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James Wolken
Thursday, Apr 30 2015 (about a year ago)
Speed Passion Reventon-R ESC Sensored (Blue)
I love this speedo! It is incredibly smooth and very easy to program. I was fooled by the supplied images. It shows the speedo having solder terminals, but mine came with the wires pre-soldered and NO terminals. The wires were soldered directly to the circuit board. I believe it comes with an LED programming card. It can program, but I strongly recommend purchasing the LCD programming. It is much easier to use! Unfortunately, I didn't buy this from AMain, but the only bad comments I have aren't regarding the speedo itself. Speed Passion's customer service is non-existent. I've tried contacting them via email and a phone call and all went unanswered. Lastly, don't waste your money buying the WiFi programming card. The card is not supported with the current version of iOS for Apple, nor does it support the most recent version of Bluetooth found on Android phones. I'd give this speedo a five if it weren't for the lack of solder terminals.