Spartan RC Vortex VX1 & DataPod Combo

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This is the Spartan RC Vortex VX1 Flybarless System & DataPod Combo. Designed for 3D pilots, regardless of skill level, the Vortex VX1 will amaze you with its performance, features and intuitive installation. The easy setup, high vibration immunity, and unparalleled performance are guaranteed to give a hassle free installation and enjoyment of your flight experience. Backed by Spartan's industry-leading warranty and including 3 years free repair service and Spartan's 50% RRP discounted crash replacements, the Vortex VX1 provides users with market leading performance, exceptional value and reassurance.
  • Tail: Based on Spartan's market leading gyro technology the Vortex VX1 is capable of delivering exceptional tail hold and consistent yaw rates even at eye-blurring speeds of over three full turns per second.
  • Rotor: The cyclic and collective controls are smooth and precise with a very solid feel and impressive response time. Factory calibrated sensors and Spartan's proprietary piro compensation technology enable your helicopter to remain locked in through piro moves.
  • Governor: The built in governor provides Nitro and Electric* modes and support for both magnetic and phase sensors. Cross mixing and look-ahead algorithms ensure that power is delivered in time and not as a result of RPM decay.
  • Receiver: The Vortex VX1 supports SBUS & PPM single wire receiver connections, 1 or 2 Satellites and individual channel connections to traditional receivers. Additional channels provided by SBUS, PPM & Satellite receivers can be routed to the three AUX outputs.
  • Setup: Using the Spartan DataPod field programmer your new Vortex VX1 can be installed and configured in minutes. Adjustments can also be done at the field without the need to carry a computer. The DataPod also doubles as USB interface enabling the Vortex VX1 to receive firmware updates.
  • Power: The Vortex VX1 operates at both classic 5V and high voltage 8.4V (2S) power systems. The DataPod port of the Vortex VX1 also doubles as secondary power connection point when additional current is needed for high torque servos.

The DataPod is a feature rich, conveniently sized unit that unlocks the full list of programming features of a Spartan gyro, governor, or  flybarless system. Additionally, the DataPod can be connected to a home computer allowing updates of the firmware for the parent product, while at the flying field it provides easy access to configuration parameters via its on-board display, eliminating the need for a laptop computer.

Vortex VX1 Features:

  • Designed for all helicopters; from the smallest electric to the largest nitro
  • Market leading tail hold and pirouetting consistency
  • Small and lightweight
  • Separate sensor eases receiver/servo wiring and improves vibration immunity
  • Compatible with all digital tail servos (760us, 960us and 1520us)
  • Compatible with digital and analog swash servos
  • Compatible with standard pulse, PPM, SBUS and 1 or 2 satellite receivers
  • Built in governor with Nitro and Electric* modes
  • Superior balanced ring MEMS sensor technology
  • Easy configuration and field adjustments via the Spartan DataPod. You can deploy a new system in minutes
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Four configuration memories that can be selected in-flight for different flying styles. They can be mapped to Normal, Idle1, Idle2 & Hold or as the user requires

DataPod Features:

  • On-board graphical display and intuitive user interface provide easy access to configuration parameters at the flying field.
  • USB connectivity for updating the firmware of the parent product.
  • Small and lightweight, can be left on the helicopter during flights and removed at the end of the day.
  • Expandable functionality to accommodate future Spartan products. 

Vortex VX1 Specifications:
Dimensions control unit: 34x23.8x11mm (1.34x0.94x0.43 inch)
Dimensions sensor: 20.6x20.6x9.6mm (0.81x0.81x0.36 inch)
Weight: 14 grams (combined control unit & sensor)
Sensor lead: 16cm long (6.3 inch)
Sensor Type: Balanced ring MEMS with digital interface
Governor: Selectable Nitro or Electric*
Control system: Proprietary PID with adaptive tuning
Supported tail servos: Digital 760us, 960us and 1520us centre pulse
Supported swash servos: Digital or analog 1520us centre pulse
Supported receivers: Standard pulse, PPM, SBUS, 1/2 Satellites
Standard setup: DataPod
Computer connectivity: DataPod Bridge Mode
Operating voltage: 3.8V to 8.4V
Current draw: <100mA

DataPod Specifications:
Dimensions: 46.0x25.4x12.0mm (1.81 x 1.00 x 0.47 inch)
Weight: 11 grams without leads
Leads: 27cm long (10.6 inch)
Display: 128x32 pixel dot matrix
Computer connectivity: USB2.0 (backwards compatible with USB1.x)
Supported products: ds760, Quark and future Spartan products
Operating voltage: 3.8V to 8.4V
Current draw:


  • Spartan VX1 control unit
  • Spartan VX1 sensor
  • VX1 welcome card
  • Receiver cable set
  • Adhesive foam pads
  • Datapod
  • Male-male servo patch cable
  • Full duplex adapter cable

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