Skookum Robotics SK720 Black Edition Flybarless System Combo w/GPS2 & Lazer Altimeter

This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
This Skookum SK-720BE Combo includes the awesome SK-720 Black Edition Flybarless System, SK-GPS2 GPS unit and SK-LZR laser altimeter!

The SK-GPS2 is designed to maximize signal reception as priority #1. It has a huge 35mm patch antenna, double filtering, is fully shielded against RFI, and uses the latest ublox GPS chipset with a 10hz update rate (vs 5 Hz for the SK-GPS1).

With its high-performance antenna, SK-GPS2 is 5x5x1.5cm and 40g. On normal helis, it mounts flat on the tail boom. It will hold a lock when the heli is inverted, although most of its receive strength is upwards facing.

Using the SK-GPS2 is easy, and uses only one channel from your receiver all you need is a transmitter with at least one 2 or 3 position switch and a free channel. You can use up to two switches, and each switch can use two of any modes:
  • Position Hold
  • Altitude Hold Only
  • Rescue Now
  • Rescue Hard Floor (auto rescue if it goes below a set altitude)
  • Rescue Soft Floor (rescue to prevent it from going below a set altitude)
  • Lock Grid (control position on a grid)
  • Lock Radial (circle around, away, or towards a point)
  • Lock Point (same as Lock Radial, but nose always points in)
  • Return Home (up to two home positions / waypoints can be set)

The laser-altimeter is good to 20m altitude, and has 10x the stability and accuracy vs a barometer-based altimeter (over flat surfaces of course). When installed, the SK-720BE will choose which altimeter sense to use automatically. It will give a rock-steady altitude hold, with no drift over time due to temperature or weather.

  • SK-720BE
  • SK-GPS2
  • SK-LZR
  • Tail Boom Clamp for GPS2
  • Mounting tape
  • Anti-Vibration Kit
  • Decal sheet

This product was added to our catalog on September 10, 2015.