint pins are of carbon steel material and the pins feature a "step" for the setscrew to more securely hold the universal driveshafts together. Even the universal shaft roll pin at the end was not over looked. Carbon steel at the pin although strong will unfortunately add excessive wear to the diff outdrives, so a different material was selected just for the shaft pin for durability and reduced wear on the diff outdrives. 

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Kevon Klemple
Monday, Sep 23 2013 (about 3 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts Carbon Steel Big Bone Universal Driveshaft Set (2)
I just came to post after seeing a really negative review on these. I have been using this set of CVDs on my basher blitz for over a year now with absolutely no issues. They have never came apart. They show almost no signs of wear. And to add, I am using this set with the slipper cranked down tight. They are handling the abuse well, even with a heavily boosted 6.5T motor! I am putting some SERIOUS power through these with great results.)
gene z
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 13 2014 (about 3 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts Carbon Steel Big Bone Universal Driveshaft Set (2)
Put in a good season running on these after too many problems trying to rely on stock dog bones and axles. They are stronger and more reliable and you won't have to worry about looking for a missing dog bone when the slotted ends of the axles snap or a ballcup pops loose. However they're not the perfect solution, they are only metal parts that will wear and break. I run mostly at an outdoor track more suited to 1/8 buggies and 1/5 gassers so abuse to a 2wd truck is expected but that's what I thought these were more intended for. Main problems shafts could be longer, I experienced they don't always stay in diff axle slots without adjusting camber more than you may want, and i did have two shafts shatter at the ball joint ends. I didn't loose any small parts much to my surprise but routine maintenance will solve that. Also during a recent tear down I found the tiny slip pins were horribly warped but far from broken!
They are what they are, better than stock but time will take its toll, use with caution.)
Jeremiah H
Verified Owner
Sunday, Oct 13 2013 (about 3 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts Carbon Steel Big Bone Universal Driveshaft Set (2)
Don't waste your time or money! I noticed no change in performance or handleing. But i have had more breakdowns because of these drive axles. First 20 minutes one of the cv joint pins came loose and damaged the a-arm. And i lost the pin even though it was properly tightend and added glue to be certain. Had to buy a rebuild kit to repair. Recently had one come apart after a mellow crash with similar results plus damaged shaft. Allways checked them with every battery. Now back to stock shafts and problem free. Don't buy these!)