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Derek Rowe
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 14 2011 (about 4 years ago)
Savox SH-0256 Digital "Ultra Torque" Micro Servo
One ridiculously high torque little servo. This servo will operate mechanical brakes in my 1/8 brushless monster truck. I thought I'd need a decent amount of torque and when I looked at the specs for the standard sized servo that used to operate the brakes, it turns out that this micro servo actually has more torque. I'm replacing a standard sized servo that had 49oz-in of torque at 6v with a micro servo that has 63oz-in of torque at 6v. The final gear/output shaft is plastic, which is the only downfall in my opinion. However, this servo is very low priced. The aluminum mid-case is a very nice feature, and I doubt that any company other than Savöx puts aluminum mid-cases on servos of this price. The servo is rated as 0.16sec/60° but I think it is a bit faster, at least with no load. I was using a voltage regulator, so it was running on exactly 6v, and I still think it was faster than 0.16sec/60°.