Scorpion Sky Strider 280 FPV/Racing Quadcopter Drone Kit

This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

The Scorpion Sky Strider 280 FPV is the ultimate racing quadcopter kit! Designed to provide fast, stable and agile flight qualities, the Sky Strider was built to compete on any racing course. High quality carbon composite materials and precision machined aluminum are used to create a frame with high structural integrity. Every single part of the Sky Strider frame has been aerodynamically designed to help maintain stable straight-line flight, yet still be fast and predictable during maneuvers.

A clear, stable FPV video feed is critical for the pilot to maintain control during a race. To provide a stable video feed, the Sky Strider camera mount includes a built-in damping system with vertical angle adjustments. The unique one-piece camera mount and damping system work together to isolate vibration from the FPV camera, providing a clear view for the pilot.

To provide enhanced visibility while flying in sunlight or in the dark, the top frames are painted with a unique high-visibility green coating. The durable piano wire undercarriage allows the Sky Strider to land safely on rough surfaces without stressing the frame, while the adjustable battery positions allow the user to get a perfect CG with any camera and FPV transmitter. Because the arms are the most commonly damaged parts on an FPV racer, the Scorpion Sky Strider features easily replaceable arms that can be easily changed in the field! To replace an arm, simply remove 1 screw that holds the arm in place, then loosen 2 screws on the arm clamp, and the arm can be removed in 1 simple step, making field repairs incredibly simple.

Diagonal (Motor to Motor):
Width (Arm to Arm): 245mm
Height (No Landing Gear): 750mm
Overall Length: 224mm
Overall Height: 115mm
Frame Thickness: 1.5mm
Motor Arm thickness: 3mm
Motor Available Size: M-22 ~ M-25
Net Weight: 238g


  • (2) Upper Frame
  • (4) Motor Arm
  • (1) Upper Deck
  • (1) Lower Deck
  • (2) Aluminum Cross Member
  • (1) Front Frame Mount
  • (1) Lens Fixing Board
  • (4) Fixing Plate Bracket
  • (1) Transmitter Board
  • (1) Lens Suspension Plate
  • (4) Suspension Ball
  • (6) Deck Cross Member
  • (4) Frame Straightener
  • (2) Straightener
  • (4) Undercarriage
  • (1) Lense Plate
  • (4) Zero Degree Angled Arm Clamp
  • (2) Antenna Tube
  • (4) Motor Guard
  • Hardware:
    • (4) M3x4 set screw
    • (8) M2x4 round Phillips
    • (26) M2.5x6 hexagonal round
    • (2) M2.5x6 hexagon head
    • (4) M2.5x12 hexagon head
    • (8) M2.5x14 hexagon head
    • (2) M3x6 flat head

Needed to Complete:

  • 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver System
  • LiPo Battery 3S/4S & Compatible Battery Charger
  • Naze 32 Flight Controller (or similar)
  • (4) Brushless Motor M-22 ~ M-25 class
  • (4) Propeller compatible with chosen motor
  • (4) ESC compatible with chosen motor
FPV Equipment:

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