Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer Naked Frame

Sky Hero
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The Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer Naked Frame is Sky-Hero's fastest aircraft and is the ideal FPV racer for pilots that prefer to build their own kit - and want more than just horizontally adjustable arms. Developed specifically for FPV racing, Anakin features a unique adjustable arm system that allows users to alter the flight characteristics of the aircraft for a flight experience that is dramatically different than anything you have flown in the past.

By adding the optional interchangeable side frames (not included), you can change not only the look of the frame, but also the motor positions for almost infinite fine tuning of the flight characteristics. But even with all this adjustability, Anakin is suitable for both expert and beginner pilots and gives anyone the opportunity to fly within minutes. Plus, every bind ready Anakin is pre-assembled and factory tested, ensuring the product you receive is ready to fly. Just add your battery and radio and you are ready to race!

Adjustment Options:

  • Arm Positions
  • High c.g. position (Front tube low + rear tube low)
    • High ground clearance
    • More agressive reactions
    • Better turn in
    • Neutral turn out
  • Low c.g. position (Front tube up + rear tube up)
    • More stable forward flight
    • Stable turn out
    • Slower turn in
  • Neutral C.G. position (Front tube down + rear tube up)
    • 15 angle for mobius camera
    • +15 to FPV camera
    • Lower drag
    • Best overall racing setup
    • Highest speed
    • Most neutral reactions
    • Feels more locked in
  • Motor Angle: Optional side frames are required, not included.
    • 0 = Neutral reaction, more drag, less speed
    • 10 = Yaw efficiency decrease, less drag, more speed and flight time
  • Camera Angle:
    • 10 = Flat vision, ideal to start and learn
    • 20 = Perfect 2nd stage FPV experience
Needed to Complete:
  • (4) 2204 2300kv motors
  • (4) 20A BLHeli ESCs (housed in the arms)
  • LEDs
  • FPV Camera
  • Flight controller
  • Receiver and Transmitter

This product was added to our catalog on September 9, 2015.

James Stergar
Monday, Feb 15 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer Naked Frame
I've been exclusively flying this frame since I got it and haven't messed with my Vortex or my other 250's because it flies good and looks pretty cool. I wouldn't say it's any better than any other competition 250 in stock setup, however, the crossed setup with the forward motor and arm tilt is really something. I would have to knock off a star because you need to use these included plastic jigs to get the arms aligned correctly. There are no clear instructions on how to use the jigs for any of the configurations so it's kinda trial and error.

Also, it's not as fragile as people say it is. At least not on my upgraded version. I've had two major crashes with it. The worst put a huge dent into the fender of my truck. I ended up breaking the plastic mount on the end of the arm. That's really the ONLY weak point that people complain about. It's either the plastic mount on the end of the arm which is used to hold the main motor mount or the main motor mount itself. I wouldn't knock a star off for this though because of the alloy upgrades available. I haven't wrecked in cold weather yet so that might make a big difference.)
RGX Racing
Tuesday, Dec 15 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer Naked Frame
Does it Exist?
will it ever be Available?
no one knows???
been how long? no one knows?
but I know I been "Waiting since early Summer"
so hard to rate when were all still waiting?
not A-mains fault, there Fault for still Advertising it?
when it will never be "Available"
and hard to have faith in something to "PRE-ORDER"
when I have never seen it "IN STOCK"...
makes you wonder?...if I did? and never comes in?
can I get my money back?
"Only the Shadow Knows"....)
Wednesday, Jan 6 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer Naked Frame
Firstly, I did not buy mine from amain, but I thought I would share my opinion since I spend a lot of time on this site. I want to love this thing really bad. It's balanced well, it flies nice, but it's sooo delicate. Perhaps if the plastic parts were more durable it would stand a much better chance, but honestly, I could see hitting a small tree branch that most drones would recover from in air where I think you could break a motor right off on this one. I had one tumble a normal drone would have easily shrugged off but broke a motor mount and one of the inner rear mounts. Then there's the assembly, after breaking the aforementioned parts I decided to take it apart.....BAD! This thing is really finicky to assemble, at least 3-4x the time of a normal drone due to having to align all the parts with the stars of Orion's Belt AND itself. If you want to spend 10x more time working on the bench after a tumble then stop here and buy now, this is the drone for you! If you want a no holds barred race drone that can be setup to fly with different balance points, then this is also the drone for you. If you're a weekend flyer as I am and want enjoy more time in the air and less on the workbench doing repairs then stay away, this is NOT the drone for you.)
Shaun Baker
Friday, Dec 18 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer Naked Frame
EXTREMELY fragile, would not recommend this to anyone, which is a shame, it could have been a great quad. I love the way it flies, but even the most minor of crashes will result in broken parts. I have way too many multi-rotors, I have fun with them, and mis-haps are expected. What would be no problem at all for all of my other setups, cause this one to break.
Not a good quad - highly recommend you look elsewhere - get a Vortex or something else.)