R-Squared Innovations Nemesis 240 Mini Quadcopter Drone Airframe (G10)

R-Squared Innovations
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This is the R-Squared Innovations Nemesis 240 Mini Quadcopter Airframe. The Nemesis 240 is a mini drone designed for fast action FPV flight. This frame was engineered and developed from the ground up as a highly versatile quadcopter that retains the heart and design of the original BAH series. Developed in the USA, this mini drone is fast and nimble, and a great choice when you want to have fun with your aircraft.

The Nemesis includes a variety of innovative features that make the aircraft unique. Unlike similar frame designs that use a fixed arm position, the Nemesis 240 features an extending/folding arm system that allows the user to choose from one of four arm configurations; X compact, H compact, X extended and Superman type. This provides multiple setup options that will allow the user to tune the flight characteristics of the aircraft to suit their needs, as well as choose either 5" or 6" props depending on the chosen arm configuration. It also allows the Nemesis to be easily folded into a very compact size for easy storage or for transporting inside a backpack or radio case to your favorite flying spot.

Multiple camera mount options allow you to mount an FPV flight camera, in addition to a high quality camera out front to record the action (Mobius, GoPro, InfinityCam One, CCD). The design allows a variety of electronics configurations to be used, with plenty of room for clean wire management. If you are looking for a true hot rod quad, the R-Squared Nemesis 240 should be at the top of your list.

NOTE: Photos show Carbon version. Pictures of the G10 model will be added when available.

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  • Available in Carbon or G10 material (Frame Weight: Carbon Fiber - 128g / G10 - 149g)
  • Vibration free separated Clean and Dirty sections for smooth video recording
  • Instantly fully inward foldable quad for easy pack and go and crash protection
  • Lightweight frame design but still able to take hard hits
  • Unique custom folding and extending arm mechanism allows both 5" and 6" props
  • 4 predefined flight configurations for wings, X compact, H compact, X extended & Superman
  • Alignment/locking holes for H in 5", X in 5", X in 6"
  • Unique ability to dirty or clean mount your flight controller (supports 45mm and below FCs)
  • 2 Stage Bobbin travel limiter
  • Built in Mobius/GoPro1-3 mounts integrated into frame and accessories
  • Dedicated Board Camera and rear bulkhead plates
  • Mounting Hoels for Flight Camera with casing in several positions
  • Accessory Shelf with 3 mounting positions, (you can use up to 3 at once)
  • Extension plate for mounting Mobius, GoPro, InfinityCam One, CCD flight cam out front, can be connected in 2 locations
  • Multiple SMA jack mounts including a unique rear bulkhead mount
  • Extended lower front spoiler on dirty section for frontal crash impact absorption
  • Intelligent Electronics management: tons of options for mounting electronics including Buzzers, Strobes, leds, voltage readers, OSD, access Mobius buttons when mounted inside frame, etc
  • Clean wiring, all ESCs mount inside center frame as well as flight controller, fits Bt408 mini PDB perfectly inside
  • Battery can be top mounted or mounted inside the clean section
  • Integrated mounting points (2 locations) for Landing Gear/Standoffs
  • Optional upgrades TBA later
  • Designed and Engineered in the USA

  • (1) Top Clean Plate (1mm)
  • (1) Bottom Clean Plate (1mm)
  • (1) Top Dirty Plate (1.5mm)
  • (1) Bottom Dirty Plate (1.5mm)
  • (4) Adjustable extending Arms (3mm)
  • (1) CCD Camera Plate (1mm)
  • (1) Rear Bulkhead Plate (1mm)
  • (1) Stacking Accessory Shelf/Plate (1mm)
  • (1) Camera front Extension Plate (1.5mm)
  • All hardware required to assemble frame

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