Serpent 811-Be 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit

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This is the Serpent 811-Be 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit. After another full year of racing across the globe, listening to feedback from Serpent factory drivers and dedicated testing on a variety of surfaces, the Cobra 811-Be 2.0 is now a reality. The feedback from Cobra drivers in general is very good. The durability is rated as one of the best on the market, the shocks are top rated, and the diffs and drivetrain with updated gears and larger bearings can withstand the demands of 1/8 scale racing anywhere in the world. That being said, these same drivers have asked for a more responsive rear end, combined with a bit more steering, feeling that improvements in those areas would bring the Cobra to the next level. Well, the changes listed below accomplish just that, while retaining the superb quality and durability that the Cobra series is known for.

Key changes for the 2.0:

  • Improved rear geometry with wider rear lower arms, redsigned uprights and redsigned shock position
  • Longer rear shocks and higher carbon rear shock tower for more travel
  • Shocks moved to the back, to make access and adjustment easier, and make rear end more stable and responsive
  • Rear wing with integrated holders for the ballraced rear anti-roll bar
  • Lexan mud-guards to mount on lower rear arms
  • Nylon mud-scrapers mount on the rear uprights
  • Improved Be version differential gears
  • Larger bearings in steering blocks and uprights (8x16x5 (2) and 15x21x4 (2) )
  • Transmission uses larger 8x19x6 and 13x19x4 bearings and new couplers for extra durability

In Depth Features:

  • Chassis Plate: 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum, with machined pockets to create flex and reduce weight. Kick-up angle on front for stabile landings. Countersunk holes. Slots to locate the front and rear suspension mounts precisely. Angled sides to increase stiffness. Laser engraved Cobra logo.   
  • Bumper: Aligned with chassis kick-up for precise landings and also protects front suspension holder and anti-roll bar.
  • Chassis Stiffeners: Composite stiffener front and rear, to give extra stiffness, but still allow flex as needed.   
  • Central Radio/Servo Mount: Composite compact radio box offers good space for the steering servo and the receiver. The whole assembly including linkages can be easily removed when cleaning the car, or doing maintenance.
  • Battery-Cases/Side-Guards: The main eye catchers are the extremely low lay down longitudinal placed battery-packs at each side of the car, being part of the side-guards, securely fastened with a flip-lid, for easy and fast battery changes. The weight low in the car and in the right position, well balanced. The LiPo holders comply with ROAR legal packs/dimensions.
  • Motor Mount: The motor is placed in the most optimal position in the car, keeping motor-forces and transmission parts/alignment in mind. Only one-screw is needed to secure the motor, in the nicely designed durable machined aluminum motor mount. Space for additional motor-cooling available as needed. NOTE: The space for the motor allows a maximum motor-length of 70mm, which covers most widely used motors (truggy/monster truck motors will not fit).
  • Suspension Brackets: Beautifully machined 7075 T6 anodized, laser engraved suspension brackets. Precision fit for the nylon roll center inserts and pivot balls/pins.    
  • Steering Block Assembly: Composite steering blocks combined with 10 C-hubs for precise steering. Spring steel wheel-axles with large size bearings and precision threaded offset aluminum wheel-hubs. Flanged and serrated wheel nuts guarantee that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race.
  • Front Suspension: Durable over sized nylon composite lower suspension arms. On the lower side the special shaped down stops screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grub screw from the
  • Front Anti-Roll Bar: The ball raced front anti-roll bar system features a spring steel wire, which is guided through the diff-cases and runs in ball raced steel adapters. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivot ball, for precise and low friction operation and easy tuning.   
  • Front Shock Tower and Body Mounts: 4.5mm thick carbon shock tower with 5 upper positioning holes for the shocks and and 6 holes for roll-center positions. 1 centrally located adjustable body mount, and 2 forward mounted adjustable bodymounts, all with flip-tops.    
  • Angled Steering System/Servo Saver: The bell cranks are angled to reduce the angle of difference between the total caster and steering plane. This provides less bump steer and a truer steering Ackerman through the entire range of suspension movement.
  • Ackermann Plates: With the design of the steering bell cranks when changing the Ackermann you will not need to adjust your steering tie rods. You simply will only need to adjust your end points on your radio.   
  • Rear Suspension Arms: Durable oversized nylon composite lower suspension arms are longer. On the lower side the special down stops screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grubscrew from the bottom.    
  • Mud-guards: Superlight polycarbonate mud guards mount to the lower rear suspension arms, and will keep dirt away from your anti-roll bars transmission and wheels.
  • Rear Uprights Assembly: Composite uprights with 3 upper roll-center positions. Strong steel track-rods with L/R threading and strong ball joints to pre-set camber. Spring steel wheel-axles with large size bearings and larger inner ones with precision threaded aluminum offset wheel-hubs. Rubber dust covers in the rear to protect the cvd system and keep the lubrication inside. Flanged and serrated wheel nuts to guarantee that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race.   
  • Mud Scrapers: Composite mud scrapers which mount to the uprights, and will keep the inside of your wheel cleaner in muddy conditions. NOTE: You may need to remove material to fit some wheels.
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bar: The ball raced front anti-roll bar system, consist of a spring steel bend wire, which is guided through the rear wing mount and runs in ball raced steel adapters. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivotball, for very precise and low friction operation.   
  • Rear Shock Tower: 4.5mm thick carbon shock tower, integrated into the rear section for extra stiffness, with 5 upper positioning holes for the shocks and 6 holes for roll-center positions.    
  • Wing Mount and Rear Body Mounts: Composite rear wing, with strong nylon adjustable rear body mounts on wide body-support bridge located far enough to the rear, to properly support the bodies.    
  • Captured Pivot Pins, Balls and Bolted Hinge Pins: All spring-steel hinge pins are either captured or bolted in place and made from quality spring-steel. This insures your chances to finish an hour long main event, while battling for the lead. This relieves stress on the hinge pin when adjusting the kick up, or anti squat. Your pin is free to rotate to any angle without binding.   
  • 16mm Big-Bore RCM Shock Absorbers: Hard Teflon coated threaded shock bodies with 4mm shock-rods. Hard anodized aluminum screw on shock-tops with Serpent laser engraving. Pre-load adjusters with o-rings inside. Shocks use large diameter membranes with large diameter o-rings and bushings to create a super smooth and leak-proof package. Large diameter pistons are held in place by a nut on the polished shock-rods tops. Open type spring retainer to let dirt out easy. The shock-shafts are protected by rubber boots.   
  • RCM Shock Springs: Color coded progressive shock springs are supplied for the 1st standard set-up and all springs are ground flat top and bottom, then checked individually for tension and length and matched.
  • Compact Gear Differentials: Very compact gear differentials with smooth metal sintered gears, and steel shaft. Perfect sealing case with special gasket and o-rings. Very light and durable outdrive cups in spring-steel. Hardened 13T spring-steel diff-coupler with connector running in 2 over sized bearings. The Cobra-E uses a 13T/44T combo gearing and a 46T central spur gear. This drive ratio will provide amazing acceleration combined with low vehicle weight.
  • Front and Rear CVD's: Both front and rear captured CVD driveshafts. Durable yet light spring steel engraved driveshafts with hard steel pins.   
  • Spring Steel Transmission Parts: The thin but strong spring steel front and rear cardan shafts connect the differentials .    
  • Body: Serpent super low Cobra E buggy body with film and masking tape is included in the kit.
  • Rear Wing: Low version strong rear aero rear wing is included for great downforce and straight line stability.
  • Oils and Grease: The shock-oil, diff oil and some grease is supplied to produce the standard set-up.    
  • Manual and Set-Up: Full color manual with easy to follow assembly steps, exploded views for easy spares ordering, a blank and standard set-up sheet for a good start set-up.    
  • Decals: Black and white promo body-decals ; Serpent generic and Cobra ones.    
  • Packing: Parts are packed according to the steps explained in the manual.    
  • Service and Support: The Serpent distributor, dealer or agent is your source for more info, but also the Serpent website and the member section and the YouTube channel provides lots of information.   

