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Joseph Jordan
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 21 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Schumacher Cougar SVR 2WD 1/10 Off Road Buggy Kit
This was my first kit build and it went together beautifully. Each easy well-defined step has it's own numbered bag... I love foolproof instructions. Tolerances were exceptional, every part went together perfectly. Researched the kit on RCTech and heard about some of the tranny layshafts having a slight catch when spun (these are first run cars). I slid the end of the shaft into my dremel and broke in (got rid of the catch-y spot) my tranny in a matter of minutes. Evidently Schumacher customer service will replace any missing or inadequate parts in a matter of days. I found no need to contact their CS as my kit was a work of engineering art IMO and the tranny is smooth after breakin. Buy a metal servo horn, the stock plastic one will strip quickly... 1.5 heats for me. I used a Savox 1257 servo and the nut on the backside of the ballstud on the horn just barely rubs the steering rack, so a lower profile servo may be a better choice. Seems most owners are just altering a metal horn slightly. Also, build/set/lock the ball diff exactly as instructed, NOT like you would a TLR, AE, or B-FAST. I've put mine thru one raceday and it performed beyond my expectations and drew much attention from the other drivers. I don't think I'll be the only Schuey driver at our track for long.
Monday, Aug 13 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Schumacher Cougar SVR 2WD 1/10 Off Road Buggy Kit
Wow, what an awesome car! So much steering (way more than a b4.1) and the best out of box suspension setup of any 2wd buggy I have ever driven. Oh, and absolutely the best build quality ever. Carbon fiber and other high quality parts everywhere. This car rips and will dominate in the right hands for sure.
frank braswell
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 6 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Schumacher Cougar SVR 2WD 1/10 Off Road Buggy Kit
After a 15 years away from the hobby, I decided to get back and bring my 27 yld son back into it also. I tried a b4 and decided it was not good enough. I raced Schumacher cars for years back in the day and had good results. the new age Schumacher cars are worlds better. build quality top shelf, tunability top notch, durability five stars. people shy away for one reason parts availability. that's not a issue any longer. straight out of the box this car is hooked up. the kits manual is loaded with tuning info that other manufacturers leave out. what works for a team driver may not for your average racer. this is a very tunable kit. slap it together throw in a battery and rip it up. I took mine to a local track and everyone was impressed with its features and performance. I love this car, it handles great, it's very stable, and takes a beating without breaking parts. to bad they don't make a short course truck yet. I would recommend this car over all brands to anyone who wants to be different yet compete with and beat the best. Thanks Schumacher for a renewing interest in the hobby.