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Dave Whyte
Wednesday, Jul 1 2015 (about a year ago)
Spektrum RC S6070 Digital Low Profile Surface Servo
So I have owned several of these servo's and used in Road cars and mostly in stock 2wd buggies. The prior review stating this servo was used in a SCT and it sucks....No offense but come on.....You don't use a shorty servo in ANY SCT application. As also stated the s6040 is a GREAT choice for an SCT. So.....back to servo. I did kill one hitting a pipe at OUTBACK at top speed. sheered the gears. MY BAD.....these are a nice servo for the money. quiet and pretty quick for what you get. 1st one to EVER fail...Bought with a couple of other things and got coupon code so servo cost me under $50.....Give this servo a shot. Nice thing also is J plug lead not a mile long! I can but don't always enjoy shortening and repining these things. Buy with confidence and for gods sakes.....DONT RUN IN A SCT! peace
Morgan Hall
Verified Owner
Monday, Apr 20 2015 (about a year ago)
Spektrum RC S6070 Digital Low Profile Surface Servo
I got this Spektrum S6070 to replace my Savox SC-1251MG that I stripped the gears in. The gear set wasn't going to become available for another 3 weeks and I couldn't wait that long. So I thought I'd try the S6070 which has the same specs as the 1251MG. However, I stripped the gears in the first battery pack ending my practice day at SDRC. I replaced the gear set and stripped them again a week later at Hot Rod Hobbies in the main event. I looked at both sets of gears since I still had them (Savox & Spektrum) and they look identical. But for some reason the Savox isn't as fragile as the Spektrum since I ran the Savox for 3 months before breakage. My son runs the same truck as I. He also uses a Savox SC-1251MG and has had no issues for 1.5yrs. The gear stripping started when I switched to a TLR 22SCT with the Exotek steering rack which doesn't have a servo saver. I wanted to run the compact servos for a lightweight setup, but I guess I'm going to have to switch to a regular size servo. My son runs a Spektrum S6040 in his TLR SCTE 2.0 without any problems. That servo has Titanium gears and more torque. If it can handle a 4x4 SCTE with a Tekin RX8 & Pro4 4600kv setup, it should be just fine in my 2WD 22SCT 17.5T blinky. WARNING: Only use the Spektrum S6070 with a servo saver! It will strip without one almost immediately.