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Vincent D**i
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 28 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Skyartec Cessna 182 Brushless RTF Airplane (Red)
The Skyartec Cessna 182 Brushless RC Plane is awesome! Its a moderately large plane, comes mostly assembled, with a LiPo battery, charger and controller. In my opinion, this plane is a bit under priced, i would have easily paid another $40 or $50 for this set up, but im not complaining, I think A Main Hobbies just typically has the lowest pricing for whatever reason. The rep at A Main Hobbies recommended this to me, and im glad he did. Its a fast plane, handles well and looks a real Cessna to a tee. It does come with a simulator but my suggestion for newbies is to buy the Real Flight Simulator with the control, it has this plane and a bunch more with helipcopters and is much better. A few more dollars to spend but well worth it, just buy it with the plane. The included controller is good to its 2.4hz and doesnt have one of those long metal eye pokers for an antenna, just the short plastic nub. So in Short: -Planes great and well worth the money. My Suggestions: -Get an extra LiPo battery -Look into a good balance charger. The one that comes with it works, but invest into a good one. -Real Flight Simulator, its well worth it. Crash and hit reset until you're an ace. Much cheaper than buying a 100 planes and helicopters. -Buy it, you will enjoy it.