Speed Passion Reventon Pro 1.1 Sensored Brushless ESC (Gray)

Speed Passion
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This is the Speed Passion Reventon Pro 1.1 Sensored Brushless ESC. This world champion caliber ESC is now smaller and more refined to continue leading the R/C industry in ESC technology. The REVENTON PRO was designed by Speed Passion’s engineers with patented technology, and is an excellent choice if you want a professional grade, competition level brushless ESC.

The REVENTON PRO ESC features an in-house designed, 140A unit that out powers the competition in power delivery and smoothness. The unique INTERCOOLER design allows the REVENTON PRO ESC to run 20% cooler compared to previous models. The ESC keeps it’s cool even when pushed to the limit in racing conditions ranging from full power boosted modified to no timing racing. The ground up design uses a full aluminum case that provides maximum surface area to dissipate heat from the ESC. The full aluminum body construction combined with the INTERCOOLER design allows for extreme power delivery to the motor with overall increased performance.

Using the latest (STOCK1) software, the REVENTON PRO uses Hybrid Boost Turbo technology, for advanced boost (stock or modified) racing. This software is targeted towards 4.5R to 21.5R modified motors. When the ESC applies maximum timing to a 10.5T motor, the motor will run at an incredible 110,000+ peak RPM, when powered by a 2 cell Li-po battery! These speeds are much closer to the speed of a MODIFIED motor using traditional static timing technology which will only produce around 30,000 RPM.

But, this higher performance does have some side effects! Higher performance also will also increase power consumption, increase motor temperatures, and lower the efficiency of the entire system. It is very important to set the ESC programming appropriately.
The onboard switch unit along with built in LED light makes it easy to identify software profiles when they are installed. The elimination of external wired switches means racers no longer need to worry about switch placement, or finding room on today’s high performance racing chassis’.

Patented ESC Wireless Control Technology - WCT
The Speed Passion REVENTON PRO ESC can be easily updated, adjusted, and programmed via iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! Android based smartphones and tablets will also be supported and plans for Microsoft Windows Mobile device support will follow. Optional Windows PC interface (Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7) will also be available to adjust ESC settings. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology will be used to allow racers to save their ESC setting wirelessly from the ESC to their smartphones, tablets, or directly to a PC. The REVENTON's intuitive interface will allow racers to share profiles and download ESC settings directly from the Speed Passion website. This allows racers to download the most up to date top performance settings from Speed Passion’s top factory drivers settings right off of Speed Passion’s website. (NOTE: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection modules are optional and are not included).

Professional LCD Programming Card
Included with the REVENTON PRO ESC is the updated Professional LCD Programming Card with built in USB connection port. The programming card will allow racers to adjust ESC settings, tune the Hybrid Boost software, upgrade ESC software, and review the last recorded ESC temperature and battery voltage.

Reventon Pro 1.1 Updates:

  • Upgraded MOSFET
  • Internal Resistance < 0.0002 ohm
  • Lower CG
  • Improved braking performance
  • Smooth and precise throttle control
  • 30mm Fan
  • Improved Cooling
  • Low Profile
  • ESC height with fan - 26.5mm
  • Proudly Made in Hong Kong

Notice for Speed Passion Reventon Pro users using Viper motors:
It has come to the attention of Speed Passion that there has been compatibility issues for Reventon Pro users using Viper motors. The cause of this issue is the temperature sensor unit within Viper motors. In order to use Viper motors with the Reventon Pro in sensored mode, disconnect or cut the temperature sensor wire. As viewed from the endbell of the motor, this wire is the second wire from the left on the sensor connector. Please see the picture here for further details.

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David Thompson
Tuesday, Nov 19 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Speed Passion Reventon Pro 1.1 Sensored Brushless ESC (Gray)
I own two of these ESC's and I love them! They have great throttle response and smooth operation. Programming is very simple with the included programming card. I'm currently running mine in my Team Durango DEX410 and DEX210 (Thanks Amain!!). They are driving the Orion VST Pro 6.5 and 8.5 motors in each of the cars (Thanks Amain!). I haven't had to use the fan in either car and rarely do I run over about 125 degrees F. The DEX210 is typically much cooler. Sorry I didn't buy them from Amain….you didn't stock it at the time! 1.1 Version is the latest update with even lower resistance than my units so we should expect even cooler operation as well as a bit more run time and punch. The blue unit is exactly the same just a different color to match your car. I highly recommend the wireless module for programming, which allows you to download new firmware via your iPhone or iPad, as well as do the programming. Very slick. Programming card can be used as PC interface. No Mac software that I'm aware of yet…)
armando sanchez
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 15 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Speed Passion Reventon Pro 1.1 Sensored Brushless ESC (Gray)
I own 3 different speed passion esc and they all get the job done. They are resonably priced and include everything you need to tune them, they even include the usb cable to plug into your computer. I have thought of buying tekin because that is what is used at the track I go to but I don't feel like I really need to. I tried helping someone with their tekin esc and it was a pain. I like the speed passion esc and they have worked great and no issues with heat.)
Shane France
Monday, Jun 16 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Speed Passion Reventon Pro 1.1 Sensored Brushless ESC (Gray)
I now only use speed passions motors and esc's in all my cars, very very smooth, never get hot, easy programming, and I am keeping up with the LRP guys, I run them in all my associated Vehicles, my b4.2, t4.2, b44.2, Sc10, Sc10 4x4, and now my B5M, I don't think ill ever switch back, it may be made in china, but speed passions is very big in the European scene and doing very well...and lets not forget Joern Nuemann drove for them before orion. fantastic stuff, I even run the reventon R series escs as well flawlessly)