1/8 scale 4wd offroad, electric powered
Type: kit-version, high end competition
Differential: Front, center and rear
Shocks: 16mm big bore


  • Kit
  • Body
  • Wing
  • Full color manual
  • Decals
  • Set-up sheet

Needed to Complete:

  • 1/8 Scale Electronic Speed Control
  • 1/8 Scale Electric Motor
  • (2) 2S LiPo Batteries & Charger
  • Radio Gear & High Torque Steering Servo
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Polycarbonate Paint for Body

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Todd Dooley
Verified Owner
Friday, Oct 25 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
I've had nearly every 1/8 ebuggy kit available looking for one that had everything I was looking for in a great racer. The serpent 811-be 2.0 is the closest thing I could find to perfect. Although I am the only person at my local track with a serpent I am confident it is the best ebuggy at the track. It does everything great with no real flaws. Although parts are a little pricy, you get what you pay for. If your on the fence, get it!! You will not be sorry, and this is coming from someone who raced the eb48 just before getting this!)
Byron MacKenzie
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jul 12 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
It's a great kit. Build quality is top notch. I would buy a Serpent kit again based on my experience with this buggy. Two thumbs up.)
Walter LaFleur V
Verified Owner
Friday, Jul 11 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
I purchased this kit July 1, 2014. I tied my fastest lap times on my first battery pack with very few setup adjustments! The only thing I did not like was that the manual lacks verbal explanation and has many drawing errors. There are parts shipped with the kit that are not in the manual, as well as diagrams with parts on backwards! Luckily I have built enough kits to realize this and did not make any blunders. There are also build threads available on multiple forums online which make this a minor issue. If you are not concerned about the manual then this is an excellent choice. I would buy this kit again hands down!)
John Shaw
Monday, Nov 25 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
This is the 1st buggy I've ever owned and is the 1st kit I've ever built. The build wasn't bad and the manual was good though not as good as the SCT410, but on par with the Xray T4 '14. I bought it because it seemed like a good kit and I didn't want to have to buy 4S lipos. The more I drove this buggy, the more I liked it. It was a lot more sensitive than my SCT410, but if you asked it to do something, it did it. It is extremely durable. I've had crashes where I thought for sure I broke something. Nope, it just kept going. Negatives: the electronics are a little tight, the body is very snug so I'm using 90 deg bullet connectors on my battery instead of being able to use a connector and the shock boots don't hold up well. Loctite metal on metal screws. They will back out. I wish the antenna was lower so it wouldn't be affected by crashes. Basically, all I have showing is the antenna cap to make it as low as possible. Positives: This thing is a beast. Fast and stable on the ground. Extremely durable. Other than the shock boots and antenna tubing, I haven't had to replace anything and trust me, it has taken a beating. It can be a little sensitive especially in the air, but once you learn how to control it, it gets a lot better. Drove a friend's EB48 and the EB48 was a little less sensitive, but not as much as I thought it would be. I would love to drive a 8ight 3.0 and Xray XB9e for comparison too. Anyway, I came to the conclusion that the buggy platform in general is more sensitive than the short course trucks. I think this buggy is just as good as any out there. No problems holding it's own, even with the nitros.)
Robert Aguilar
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 27 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
While the quality of this kit is amazing, there were several parts missing in the kit. The Serpent customer service is also good by in my opinion I should not have to keep going back to request parts that should not have been missing in the first place. Very frustrating.)