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Monday, May 28 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Schumacher Cougar SV2 Pro 2WD 1/10 Off Road Buggy Kit
There is simply nothing else out there like this car, the quality and engineering are simply the best available in 10th scale. It is very durable and frankly the price difference will quickly pay for itself in how much longer most (especially the expensive stuff) of the parts last compared to the other "standard" stuff out there. It's as tunable an off road buggy that there is, and can be set up to fit most any track or driving style. Probably the hardest thing about driving it is not rear ending other cars in the turns (especially sweepers) as the corner speed is so much faster that you'll think that other drivers are "checking up" on you as you come up on them. Also, if you like the geeky part of RC at all, and enjoy building a quality kit, this thing goes together like a dream, it's obvious that Schumacher puts a lot of thought, time, and money, into the customer experience and what it's like to not only build, but actually work on their cars (this is probably the easiest to work on car I've ever owned). When spacers or shims are involved it's for tuning, not compensating for poor quality and loose tolerances, when a part comes, it fits (no files or shims needed), when you buy a "hop up" it's not to make the car durable enough to enjoy, or drivable, but to tune it, as it should be. Don't be fooled into thinking that just cause (insert big name driver here) wins with a certain car, that you must drive the same car to win, this thing is a winner, Period.
Honest Racer
Friday, May 11 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Schumacher Cougar SV2 Pro 2WD 1/10 Off Road Buggy Kit
By FAR, the best quality kit of them all. This buggy has tuning features that no other buggy on the 1/10 scale market has. Diff height option, utilizes the use of 3 different battery configurations...stick pack, shorty pack and saddle packs. Different top decks to chose from that move the batteries forward or rearward, and even the skinny +8mm slim top deck for even more flex and ease of battery access. The largest bore shocks of any 1/10 scale car so you know it will jump and land right and soak it all up. The aluminum chassis makes all the other aluminum chassis on them market look like toys. The quality is amazing. Everything is CF and aluminum...and the plastics are the strongest Ive come across by FAR! This thing just does not break. The actual tuning options on this car are so many that you can adapt to pretty much any surface. They even have "medium flex" arms if you feel the stock ones are too rigid. The list goes on and on. Buy the car and just drive it....its very forgiving and the support from Schumacher is second to none. They get back to you very fast when you are in need of help or support and that alone is worth every penny. The new SV2 is very easy to drive on dirt so all those misconceptions/rumors about "mid-motor doesnt work on dirt" is just plain ignorance. This not only looks better than all the cars on the market, I believe it outperforms them as well. Dont get caught up in the same ol' thing at the track. Buy a car with REAL quality instead of some junk plastic. If you want a real performance car buy the new cougar. And leave the rest behind, when you build it and drive it, you will understand exactly why I took the time out to write this. If you drive on indoor clay just make sure you buy the +8mm slip top deck or the "cells rearward" top deck in order to place the batteries further back. After that minimal tuning will be required, and traction will be yours for the taking. Buy this car, you wont regret it. Its easy to work on, and outlasts anything else you are looking at by far. Buy quality, buy Schumacher.
Darren Eisenhardt
Sunday, Sep 13 2015 (about a year ago)
Schumacher Cougar SV2 Pro 2WD 1/10 Off Road Buggy Kit
I picked one of these up to run in Mod Buggy, for a mid motor 2WD buggy it has to one of the easiest car I have ever driven. And as always Schumacher's quality and parts fit is second to none.
Monday, Sep 8 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Schumacher Cougar SV2 Pro 2WD 1/10 Off Road Buggy Kit
Just like my Cougar KF, the Sv2 is on point! Very predictable and easy to drive. In my opinion the engineering is better than the more expensive buggies. I finished podium (twice in first place) in my first three races with this buggy!