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Wednesday, Feb 23 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Serpent S100 Link 1/10 Pan Car Kit
The serpent design is good but has a few flaws. The mono-shock design in theory works well, yet the construction of the shock itself leaves quite a bit of slop, and results in a damper that leaks and requires constant attention. I have since fitted the xray damper on to my car which is far better and more consistent. The pre-assembled shocks were not pre-assembled, and no instructions were given as to how they go together, though straightforward, some might have difficulty with this. The diff on this car is great, its very smooth and easy to adjust, the only problem is the plastic nut used to adjust the diff will wear out over time and needs to be replaced to keep the diff consistent. I run this car on carpet and found to get any type of corner speed, i had to invest in the 9 degree static caster blocks which are quite expensive. The parts quality on the serpent is great, the carbon fiber is top notch, and the few plastic bits like the a-arms are very strong, in fact i have yet to break a single part on the car.
michael eskind jr
Sunday, Mar 4 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Serpent S100 Link 1/10 Pan Car Kit
converted to tubes with 1/12 tube set and i like the way it handles and corner speed is awesome been using xray 15,000cst in tubes