Speed Passion Reventon-R ESC Sensored (Blue)

Speed Passion
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This is the Speed Passion Revention-R Sensored Electronic Speed Control. The current world champion title holder and the fastest speed controller on the market is getting better, smaller, and more refined to continue leading the R/C industry in speed controller technology.

Speed Passion is proud to present the REVENTON Brushless speed controller; designed with Speed Passion's own “Patented” ESC Wireless Control Technology – WCT which will enable ESC setting changes to be performed wirelessly with Apple devices such as the I-Phone, I-PAD, and I-Pod Touch. In addition, support for Android based smart phones and tablets, as well as PC (Windows based, including Windows 7) will be provided.

Speed Passion own "Patented” ESC Wireless Control Technology – WCT:
The Speed Passion REVENTON ESC can be easily updated, adjusted, programmed by your I-phone, I-pod touch or I-pad. Android base smart phones/tablets will be supported and plans for Microsoft Windows Mobile device support will follow. Optional Windows PC interface (Windows XP, Vista and 7) will also be available to adjust the ESC settings. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology will be used to allow racers to save their ESC setting wirelessly from the ESC to their smart phone or tablet, or directly to a PC. The REVENTON's interface will allow racers profiles and ESC settings to be shared directly from the Speed Passion website. Speed Passion factory driver settings which are posted on the Speed Passion website can also be downloaded directly to the REVENTON ESC via the smartphone/tablet wireless interface or the direct PC interface (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection module are optional and are not included with the Reventon ESC).

Reventon ESC series will also feature the latest racing software to accommodate customer's choice of racing:

  • Mod1: MODIFIED software based on our 2010 1/10 EP Touring Car World Championship and 2010, 2011 Euro Off Road Championship team driver program development.
  • Stock0: The most popular ZERO TIMING "Stock - Blinky" software approved and used for races such as ETS 2010, 2011, TITC 2010, TITC 2011, IIC (USA).
  • Stock1: <<Coming soon>>
  • RockCrawler1: Enhanced software from our Rock Crawler Series.
  • Drift1: Enhanced software from our Drifter series.

Speed Passion own "Patented" ESC Radio Access Technology - RAT:
The Reventon's ESC can also be adjusted wirelessly via the upcoming Carries-3 2.4G Pro radio set. Speed Passions RAT is provides real time ESC status, temperature and battery voltage and has an optional monitor feature for motor speed.

Smart LED Programmer Card:
Also included in the ESC package (except Reventon Stock Club Race) is the Smart LED Programmer Card with built in USB connection port. The programmer card will allow the racer to adjust ESC settings, upgrade ESC software, and view the last recorded ESC temperature and battery voltage.


  • Compatible with all sensored and sensorless brushless motors. 
  • Built in ESC enhancement feature will allow users to update to the latest DRRS Version 3.0 software and any future software developments
  • "Revention - Dynamic Sensor Technology Series" this developed feature gives users maximum efficiency along with a wide power band for consistent performance and maximum power output.
  • Proportional ABS brake function with 11 steps of brake adjustment. 9 steps of Auto drag-brake adjustment.
  • Digital Racing Response modes Version 3.0 (From Level 1 - Smooth to Level 9 - Aggressive) "Digital Racing Response System - DRRS3.0 (note 1). Fully upgradeable for different modes and levels of tuning.
  • Multiple safety protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection for lithium batteries / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Locked motor protection
  • "Dynamic Multi Timing System - DMTS" To maximize motor and ESC performance, the Reventon ESC has a special 8 mode adjustment system designed for any brand of brushless motor.
  • 4 running modes (Forward with brake "No Reverse", Forward with reverse after "Full Stops", Forward with reverse and Forward/reverse with brakes) (note 2)
  • Four buttons for easy programming. Compatible with pocket-sized USB SMART ESC program unit.

Continuous/Burst Current:
Resistance: 0.0003 ohm
Maximum Battery: 4-9 Cell NiMH & NiCd, 2S LiPo, 2-3 cell LiFe
BEC Output: 6.0V/ BEC 2A
ESC Type: Sensored/Sensorless
Motor Type: Sensorless or Sensored brushless motor
Dimensions (LxWxH): 33x33x19mm w/out fan
Brushless Motor Limit: 5.5 turn or slower
ESC Fan: 25mm
Supports WiFi Module software setting: Yes (optional WiFi module sold separately)
Supports Smart LED program card with USB software upgrade: Yes
Supports 2.4G held-set program settings: Yes (optional 2.4G held-set programmer sold separately)
Supports Bluetooth module setting: Yes (optional Bluetooth module sold separately)
Temperature display: Yes
Battery voltage display: Yes
Racing Profile Setting: Drift1, Modified 0, Modified 1, Rock Crawler, Stock 0 and Stock 1


  • Reventon-R ESC
  • Smart LED Programmer Card

Note 1: For Revention version only.
Note 2: Running mode setting items will be different in the different racing profiles.

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James Wolken
Thursday, Apr 30 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Speed Passion Reventon-R ESC Sensored (Blue)
I love this speedo! It is incredibly smooth and very easy to program. I was fooled by the supplied images. It shows the speedo having solder terminals, but mine came with the wires pre-soldered and NO terminals. The wires were soldered directly to the circuit board. I believe it comes with an LED programming card. It can program, but I strongly recommend purchasing the LCD programming. It is much easier to use! Unfortunately, I didn't buy this from AMain, but the only bad comments I have aren't regarding the speedo itself. Speed Passion's customer service is non-existent. I've tried contacting them via email and a phone call and all went unanswered. Lastly, don't waste your money buying the WiFi programming card. The card is not supported with the current version of iOS for Apple, nor does it support the most recent version of Bluetooth found on Android phones. I'd give this speedo a five if it weren't for the lack of solder terminals.)